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Awards Session Kentucky HOSA 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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Awards Session Kentucky HOSA 2006

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Awards Session Kentucky HOSA 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Awards Session Kentucky HOSA 2006.

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Presentation Transcript

Awards SessionKentucky HOSA 2006

Click on the underlined link to download photos. In order to print photos, you must save the image to a file in your computer first. (click file-save as) If you try to print from your browser, the photo will not print correctly.Unless otherwise stated, the listed names serve as identification for the photos from left to right except for the large groups.

ky hosa theme winner

KY HOSA Theme Winner

“HOSA: The Memories, The Friends, The Opportunity of a Lifetime”

Marshall Co. TC

ronald mcdonald pull tabs total weight 1866 lbs
3rd Place – Foster Meade ATC166½ lbs.

2nd Place – Millard ATC /East Ridge Satellite216 lbs.

1st Place – Fleming Co. HS425 lbs.

Ronald McDonald Pull TabsTotal Weight : 1866 lbs.
dental spelling6
Dental Spelling

Secondary Winners

2nd Place – Brendal EplingMillard ATC /East Ridge Satellite

1st Place – Marcie NolanHenderson Co. HS

dental terminology8
Dental Terminology

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Heaven BartonCorbin ATC (not pictured)

2nd Place – Shaina SlatonHenderson Co. HS

1st Place – Lacey NolanLeslie County ATC

knowledge test human growth and development10
Knowledge Test Human Growth and Development

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Jennifer RobbinsBreckinridge Co. ATC

2nd Place – Hope DeanMayfield ATC

1st Place – Justin KidwellScott Co. HS

knowledge test nutrition12
Knowledge Test Nutrition

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Kyle WigginsMayfield ATC

2nd Place – Nicholas KeyScott Co. HS

1st Place – Seth HallHarrison Co. ATC

knowledge test concepts of health care14
Knowledge Test Concepts of Health Care

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Suzzanne ConoverLake Cumberland ATC

2nd Place – Nick EdwardsFleming Co. HS

1st Place – Amanda PriceJohnson Central HS

knowledge test pathophysiology16
Knowledge Test Pathophysiology

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Tracy MoranMarshall Co. TC

2nd Place – Ashley VandiverWayne Co. ATC

1st Place – Stephanie GibsonKnox Co. ATC (not pictured)

knowledge test pharmacology18
Knowledge TestPharmacology

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Joshua MayLeslie Co. ATC

2nd Place – Harold WalstonWayne Co. ATC

1st Place – Jason BridgemanLake Cumberland ATC

knowledge test pharmacology19
Knowledge TestPharmacology

Postsecondary Winner

1st Place – Tosh CookBowling Green TC – Glasgow

medical spelling21
Medical Spelling

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Beth CromerRockcastle Co. ATC

2nd Place – Josh GrindstaffHarrison Co. ATC

1st Place – Candice WarePaducah ATC

medical spelling22
Medical Spelling

Postsecondary Winner

2nd Place – Amiee BushSoutheast CTC

1st Place – Emelene Cook Bowling Green TC – Glasgow

medical terminology24
Medical Terminology

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Leah GrayFleming Co. HS

2nd Place – Kassie ShearerMarshall Co. TC

1st Place – Kendra HallKnott Co. ATC

medical terminology25
Medical Terminology

Postsecondary Winners

2nd Place – James IsenbergBowling Green TC – Glasgow

1st Place – Jessia MayesSoutheast CTC

medical math27
Medical Math

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Tabitha SmithKnott Co. ATC Satellite(not pictured)

2nd Place – Kamilah Rosales Mayfield ATC

1st Place – Kandra ReedMagoffin Co. CTC

medical math28
Medical Math

Postsecondary Winners

1st Place – Bobbie HuckabyBowling Green TC – Glasgow

clinical specialty31
Clinical Specialty

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Ben WhittenMuhlenberg Co. ATC

