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SYSTRA Proudly Presents…. 8.1. The Industry-Leading Simulation Software Suite Enhanced to BETTER Help You…. Get Answers!. Test Before You Invest. …or infrastructure?. How will PTC affect operations?. …or train control?. Do we need more substation capacity?.

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get answers
Get Answers!

Test Before You Invest

…or infrastructure?

How will PTC affect operations?

…or train control?

Do we need more substation capacity?

Where are our capacity pinch points?

Which operational alternative best suits our needs?

How many are there?

Which solution is best for us?

How can we centralize our infrastructure, operations, and signal logic data?

How cost-effective is Regenerative Braking?…

Which rolling stock should we use/buy?

train performance calculator tpc
Train Performance Calculator (TPC)

The 1-train simulator that helps you examine:

  • Train trip times
  • Line capacity — identify pinch points and test resolution alternatives
  • Train power/energy consumption/demand
  • Rolling stock alternatives/ retrofits
  • Rail alignment alternatives
  • …and more!
  • Useful for:
  • All Departments
  • Introducing Personnel to simulation concepts
railsim editor re

One-stop database development

  • Store all departments’ design/simulation data in a single repository including
    • Infrastructure
    • Signals / Train Control
    • Operations
    • Equipment
  • Useful for:
  • All Departments
  • Design/Engineering/Planning/Operations Personnel
railsim editor track profile generator
RAILSIM Editor Track Profile Generator

Design and Analytical tool so you can

  • Isolate the train routes you need to edit / analyze
  • Define purpose-specific engineering drawing templates
  • …and export those drawings to CAD-compatible files as needed!
  • Useful for:
  • ALL Departments
  • ALL Engineering/Design Personnel
network simulator
Network Simulator

Full model simulator so you can

  • Identify and quantify operational issues and test alternatives
  • Evaluate peak period construction outages
  • Analyze infrastructure and train control and operational alternatives
  • Test operations and capacity under new signal and infrastructure designs
  • …and more!
  • Useful for:
  • All Departments
  • All Design/Engineering/Planning/Operations Personnel
network simulator8
Network Simulator
  • Click this image to view a video clip showing a RAILSIM Network Simulator session in progress.Here, the user has specified that a train's display color indicates its on-time performance (and specified 3 OTP categories: green for early and on-time; yellow for slightly late; red for excessive lateness). Click outside the image to proceed to the next slide.
load flow analyzer dc and ac versions
Load Flow Analyzer – DC and AC Versions

The electrical simulator that helps you

  • Predict power consumption costs
  • Examine your rail network’s electrical loads and potential
  • Analyze the effects of regenerative braking
  • Useful for:
  • Traction Power and Planning Departments
  • Electrical Engineers
supporting modules
Supporting Modules
  • Headway Calculator to assist your line capacity analyses
  • Safe Braking Calculator to assist your signal design efforts
  • Control Line Generator to facilitate your train control designs
  • Useful for:
  • All Departments
  • Introducing Personnel to simulation concepts
new highlights in railsim 8 1
NEW Highlights in RAILSIM 8.1

Network Simulator

  • Reorganized display options
  • Run-time comprehensive conflict detection and resolution
  • Cab and wayside signaling (and wayside with cab) fully supported
  • New approach to defining Train Lateness Classes
  • True multi-threaded architecture for processing efficiency
  • Advanced interlocking processing
new highlights in railsim 8 112
NEW Highlights in RAILSIM 8.1

Safe Braking Calculations (in RE)

  • Support for Maximum Attainable Speed computations, with consideration of:
    • Default centering of train within platform
    • Support for starting from car stop markers
    • Support for different train starting speeds at different platforms
new highlights in railsim 8 113
NEW Highlights in RAILSIM 8.1

Track Profile Generator

  • Move signals and Add/Edit/Delete other model data without having to exit back to the main Editor
  • Easier and more flexible engineering drawing support
  • Engineering drawings can include tabulated data
  • Enhanced wayside signal symbols
  • User-defined engineering drawing templates!


helping the rail industry get answers railsim since 1991


Helping the Rail Industry Get Answers (RAILSIM Since 1991)

MTA Long Island Rail Road

MTA Metro-North Railroad

MTA New York City Transit

MTA Staten Island Railway

lacmta westside extension transit corridor deis r and ace los angeles ca
LACMTA Westside Extension Transit Corridor DEIS/R and ACELos Angeles, CA
  • Alternatives analysis for upgrades to the LACMTA’s existing Metro Red Line and Purple Line to support desired operations and maximize/increase capacity.
  • In conjunction with this project, LACMTA is obtaining its first RAILSIM license, along with a week-long training program for their personnel.
washington metropolitan area transit authority metro outer f washington d c
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) Outer FWashington, D.C.
  • As part of the WMATA Outer-F Contract, SYSTRA provided the RAILSIM® Simulation Software Suite to WMATA in 1999, including software licensing, training, user support and database development for the 7 route-miles of the Outer-F Line (Anacostia to Branch Avenue Stations).
  • After WMATA reviewed the power of the RAILSIM software for operations analysis, SYSTRA was awarded follow-on work for an additional 97 route-miles, thereby creating a single database for the entire “full build” 104 route-mile network.

Metro System in RAILSIM 6.5

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro)RAILSIM License Upgrade, Expansion and Software EnhancementsWashington, D.C.
  • Metro currently is upgrading its RAILSIM site license and expanding it to include custom software enhancements, plus RAILSIM Load Flow Analyzer
  • SYSTRA Rail operations analysts are performing a full calibration of the upgraded model, using field observations to determine what adjustments must be made in the database to achieve a baseline simulation that accurately depicts ‘a day in the life’ of Metro’s rail operations

Metro System converted to RAILSIM 8.1

sfmta muni rail core capacity and reliability study san francisco california
SFMTA/MUNI Rail Core Capacity and Reliability StudySan Francisco, California
  • SYSTRA is providing capacity analyses of the core area of San Francisco MTA’s (SFMTA) rail network, and also analyzing the system’s capability of recovering from various unplanned incidents, including testing a series of remedial measures to address identified issues.
  • As part of this project, SYSTRA is also developing a RAILSIM simulation model of SFMTA’s entire rail network, and will deliver the software, database, and training to SFMTA. Finally, SYSTRA remains on-call to SFMTA to perform additional analyses using the RAILSIM model and software.