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!. Desperado .!

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!. Desperado .!. Virtual Reality CS528. Semester Project. Under Guidance of Dr. Robert Kenyon. Vaidyasubramanian Chandrasekhar. The Story- THEME .

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!. Desperado .!

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    1. !.Desperado .!

    2. Virtual Reality CS528 Semester Project. Under Guidance of Dr. Robert Kenyon. Vaidyasubramanian Chandrasekhar

    3. The Story- THEME. • The Desperadoes are reckless killers from Marina who are situated in a plain territory surrounded by army men of Gothic troops. The two camps are at war with each other and the desperadoes have the job of making their side victorious. • There is a explosive in the surrounding of the Gothic's and the detonation of the same could make a big difference to the warring camps .The mission of the Marina army guards is to find the explosive in the surrounding ,and to detonate in Gothic camp.

    4. The Game • The Desperado is a single or two player game. • Each person has a mission identified – Marina: To find the explosive and detonate it in opponents territory. Gothic: To prevent the explosive from being detonated. Each person has a Kalashnikov and also some limited number of grenades to use for his protection. • The players can also collect ammunition of dead soldiers lying around the plains. • The health can be increased by picking up the various health bags lying around in the terrain.

    5. Design Aspects • The Game is implemented using the CAVE Libraries . • For a single player game the program is simulated using the CAVE. • The multi player Game is implemented in a networked environment with one person navigating at the CAVE and the other at the Immersa desk, the two available immersive environments.

    6. Design aspects.. contd The users navigate in the networked terrain or plain in the cave and the Immersa desk. The Yggdrasil scripting is extensively being used to simulated the game environment. The Coding is mainly done in C++ in the SGI. The 3D models are downloaded from the internet and added to the performer.

    7. Implementation issues. • Navigation: Head Tracker and Wand. • The pickup and drop of objects :The Wand is used • Activated whenever the wand goes in the territory of another object • Implemented using YG. • Single player game the attacking bullets are simulated

    8. Implementation issues.. contd • Two player game the shots are taken by the players themselves. • A sound, fire scene with a bullet shot- done by using triggers. • YG-Reasons. -Hierarchical representation of the Virtual world- Scene Graph. -Interactive virtual worlds. -Nodes associated with Behaviors. - Tying the behaviors to the nodes .

    9. Present State of Project The Project is at present in the development state. 1. Overall Design of the project with the tree structures for the YG node are developed. 2. The various models required for the project viz – humanoids, Guns, Bullets , Health packets etc have been individually made ready and testing the usage of the same has been completed. 3. The usage of the wand and other tracking items have been tested in the cave environments. 4. The Mathematical model for the interaction has been constructed and implemented navigation in a surrounding has been done. 5. A program to create Terrains has been developed.

    10. The “To be done” and Targets To be done • The developed terrain or the surrounding needs to be integrated. By 31 oct. • The Pickup and drop of objects in real time. This has been simulated to some extent using crude program. By Nov 7 • The interaction needs to be handled, like the shooting of bullets and the retaliation etc. By Nov 14 • The overall structuring and fine tuning of the program to make it into a Game. By Nov 25 The above steps will take about a month to complete.

    11. Scope of further work • The 2 Player game can be done with some simple improvements over the one player game. • The Real time simulation of a Multi Player game can also be made further in immersive environments or in a cave simulator environment. • The Usage of ammunition can be restrictive and more orderly. • The game itself can be made more complex with more features like choppers dropping Bombs,etc.

    12. Literature Survey • The work on the project evolved from the urge to create an interactive simulation immersive environment. The Cave and Immersa desk provide excellent opportunities to do the same. The Basic ideas for the project were provided by Foley.. In a book Interactive computer environments. The documentation for the cave at the EVL web site provided the rest of the details for the implementation. The YG documentation at gave in depth coverage into the various aspects of the implementation.