2nd Place – Lauren LyonsHarrison Co. ATC

1st Place – Mandy LongHarrodsburg ATC

cpr first aid33
CPR/First Aid

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Meade Co. ATC

2nd Place – Lincoln Co. ATC

1st Place – Harrodsburg ATC


Dental Assisting

Secondary Winner

1st Place – Alicia SimpsonLouisville Central HS

first aid rescue breathing37
First Aid/Rescue Breathing

Secondary Winner

1st Place – Amanda BrownLetcher Co. ATC

medical assisting clinical39
Medical Assisting- Clinical

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Courtney FintHarrodsburg ATC

2nd Place – Carla HickersonFleming Co. HS

1st Place – Claudia BrockRockcastle Co. ATC

nursing assisting41
Nursing Assisting

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Rachel Armstrong Grayson Co. TC

2nd Place – Stacy WallaceDanville HS

1st Place – April ClaypoolHarrison Co. ATC

personal care43
Personal Care

Secondary Winners

1st Place – Leslie Elmore Grayson Co. TC

practical nursing45
Practical Nursing

Postsecondary Winner

1st Place – Farrah Willard Bowling Green TC – Glasgow

veterinary assisting47
Veterinary Assisting

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Denton AbbieHenderson Co. HS

2nd Place – Logan RevlettMuhlenberg Co. ATC

1st Place – Whitney Cantrell Louisville Central HS

extemporaneous health poster50
Extemporaneous Health Poster

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Ashley FlannaryMarshall Co. TC

2nd Place – Candice WoosleyGrayson Co. TC

1st Place – Rebecca BayerScott Co. HS

extemporaneous health poster51
Extemporaneous Health Poster

Postsecondary Winner

1st Place – Ann ClaycombBowling Green TC – Glasgow

extemporaneous speaking53
Extemporaneous Speaking

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Brittany JohnsonMorgan Co. ATC

2nd Place – Todd DayLeslie Co. ATC

1st Place – Whitney BennettHenderson Co. HS

extemporaneous writing55
Extemporaneous Writing

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Kevin MorrisHenderson Co. HS

2nd Place – Jessica HughesScott Co. HS

1st Place – Candy BrandenburgLee Co. ATC

extemporaneous writing56
Extemporaneous Writing

Postsecondary Winner

1st Place – James LedfordSoutheast CTC(Photo not available)

job seeking skills58
Job Seeking Skills

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Annie MorelandClinton Co. ATC (not pictured)

2nd Place – Lida McIntoshLeslie Co. ATC

1st Place – Danni YeagerHarrodsburg ATC

interviewing skills60
Interviewing Skills

Secondary Winner

1st Place – Christopher GibsonBell Co. ATC

medical photography62
Medical Photography

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Maria Gaona Oldham Co. ATC

2nd Place – Chelsea HendricksHarrison Co. ATC

1st Place – Amber Corbiere Martin Co. ATC

prepared speaking64
Prepared Speaking

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Trisia DunnMurray/Calloway Co. ATC

2nd Place – Lauran ShiveMetcalfe Co. HS

1st Place – Calvin KerrLake Cumberland ATC

researched persuasive speaking66
Researched Persuasive Speaking

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Michael TeagueMarshall Co. TC

