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Consumer attitudes towards coffee drinking PowerPoint Presentation
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Consumer attitudes towards coffee drinking

Consumer attitudes towards coffee drinking

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Consumer attitudes towards coffee drinking

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  1. Consumer attitudes towards coffee drinking

  2. Attitude towards Coffee Drinking Research Objectives: • Understand consumer perceptions and attitudes towards Coffee in the context of other beverages. • Understand the attitude towards coffee with respect to quality, variety, price, additives especially chicory, positive and negative associations related to consumption as well as drivers and barriers to coffee consumption. • Regular drinkers :Drink 1-2 times or more everyday including yesterday • Occasional Drinker: Drunk once in the last 6 months, but not yesterday • Non-Drinker: Not drunk at all in the last 12 months / cannot remember when last drunk coffee

  3. Spontaneously Recalled Beverages • Spontaneous Recall: • Spontaneous recall measures whether a respondent recalls a beverage spontaneously without any aiding. • Both coffee and tea enjoy high spontaneous recall. These are followed by Plain Milk and Carbonated Soft drinks URBAN RURAL Coffee Tea Plain Milk Carbonated beverages All figures in %

  4. Top of Mind Category recall: Starting with recall of beverages, the first beverage recalled is referred to commonly as the Top of Mind (TOM) beverage. While 66% of the respondents recall Tea, only 22% recall coffee as the first beverage. TOM recall of coffee is higher in traditional coffee strong holds such as TN and KN. Across the country TOM recall for Coffee is higher among SEC A, B & C than SEC D (the lowest socio-economic strata) Top of Mind Recalled Beverages URBAN RURAL Coffee Tea Plain Milk Carbonated beverages All figures in %

  5. Top beverages consumed by Coffee Drinkers

  6. Choice of Beverages – By coffee drinker Type

  7. Beverage Perceptions Best Beverage = Largely Family beverage + (Healthy + Modern [keeping up with times]) • In TN, coffee has moderate associations on family beverage but strongly associated with special occasions and hence has high status associations. • In KN, coffee has very strong associations with ‘Family beverage’. Interestingly, it also has special/high status perceptions. • In AP, perception of Tea is very close to Coffee on key dimensions. Tea comes across as mainly an evening cup. • In Kerala, Tea has higher positive associations on key dimensions of family, health and status. • In the North, East and West, coffee is largely a Social or outside home drink. Coffee is associated with high status, modernity, ideal for cold weather suggesting it is a special and occasional drink.

  8. Barriers for coffee consumption Health is a big barrier to more frequent consumption among those who drink only 1 cup of coffee a day. Among occasional coffee drinkers and non-drinkers, habit, non-consumption by other family members and price are key barriers. Taste is an additional barrier among non-drinkers in North, East and West and TN. All figures in % O: Occasional Coffee Drinker N: Non-Drinkers

  9. Drivers for coffee drinking habit formation Coffee as any other drink is ‘habit’ forming; Family drinking is a key for early adoption; Most Regular and Occasional drinkers started drinking coffee at <10 years at home, were introduced by a Family member. The exception is the North, where most started outside home and were introduced to coffee by a friend. Can coffee be promoted creatively to a younger audience so that early drinking habits are formed? All figures in %

  10. Outside home consumption of Coffee Low penetration but high consumption of coffee in Offices and colleges – opportunity area to promote category Among those who drink coffee outside LOCATION Opportunity areas FREQUENCY OF CONSUMPTION Regular Occasional % Drink 1-2 times everyday including yesterday + % Drink 1-2 times a week All figures in %

  11. Awareness & Usage of Chicory Awareness of chicory is limited to the South. In AP, consumption of coffee with high % of chicory, but awareness of chicory is low. Education may be needed on pure Vs chicory mix thereby providing opportunity to promote use of pure coffee/ less chicory mix coffee in this market % who have heard of chicory % who drink coffee with chicory All figures in %