t 109 551 research seminar on telecommunications business ii 3 cr l.
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T-109.551 Research Seminar on Telecommunications Business II (3 cr) PowerPoint Presentation
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T-109.551 Research Seminar on Telecommunications Business II (3 cr)

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T-109.551 Research Seminar on Telecommunications Business II (3 cr) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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T-109.551 Research Seminar on Telecommunications Business II (3 cr) Sakari Luukkainen Helsinki University of Technology Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory Goals of the course

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t 109 551 research seminar on telecommunications business ii 3 cr

T-109.551 Research Seminar on Telecommunications Business II (3 cr)

Sakari Luukkainen

Helsinki University of Technology

Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory

goals of the course
Goals of the course
  • Students taking Telecommunications Management for their major/minor this course provides an introduction for making and presenting the master's or PhD thesis
  • Preferred prerequisites: TU-91.123, T-109.410
  • To develop
  • techno-economic analysing skills related to emerging technologies and services in mobile communications business
  • focusing on essential questions in verbal presentation and defending of own arguments
  • writing scientific research report
telecommunications management
Telecommunications Management


Management (Theory)


(Application area,

research target)

Internet & Multimedia

(Application area,

research target)

master s thesis scope
Master’s Thesis Scope
  • Technology / Product Strategy Analysis
  • Telecom Service Design
  • Integration of ICT & Business Processes
  • Business Analyses Specific to Telecom Sectors
recent master s theses
Recent master´s theses
  • Utilisation of WAP technology in extranet business
  • Monetary transactions in mobile environment
  • Mobile location product strategy
  • Mobile information systems in maintenance industry
  • Discriminatory pricing of telecommunications services
  • UWB technology strategy analysis
  • Consolidation in the Finnish consumer ISP industry
  • Disruptive technologies and the music industry
graduating the course
Graduating the course
  • active participation to the seminars (5/6 seminars including introductory session)
  • holding apresentation (about 30 min)
  • making a report
  • acting as opponent, all in English
  • all these achievements together will be evaluated by scale 0-5 (50 % presentation / 50% report)
preparing the report
Preparing the report
  • The title of the study can be selected freely
  • The content should however focus on the topics described in the course www-page
  • The report and slides should be e-mailed to eino.kivisaari@hut.fi in Word (use given format ) at latest four days before the verbal presentation
  • All reports will be put on the course www page, and are available before the presentation
  • Specific feedback of the report are given by the seminar organizers after each presentation session, second version according feedback
  • Reports will be published together in a seminar proceedings booklet (TML publication series)
  • Possibility to develop further as conference paper
preparing the presentation sessions
Preparing the presentation sessions
  • On Tuesdays at T5 clock 9.15 starting 22.3.
  • Dataprojector is available, you need your own laptop, come early enough to check that everything works
  • Actual presentation 30 min, opponent 10 min and 10 min general discussion
  • Max 20 slides
  • The role of opponent is to review (verbally) both the report and verbal presentation and maybe challenge some arguments of study
levels of knowledge creation
Levels of knowledge creation
  • Seminar
  • Applying existing literature as a tool to analyse and describe a narrowresearchtarget on a general level, subjective conclusions possible
  • Master´s / Licentiate thesis
  • Combining from existing literature your own framework to study normatively a narrow research target, contains still mainly practical, target specific results
  • Doctoral thesis
  • Creation from existing literature and theory an own framework and using it to as a reserach tool in several cases in order to contribute new theory containing causes and effects relevant to a larger research target, conclusion rigorously only based on empirics

Characteristics of ICT innovation

  • New or improved product from market point of view, which contains new technological solutions and has been commercially successfully introduced to the market
  • Market uncertainty is high - many technical possibilities open up with unclear market need - many failures and unexpected success
  • No history data of business – difficult to forecast, unreliable market research
  • When market uncertainty is high, being lucky with correct view about the market is likely to produce more revenue than being right in markets with low uncertainty
  • In high uncertainty competition is feature based and low price based - more risk -> more revenue

Science base





Product innovation

Service innovation

Process innovation

Innovation process

Market appeal

GSM, Internet, fax, I-mode, LAN, ADSL, indoor WLAN



Videotext, HDTV,

X.400, X.500, videophone, ISDN, WAP, ERMES, IN, ATM, public WLAN, DVB-H?, UMTS?

Technology push

managing market uncertainty
Managing market uncertainty
  • Analyse critically under what circumstances the technology in question could be commercially successfully (if in any), your goal is not prove it to be a success story
  • Technical facts must be studied thoroughly, but presented concisely
  • Analyse also the real service behind the technology (product innovation requires service innovation)
  • Focus e.g. on enduser value, substitutes, required investment costs, pricing, market segments, regulation, standardization
  • Use several different sources for information: literature, www, operator/vendor interviews, statistics (avoid biased views)
date topic speaker opponent
Date / Topic / Speaker / Opponent
  • 22.3. Mobile Market in Finland / Sauli Kamppari / Maikku Sarvas
  • 22.3. UMTS Value Proposition / Janne Janhunen / Sauli Kamppari
  • 22.3. UMTS Substitutes / Petri Noponen / Alexei Semenov
  • 5.4. Mobile Solutions in Business Processes / Maikku Sarvas / Raili Koiv.
  • 5.4. M2M applications / Renjish Kaleelazhicathu / Janne Janhunen
  • 5.4. RFID applications / Mikko Jalasto / Petri Noponen
  • 12.4. DVB-H / Toni Paila / Eino Kivisaari
  • 12.4. PoC / Raili Koivisto / Markus Kalliola
  • 12.4. Mobile Payments / Markus Kalliola / Tommy Back
  • 19.4. Mobile Terminal OS Competition / Tommy Back / Mikko Jalasto
  • 19.4. Mobile Games / Alexei Semenov / Marcin Matuszewski
  • 26.4. Mobile P2P / Marcin Matuszewski / Kimmo Palletvuori
  • 26.4. UWB Standardization / Eino Kivisaari / Toni Paila
  • 26.4. Incumbent Operator Strategies / Kimmo Palletvuori / Renjish Kalee.