Fixed Broadband Wireless Access
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Fixed Broadband Wireless Access ITU/ICTP Workshop on New Radiocommunication Technologies for ICT in Developing Countries (African Region) [17 th to 21 st May 2004, Trieste, Italy] Presented by: Dr. George Ah-Thew SEYCHELLES. Contents. Background Regulatory Aspects Accomplishments

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Fixed Broadband Wireless AccessITU/ICTP Workshop on New Radiocommunication Technologies for ICT in Developing Countries (African Region)[17th to 21st May 2004, Trieste, Italy]Presented by: Dr. George Ah-ThewSEYCHELLES

ITU/ICTP Workshop

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  • Background

  • Regulatory Aspects

  • Accomplishments

  • Lessons Learnt

  • Future Work

ITU/ICTP Workshop

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ITU/ICTP Workshop

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  • Seychelles

    • Population: 79,089

    • Sea Area: 1,000,000 km2

    • Land Area: 444 km2

    • Islands: 115

  • Outer Islands connected via VSAT.

  • Inner Islands connected by microwave and RUTEL (2.1-2.4 GHz) links.

  • Telecommunication Indicators

    • Teledensity: 26.9%, inclusive of fixed cellular terminals (FCT)

    • Mobile density: 56.6% (more than X2 of fixed)

    • Household penetration: 64% (vision is 100% - a phone in every house)

    • Internet subscribers: 3332 (using 6 Mbps downlink and 2.5 Mbps uplink)

  • Telcos: Duopoly (December 1998) – CWS (incumbent) and AirTel (new entrant) – both have International gateways.

  • ISPs: Duopoly (December 2000) – ATLAS (incumbent via CWS) and KOKONET (new entrant – VSAT).

  • Internet access: Dial-up, ISDN, DSL, lease line, wireless access (2.4/5.7 GHz ), VSAT, cable (shortly).

  • Lease lines tariff is $400 per month (basically a monopoly with CWS) + ISP charges.

ITU/ICTP Workshop

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Regulatory Aspects

  • 2.4-2.5 GHz (802.11b)

    • Licensed to ISP (New entrant) – $1,000 annual license fee.

    • Last mile and only low broadband users (PtMP).

    • FCC rule 47CFR, Part 15.247 for ISP (EIRP limited to 36 dBm or 4W).

    • 3 to 1 dB rule for PtP.

    • European Standard EN 300 328 (EIRP limited to 20 dBm or 100mW), for unlicensed equipment.

  • 5.725-5.825 GHz (802.11a - Motorola [proprietary])

    • Licensed to both ISPs – ATLAS: Motorola Canopy & KOKONET:

    • Mainly used for backbone and last mile heavy users.

    • FCC rule 47CFR, Part 15.401-407 for ISP (EIRP limited to 53 dBm or 200W).

    • European Standard EN 300 440 (EIRP limited to 14 dBm or 25mW), for unlicensed equipment.

    • Telecom Division assists ISPs in their network planning to avoid interference.

  • 5.25-5.35 GHz

    • Reserved for Government usage.

    • Also a backup for fiber optic network.

ITU/ICTP Workshop

Accomplishments l.jpg

  • Dedicated fixed broadband wireless access is very competitive ($100 per month).

  • Probably the only African country with national coverage (December 2000).

  • Have not experienced interference we have been unable to resolve.

  • Assisted in the widespread of Internet cafés.

  • Free fixed broadband wireless access to schools as part of USO.

  • It is a cost effective solution for VPN (for businesses) compared to lease line.

  • Assisted the Government to become more efficient (integration, delivery of e-Government, sharing of applications, files etc.).

ITU/ICTP Workshop

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Lessons Learnt

  • Regulation must be forward looking:

    • Allow deployment of new technologies.

    • Assist to prevent interference.

    • Assist to provide competition to Internet access (competitive rates).

  • Advise ISP on Freznel zone, cable loss and fade margin for long distance links. Special care for over water links (scattering).

  • Unable to use low portion spectrum of 2.4 GHz due to RUTEL system.

  • Good dialogue with all stakeholders are important to resolve interference problems.

  • Combo wireless equipment are useful if the customer needs to change service (low to high bandwidth) and flexibility (transition period).

  • Public education is imperative to avoid importation of non-compatible equipment (hence helps to resolve interference).

ITU/ICTP Workshop

Future work l.jpg
Future Work

  • Government plans to roll out 3.4-3.7 GHz (C extended band) wireless networks.

  • Analyze the experimental VOIP report on wireless networks.

  • Deploy encrypted/VPN wireless solutions for telemedecine project (Outlook and PGP) – 2nd opinion for X-ray images.

  • Ensure the rollout of hotspots at the airport, restaurants etc.

  • Experiment with low cost PtP USB/dish IEEE 802.11g wireless networks links.

  • Experiment with NetMeeting with freeware Gatekeeper and MCU (applications on fixed broadband wireless access).

ITU/ICTP Workshop

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Dr. George Ah-Thew

Director of Telecom Division

President’s Office

Department of Economic Planning

Room 150A, Oceangate House (New Block)

P. O. Box 1389

Victoria, Mahé


Fax: +248 225325

Tel: +248 382039 (Office)

Tel: +248 722466 (Mobile)

Tel: +248 241504 (Home)


Yahoo ID: georegahthew

ITU/ICTP Workshop