mental health in china l.
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Mental Health in China

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Mental Health in China - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mental Health in China. Daolong Zhang M.D. Psychcn-Chestnut Global Partners. Outline. History of Mental Health in China Current Affairs Applicability of New Programs Like EAP. Brief History of Psychiatry. 1951 Society of Neurology and Psychiatry established by Chinese Medical Association

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Mental Health in China

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mental health in china

Mental Health in China

Daolong Zhang M.D.

Psychcn-Chestnut Global Partners

  • History of Mental Health in China
  • Current Affairs
  • Applicability of New Programs Like EAP
brief history of psychiatry
Brief History of Psychiatry

1951 Society of Neurology and Psychiatry established by Chinese Medical Association

1955 Published first professional journal

1963 Organized first national meeting

1966-1978 Suspended all professional activities

1978 Resumed professional activities

1979 Established the first Chinese mental illness classification system

1980 Expanded operations internationally

1989 Established the official Chinese Mental Illness Classification and Diagnostic Criteria

1993 Society of Psychiatry established by the CMA

brief history of psychology
Brief History of Psychology

1951 Institute of Psychology established by the CAS

1955 Established the Chinese Psychological Society

1966-1977 Suspended all professional activities

1977 Resumed professional activities

1980 Joined the IPA

2004 Hosted the 28th ICP

current affairs
Current Affairs

Effect of Rapid Socio-cultural Changes on the Number of People Suffering From Mental Illness

  • Transition from a planned to free market economy
  • Reduction of job security due to reforms in the labor market
  • Changes in traditional family structures and values
  • Demands of higher standards of living
Increase in the Number of Individuals

Suffering from Severe Mental Illness

  • 2.7‰ of the population was afflicted with severe mental illness in 1950, 5.4‰ in 1970, 11.1‰ in 1980, 13.47‰ in 1990. Now over 16 million have severe mental illnesses. There are more than 40 thousand patients diagnosed with depression in Beijing alone.
  • Psychiatric disorders comprise about 20% of all illnesses in China.
  • More than 30 million mentally ill patients are younger than 17.
Inadequacies of Mental Health Services

There are only about 600psychiatric hospitals with a total of 11 thousand inpatient beds.

There is a long waiting list for much needed mental health services.

Effects of Chinese Cultural Stigmatization of Psychological Interventions
  • About 90% of patients who suffer from schizophrenia stay at home.
  • The vast majority of mentally ill patients refuse any kind of psychiatric treatment.
Lack of Health Insurance Coverage for

the Mentally Ill

  • Only 20-25% of China’s population has health insurance. However, insurance does not cover mental health services.
  • Roughly 800 million citizens remain uninsured. Most must bear the full burden of paying for mental health services alone.
  • Payment for mental health services come mostly from out-of-pocket spending.
Traditional psychological therapy is simple and inflexible.
  • Treatments are often limited to only in-hospital care and prescription drugs.
  • There is a lack of comprehensive psychological care in China.
Rapid Progress in Chinese Mental Health Services
  • 1991 Beginning of comprehensive mental health services strategy implementation
  • 2000 Psychology became a core collegiate science major
  • 2001 Psychotherapy or psychological counseling became a legalized profession
  • 2002 Chinese central government published the 2002-2010 mental health services development plan
professionals background
Professionals’ Background
  • Medical professionals (e.g. Psychiatrist)
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers and Human Resource Managers
  • Current Diversification and Specialization of Professionals into:
    • Clinical Psychologists
    • Counseling Psychologists
    • Psychotherapists
    • Psychiatrists
applicability of new programs like eap
Applicability of New Programs Like EAP

1. About 30% of the working population has some type of a mental health problem. 95%of people with depression does not receive treatment.

2. 20% of employees attribute mental illnesses to job related stress.

3. After the ICP, mental health awareness has increased.

4. Multinational companies have introduced the EAP concept to China. Now, Chinese companies are beginning to consider adopting EAP services.

5. Employees also mention changes in family structure along with other rapid socio-cultural changes as factors contributing to mental illnesses.

6. Web-based and telephone counseling make EAP services a reality.

7. The EAP concept is gradually gaining acceptance by the general public.

8. EAP is supported by the Chinese government as well as professional organizations:

  • Chinese Psychological Society
  • Chinese Association for Mental Health
  • Society of Psychiatry, CMA