2nd Place – Misty StoneWebster Co. ATC

1st Place – Natalie BlakeHarrodsburg ATC

researched persuasive speaking67
Researched Persuasive Speaking

Postsecondary Winner

1st Place – Cynthia PerdueBowling Green TC – Glasgow

biomedical debate70
Biomedical Debate

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – C. E. McCormick ATC

2nd Place – Harrodsburg ATC

1st Place – Meade Co. ATC

career health display72
Career Health Display

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Rockcastle Co. ATC

2nd Place – Harrodsburg ATC

1st Place – Fleming Co. HS

community awareness74
Community Awareness

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Carter Co. CTC

2nd Place – Fleming Co. HS

1st Place – Harrodsburg ATC

creative problem solving76
Creative Problem Solving

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Ballard Co. HS

2nd Place – Henderson Co. HS

1st Place – Scott Co. HS

health education78
Health Education

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Shelby Co. ATC

2nd Place – Muhlenberg Co. ATC

1st Place – Harrodsburg ATC

health education79
Health Education

Postsecondary Winner

1st Place – Bowling Green TC – Glasgow

hosa bowl81

Secondary Winners

3rd Place – Murray/Calloway Co. ATC

2nd Place – Harrison Co. ATC

1st Place –Fleming Co. HS

hosa bowl82

Postsecondary Winner

1st Place – Bowling Green TC – Glasgow

medical reading84
Medical Reading

Secondary Winners

3rd Place –Boone Co. ATC

2nd Place – Breathitt Co. ATC

1st Place – Magoffin Co. CTC

parliamentary procedure86
Parliamentary Procedure

Secondary Winners

There are three separate photos for this category. Click on the appropriate school name to download the right picture.

3rd Place – Corbin ATC

2nd Place – Meade Co. ATC

1st Place – Lee Co. ATC

talent show solo
Talent Show Solo


3rd Place –Michael Teague Marshall County TC

2nd Place – Jennifer Frazier

Bell County ATC

1st Place – Marrissa Davis Foster Meade ATC

talent show group
Talent Show Group


There are two separate photos for this category. Click on the appropriate school name to download the right picture.

2nd Place – Leslie County ATC

1st Place – Metcalfe County H S

awards session

Awards Session

Kentucky HOSA 2006

Category 5


Largest Secondary Chapter

Marshall Co. TC

Largest Postsecondary Chapter

Bowling Green TC – Glasgow (photo not available)


Largest Delegations

Henderson Co. HS – Secondary

Bowling Green TC – Glasgow – Postsecondary

ann vescio scholarship95
Ann Vescio Scholarship

Brittany Johnson – Morgan Co. ATC

Megan Milby – Green Co. ATC

Jessie Moore – Union Co. HS

ann vescio scholarship96
Ann Vescio Scholarship


Jessie Moore – Union Co. HS

Brittany Johnson – Morgan Co. ATC

barbara james98
Barbara James

Juan Carlos Cordova – Lake Cumberland ATC(Photo available)

Calvin Kerr – Lake CumberlandATC

Chasity Sandidge – Western Kentucky University

chapter newsletter100
Chapter Newsletter

3rd Place – Natosha Powers & Jennifer Whalen, Harrison Co. ATC (Photo available)

2nd Place – Michael Chambers, Lee Co. ATC

1st Place – Ashley Goble, Martin Co. ATC

(Photo available)

national health care issues exam102
National Health Care Issues Exam


Joshua Franklin – Ballard Co. HS

Ashley McDanel – Ballard Co. HS

Bobbie Huckaby – Bowling Green TC – Glasgow

James Isenberg – Bowling Green TC – Glasgow

Latysha Walker – Carter Co. CTC

Natosha Powers – Harrison Co. ATC


Natalie Blake – Harrodsburg ATC

Jason Bridgeman – Lake Cumberland

Juan Carlos Cordova – Lake Cumberland

Michael Chambers – Lee Co. ATC

Kristen Jones – Marshall Co. TC

Michael Teague – Marshall Co. TC

Amber Bryant – Oldham Co. ATC


Erica McKinney – Rockcastle Co. ATC

April Bullock – Rockcastle Co. ATC

Eddie Wells – Scott Co. HS

Jessica Wheeler – Scott Co. HS

Lisa Driggers – Wayne Co. ATC

Ashley Vandiver – Wayne Co. ATC

Harold Walston – Wayne Co. ATC

national health care issues exam105
National Health Care Issues Exam


3rd Place – Lisa Driggers – Wayne Co. ATC

2nd Place – Ashley Vandiver – Wayne Co. ATC(Photo available)

