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Graduate Education in Interior Design:

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Graduate Education in Interior Design: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Graduate Education in Interior Design:. Enhancing the Pool of Qualified Educators. IDEC Fellows Forum: Montreal 2008 . Prepared by Moderator J.H.Dohr, FIDEC. Panel Members. Caren Martin Laura Smith Eileen Jones Nancy Blossom. Context: Recent IDEC Activities .

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graduate education in interior design

Graduate Education in Interior Design:

Enhancing the Pool of Qualified Educators

IDEC Fellows Forum: Montreal 2008

Prepared by Moderator J.H.Dohr, FIDEC

panel members
Panel Members

Caren Martin

Laura Smith

Eileen Jones

Nancy Blossom

context recent idec activities
Context: Recent IDEC Activities
  • 2006 Fellows Forum— Body of Knowledge
  • Ad Hoc Committee: Defining Graduate Education in I.D.
  • 2007 Fellows Forum—Graduate Education in I.D.
  • JID (33.1) Perspective Article
  • JID (33.2) White Papers
drivers of discussion
Drivers of Discussion
  • Evidence-Based Design and Growth of Field’s Scholarship
  • Complexity of Field; New Paradigms related to Social- Environmental Agency of Interior Design; Numbers of students
  • Building Ranks of Qualified Interior Design Educators
2007 ad hoc committee paper key points
2007 Ad Hoc Committee Paper Key Points

Terminal master’s degree: accredited M.I.D

1. Includes professional content & research promoting integration of research in design process

2. Qualifies as terminal “professional” teaching degree, distinct from but an equivalent alternative to Ph.D. & other terminal degrees

3. Qualifies as the terminal practice degree (although it need not preempt the accredited baccalaureate)

highlights 2007 members discussion
Highlights: 2007 Members Discussion

Graduate Education: MID as First-Professional Degree in light of MID Graduate Education as Post-Professional Degree

Degree equivalency—MArch; MFA; PhD; DArch and other professional degrees

Needs for specializations; qualified educators to join us; shifts in guiding paradigms

highlights jid perspective article
Highlights: JID Perspective Article
  • J.H.Dohr:

Summary of 2007 Panel/Member Discussion

Posed questions: Scholarship as underpinning of Graduate Degree & Functions of Scholarship

Compared 3 Scholarly Cultures in Design: Creative Performance, Research-Based Practice, Design Research

Related Each Culture to components of inquiry and degree type

highlights jid white papers
Highlights: JID White Papers
  • D. Guerin:

MID reflects need faced by profession in future & tied to scholarship and to clarification of graduate education

Presented I.D. Education Credential Matrix—clarification of different types & missions of academe and fit with degree and qualifications

Suggests Examining Structure of Professional Programs in Institutions

Added: Promote I.D. Education as Career Option

highlights jid white papers9
Highlights: JID White Papers
  • M. Kroelinger:

Professional degrees are not equal to research degree; they prepare students for different roles

Advocates sound research basis for design

To programs: take what is and articulate “Center of Excellence” rather than whole new structure

Shift discussion to acceptable, alternative degree paths vs. alternative terminal degree

highlights jid white papers10
Highlights: JID White Papers
  • J. Rabun

Consider Proposal of NAAB in our discussion which held MArch inferior to PhD; DArch

Problems with “Professional” school identity given I.D. lacks status tied to legislation or identity through practice acts

Similar difficulty in finding qualified educators across fields of ID and Architecture

highlights 2008 panel discussion
Highlights: 2008 Panel Discussion
  • Caren Martin: Asst. Professor
    • Trajectory to graduate education from practice

onto PhD, Directorship of Informedesign,&

tenure-track position at University of Minnesota

    • Pulled study questions from practice experience
    • Grad Program was accessible & found excellent advisor; some individuals face difficulty in meeting the expectation of having a diversity of institutions across degrees and degree to place of hire
    • Difficult for mid-career designers with families to move several times
    • Difficult going from professional salary to TA salary, considering cost of graduate school and needed additional support (spouse)
    • Realized necessity to teach well in addition to research and service
highlights 2008 panel discussion13
Highlights: 2008 Panel Discussion
  • Laura Smith: Graduate Student
    • Enrolled at University of Michigan in the Architecture & Design Studies masters program; Recently accepted into Doctoral Program
    • Idea about Graduate School initiated by undergraduate Advisor at University of Missouri
    • Trajectory: Undergraduate—Practiced 5 years—Return to Master/PhD program
    • When looking at programs, lacked understanding of terminal and masters/doctoral opportunities and terms
    • Awarded $ support by program—important factor
    • Posed question: What capacity exists to combine teaching and practice?
highlights 2008 panel discussion14
Highlights: 2008 Panel Discussion
  • Eileen Jones: Perkins & Will, Chicago and Member of Task Force regarding Declining Pool of Qualified Educators
    • Interior Designers in practice sit at an integrated table
    • Consider: What is expected of us at that table & the interdisciplinarity of our work; Evaluate practice, knowledge and educational problems; Collaborate
    • Clients want Research-Driven Results
    • Design solutions must be married to business goals
    • Have clear Methodology of Thinking (qualitative methods and strategies)
    • Have passion about topics and work
    • Learn to differentiate the market
    • Map specific site issues to “site type” knowledge to general design/process theory and let cycle back to inform academe and practice
highlights 2008 panel discussion15
Highlights: 2008 Panel Discussion
  • Nancy Blossom: Professor and Director of Interdisciplinary Design Institute at Washington State University
    • Suggests diagramming a model of knowledge related to the academy, profession and public—seek correlation and relevancy
    • Compare disciplinary knowledge, professional knowledge and knowledge about field
    • Move to fresh thinking, clinical research and crossing boundaries among disciplines which requires preparation
    • Transitional model must feature key themes: evidence-based design, research & reflective thinking, strong skills for doing, communicating, and meeting challenges at all levels of undergraduate and graduate education
summary points for enhancing pool of qualified educators by moderator j dohr
Summary Points for Enhancing Pool of Qualified Educators By Moderator J.Dohr
  • Consider Motivations for advanced study
    • Realize questions for study may arise while in practice
    • Create vision & encourage undergraduates to consider graduate education after practicing 2-5 years
    • Provide financial support and bring clarity to financial reward for individuals and employing firm/company
    • Promote ID education as career path
  • Academe: be clear on opportunities, terminology, meanings of degree, courses of study and teaching/practice relationships; Address accessibility
  • Practice: begin to articulate value assigned to graduate studies and how it might enhance practice
summary points for enhancing pool of qualified educators by moderator j dohr17
Summary Points for Enhancing Pool of Qualified Educators By Moderator J.Dohr
  • Attend to methodologies, to mapping research process and research-driven results
  • Attend to interdisciplinary nature of field and types of knowledge/skill as well as designed environments that sustain, retain and satisfy client/users
  • Address tensions between disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity—a reality of higher education and practice today
  • Articulate integrated relationships within practice and within academe--While interdisciplinary team approach exists on one hand, clarity of role and being informed, knowledgeable and an expert exists on the other.