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    Slide 1: Infrastructure (State Advisory Council for Head Start and EEC Advisory Council Appointments) Board of Early Education and Care April 14, 2009


    Slide 2:State Advisory Council (SAC) on Early Childhood Education and Care

    The Governor of the State Shall (Section 624B of the 2007 Head Start Act of School Readiness) 1. Designate or establish an existing entity to serve as the SAC 2. Appoint representatives -Rep. of each State Agencies responsible for: Childcare, education, 619 or Part C, Health or Mental Health -Rep. of local educational agencies, & local providers or early education -Rep. of institutions of higher education in the state -Rep. of Head Start agencies, including immigrant and seasonal HS -The State Director of Head Start Collaboration -Rep. of other entities determined by the Governor of the State

    Slide 3:State Advisory Council (SAC) on Early Childhood Education and Care

    Conduct a statewide needs assessment of quality and availability of early childhood programs & services Identify opportunities for, and barriers to, collaboration & coordination among federal-funded, state-funded, childcare, early education programs, outreach to special populations Develop recommendations for: increasing the overall participation of children, the establishment of a unified data collection system, the state professional development plan, improve State early learning standards Assess the capacity and effectiveness of 2-and 4-year public and private institutions of higher education that support early childhood educators Functions 3


    Slide 4:State Advisory Council (SAC) on Early Childhood Education and Care

    Recommendation EEC recommends that the Governor designate the Board of Early Education and Care as the Commonwealths State Advisory Council. The department further recommends that the Commonwealths Director of Head Start Collaboration be designated as the individual responsible for coordinating the activities of the SAC. In addition, the Massachusetts Head Start Association (MHSA) has requested regarding the membership of the Board and the SAC that: Membership of the EEC Board should be reviewed to ensure that membership is inclusive of Head Start representation and that if necessary, an appointment to the Board be made to allow for the participation of a Head Start representative. Membership on the SAC should include a parent of a child enrolled in Head Start as well as a representative of the Migrant and Seasonal Head Start program. Therefore, when issues related to Head Start are to be discussed, individuals representing these constituents may be part of the Program and Planning subcommittee of the Board.

    Slide 5:Representatives of 29 named entities, individuals who represent a reasonable geographic balance and reflect the diversity of the commonwealth in race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. 8 Legislative appointments, 3 each by Speaker of the House and Senate president 1 each by the minority leader of the House and the Senate. Additional members may be recommended by the Commissioner and appointed by the Board. All appointees shall have a special expertise or interest in high quality early childhood education and care and shall represent a mix of representatives of the early childhood community, the civic, labor, and business communities, academics, parents, teachers, social service providers, and health care providers.

    5 EEC State Advisory Council Membership as outlined in Chapter 215 of the Acts of 2008: An Act Relative to Early Education and Care

    Slide 6:Child Development and Education, Inc. MA Head Start Association MA Assn for the Education of Young Children MA Assn of Early Childhood Teacher Educators MA Assn of School Committees MA Assn of School Superintendents MA Elementary School Principals Association MA Assn of Regional Schools MA Teachers Association American Federation of Teachers MA Business Alliance for Education MA Assn of Community Partnerships for Children, Inc. Strategies for Children/Early Education for All Child Care Resource and Referral Network MA Assn of Day Care Agencies MA Independent Child Care Org. Associated Early Care and Education BostNET YMCAs of Massachusetts United Way of Massachusetts Bay

    6 EEC State Advisory Council Membership Entities Named in Legislation MA After-School Partnership Together for Kids Coalition Horizons for Homeless Children Federation of Children With Special Needs A Family Child Care Provider Chosen by the Commissioner Parents Alliance for Catholic Education MA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Bureau of Jewish Education Boston Institute for the Development of Infants and Parents MA Early Intervention Consortium Legislative Appointments Named in Legislation 3 members, appointed by Senate President 3 members, appointed by Speaker of the House 1 member, appointed by Senate Minority Leader 1 member, appointed by House Minority Leader Members Recommended by Commissioner for Appointment by Board Include Representatives from: 7 members, early childhood community 3 members, civic organizations 2 members, social service providers 1 member, parent 4 members, academia


    Slide 7:EEC State Advisory Council Charge as outlined in Chapter 215 of the Acts of 2008: An Act Relative to Early Education and Care

    The state advisory council on early education and care: May review and comment on EEC rules and regulations prior to promulgation by the Board. May make recommendations and comment to the Board for changes and/or improvements to EEC programs and services that it deems appropriate. Shall provide recommendations on the development of the 5-year master plan for early education and care required under section 4, and the adoption of the educationally sound kindergarten readiness assessment instrument (required under sections 3 and 13). Shall provide recommendations regarding the age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate standards, in the regulations, for the following developmental stages: infant and toddler; pre-school; early elementary; and older school age children. May make recommendations on the programmatic, financing, and phase-in options for the development and universal implementation of the Massachusetts universal pre-kindergarten program. May make recommendations regarding the assessment and reporting on the current and potential capacity of the existing early education and care system to: enhance the quality of early education and care programs; provide multiple points of entry and outreach for families including those in hard to reach populations; deliver comprehensive services including mental health consultation and intervention services to decrease expulsion rates; foster collaboration and coordinate resources among providers of early education programs and linkages with human services agencies, the department of elementary and secondary education and local school districts; undertake school readiness assessments and program evaluations; maximize resources for workforce and professional development for early education and care professionals; and reestablish trial court child care programs.