1st Place – Michael Chambers – Lee Co. ATC

national recognition program nominees
National Recognition Program Nominees

Amanda Boone – Harrison Co. ATC

April Claypool – Harrison Co. ATC

Lauren Lyons – Harrison Co. ATC

Whitley Smith – Harrison Co. ATC

Jennifer Whalen – Harrison Co. ATC


Outstanding HOSA Advisor


Pat Dennison -- Lake Cumberland ATC


Pam Jarboe – Western Kentucky University


Outstanding Alumni Member

Angie Hall – Lee Co. ATCSonya Whitis – Lake Cumberland ATC


Outstanding Alumni Winner

Sonya Whitis – Lake Cumberland ATC

outstanding hosa chapter111
Outstanding HOSA Chapter


Oldham CTC

outstanding hosa chapter112
Outstanding HOSA Chapter


Fleming Co. HS

outstanding hosa chapter113
Outstanding HOSA Chapter


Harrison Co. ATC

unite to read participating chapter
Unite To Read Participating Chapter

C. E. McCormick ATC

Lincoln Co. ATC

Marshall Co. TC

Martin Co. ATC

Warren Central HS(Photo available)

ronald mcdonald house foundation
Ronald McDonald House Foundation

Joshua Franklin – Ballard Co. HS

Courtney Kinslow – Barren Co. ATC

Kristin Orr – Bell Co. ATC (Photo available)

Ryan Van Gorden – Boone Co. ATC(Photo available)

James Isenberg – Bowling Green TC – Glasgow


Jamie Herman – Boyle Co. HS

Kayla Caudill – Breathitt Co. ATC(Photo available)

Savannah Smith – Breckinridge Co. ATC

Jodi Gaw – Bullitt Co. ATC

Wesley Cardwell – Butler Co. HS(Photo available)

Bridget Fetters – C.E. McCormick ATC(Photo available)

Ashley Shaver – Carroll Co. ATC(Photo available)


Whitney Littleton – Carter Co. CTC

Jamie Groce – Clinton Co. ATC

Kristen Meeks – Corbin ATC

Kenda Cremeens – Franklin Simpson HS

Candice Woosley – Grayson Co. CTC

Chelsea Hendricks – Harrison Co. ATC(Photo available)

Danni Yeager – Harrodsburg ATC


Meredith Hall – Henderson Co HS

Deondra Frye – J. D. Patton ATC(Photo available)

Jessica Allen – Jackson Co. ATC

Tabitha Smith – Knott Co. ATC– Satellite

Brandy Everage – Knott Co. ATC

Adam Smith – Knox Co. ATC

Juan Carlos Cordova – Lake Cumberland –

Russell Co. ATC


Jennifer Price – Lee Co. ATC

Cynthia Surer – Leslie Co. ATC

Whitney Brown – Lincoln Co. ATC

Kayla Patrick – Magoffin Co. CTC

Kristen Jones – Marshall Co. TC(Photo available)

Danna Hinkle – Martin Co. ATC

Kyle Wiggins – Mayfield ATC


Megan Lanham – Meade Co. ATC

Mary Dillman – Metcalfe Co. HS(Photo available)

Curtis Williams – Millard ATC

/East Ridge Satellite

Brittany Johnson – Morgan Co. ATC

Jennifer Beliles – Muhlenberg Co. ATC

Catherina Jackson – Paducah ATC

Claudia Brock – Rockcastle Co. ATC(Photo available)


Eddie Wells – Scott Co. HS

Katie Sheilds – Shelby Co. ATC(Photo available)

Amiee Bush – Southeast CTC

Kailin O’Nan – Union Co. HS

Ashley Oliver – Warren Central HS(Photo available)

Harold Walston – Wayne Co. ATC

Shelly Sasser – Whitley Co. HS

awards session125

Awards Session

Kentucky HOSA 2006

Thanks to all Competitive Events Lieutenants and Personnel