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Divination. Definition: the practice of foretelling future events or discovering hidden knowledge by occult or supernatural means. CLAIRVOYANCE. The supernatural power of seeing objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing.

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Definition: the practice of foretelling future events or discovering hidden knowledge by occult or supernatural means

  • The supernatural power of seeing objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing.
  • Clairvoyant ability, which uses Intuition above and beyond the Intellect, is at the heart of all systems of Divination.
  • It is also known as “Occult Cognition” or by Gypsies as “the Sight.”
  • Astrology is the Art & Science of understanding the relationship between human beings and the stars & planets.
  • These relationships are shown in charts:
    • Natal charts give a person’s tendencies & characteristics at the time of birth.
    • Transit charts show the “shape of things to come.”
  • It is left to the Astrologer and the individual charted to interpret what the portents in the chart mean…
the qabalah
  • The Qabalah (or Cabbala) is an ancient Hebrew tradition based on Hebrew letters and their relationship with numbers.
  • It was based on a mystical method of interpreting Scripture by which initiates claimed to penetrate sacred mysteries by understanding these relationships.
  • It is shown in the diagram to the left known as the “Tree of Life.”
the tarot
  • The Tarot Cards of Ancient Egypt also use the Tree of Life –
    • Each of the 22 Trumps are attributed to one of the Paths.
    • The Court cards and Number cards are attributed to the Sphere (or Sephiroth) which corresponds to their number.
  • The Tarot is first and foremost a means to understand the Mystical & Magickal nature of the Universe. It is an Intuitive Philosophy.
  • Next, it is a system of Divination.
  • Done with regular playing cards, it is called CARTOMANCY.
the i ching
  • The I Ching (Yi King) is an ancient Chinese mystical philosophy and divination based upon Nature.
  • It posits the primary dualistic reality as Yin & Yang and then proceeds to expand these into 8 trigrams which are then again expanded into 64 hexagrams which are used to explain Heaven & Earth and Man & Nature.
  • The divination is done with either 6 coins or 6 sticks to ascertain the appropriate hexagram.
  • A Shewstone or Crystal Ball, such as that used by the prophet Nostradamus, is a physical object which acts as a focal point for the Seer’s mind to concentrate on whatever question is at hand.
  • Other such objects are Tea Leaves, Jewels, Clouds, Flame, the Entrails of Animals or any other medium to allow the Seer’s mind to focus and gather Knowledge.
  • The Palm of the Hand is used as a point of concentration by the Seer.
  • Palmists state that the lines and other physical parts of the hand represent many different aspects of the life of the person whose hand is being read.
  • The study of handwriting, especially when regarded as an expression of the writer's character, personality, abilities, etc.
  • The shape, slope, size, etc. of a writer’s letters and words are used to tell about the person in question.
  • Augury done by dots, figures, lines or by geographic features.
  • Handfuls of soil or other materials were scattered on the ground, or markings made in the earth or sand, to generate a range of dot configurations which could then be "read" by a seer.
  • To search for underground supplies of water, metal, etc., by the use of a divining rod.
  • The dowser holds a wooden or metal fork while he walks over a given area.
  • If he is well-tuned to Nature, the point of the rod will dip when he is over the desired substance (usually water.)
  • Phrenology is the study of the structure of the skull to determine a person's character and mental capacity.
  • As the shape of the skull is easily changed with the use of any blunt instrument, phrenology is considered a pseudo- science and worthy of litle merit.
other forms of divination

Aeromancy is divination by atmospheric phenomena.Alectromancy is divination by a rooster pecking grain.Amniomancy is divination by using the caul.Anthroposcopy is divination by observing facial features.Arithmancy is divination by numbers (also Numerology).Augury is divination from the behaviour of birds.Austromancy is divination by the winds.Axinomancy is divination by a balanced axe or by a stone on a red hot axe head.

And there are many, many more...