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Corporate Finance 2004-2005

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Corporate Finance 2004-2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corporate Finance 2004-2005. Mark Pacyna / Manoj Ramnani VP’s for Corporate Finance Ross Business School Finance Club. What is Corporate Finance?. Job Descriptions Sample Organizational Structure Sample of Ross On-Campus Recruiting Companies Lifestyle and Compensation

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Corporate Finance 2004-2005

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corporate finance 2004 2005

Corporate Finance2004-2005

Mark Pacyna / Manoj Ramnani

VP’s for Corporate Finance

Ross Business School Finance Club

what is corporate finance
What is Corporate Finance?
  • Job Descriptions
  • Sample Organizational Structure
  • Sample of Ross On-Campus Recruiting Companies
  • Lifestyle and Compensation
  • Skills Recruiters are Seeking
  • Interview
  • Internship Recruiting Roadmap
  • Upcoming Events
corporate finance spectrum
Corporate Finance Spectrum
  • Accounting
  • Reporting
  • Internal Audit
  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Treasury
  • Budgeting
  • Variance Analysis
  • Product/Service Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Special Projects
  • M&A
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy

Most corporate finance positions fall into this range…

mba graduate job descriptions
MBA Graduate Job Descriptions

Designated Positions or Part of Rotational Program

  • Program/Product Financial Analyst/Strategic Planning
    • Evaluating product, divisional or operating unit performance (budgeting, forecasting and variance analysis)
    • Providing financial support for corporate and business unit initiatives
    • Conducting lease vs. buy analysis
    • Forecasting cash flows and capital structure
    • Supporting the investor relations department in dealings with analysts and investors
    • Reviewing debt, equity and hybrid financing alternatives
    • Performing DCF analysis of acquisition candidates and outsourcing opportunities
    • Articulating financial performance and strategies through presentations to/for senior finance management
    • Capital Planning / Budgeting
    • Competitive Intelligence
mba graduate job descriptions5
MBA Graduate Job Descriptions

Designated Positions or Part of Rotational Program

  • Financial Reporting
    • Monthly financial reports, budgeting and analysis
  • Strategic Pricing
    • Supporting the marketing organization with pricing analysis for new programs/products
  • Corporate Development
    • Merger, acquisition and minority investment analysis
  • Treasury
    • Global Cash Management
    • Debt and Equity Financing
    • Pension funding, analysis and overseeing investment management
    • Risk management, foreign exchange & commodity hedging
    • Overseas Finance (international funding, dividend repatriation)
    • Business Development (mergers, acquisitions, divestitures)
    • Capital Planning
    • Taxation
  • Internal Audit
    • Review of operational and financial controls, identify opportunities to improve
combining finance with other fields
Combining Finance with Other Fields
  • Business Development
    • Expanding an existing product portfolio and/or markets served
  • Consulting
    • Generalists often perform financial analyst duties on projects
    • Dedicated Corporate Finance Groups
    • Internal consulting groups
  • Marketing
    • Non-brand marketing involves market/opportunity analysis, pricing strategies, and corporate resource allocation
  • So how do you find the right career for you?
sample organizational structure
Sample Organizational Structure

Chief Financial

Officer (CFO)



Chief Accounting

Officer (CAO)








Internal Audit

Manager, Prog/Prod

Fin Analysis


Strategic Planning


Strategic Pricing


Corp. Development

sample of ross on campus recruiting companies

American Express


Bear Stearns



DTE Energy



Eli Lilly


General Motors




JP Morgan




SC Johnson



Union Pacific


Sample of Ross On-Campus Recruiting Companies
lifestyle and compensation
Lifestyle and Compensation
  • Lifestyle
    • Typical 50-60 hour work week (with peak periods)
    • Minimal weekends
    • Flexible work schedules
    • Relatively low travel (except internal audit)
  • Compensation is relatively good
    • $100,000* average for Class of 2002
    • 20.5% of the 2003 Class took jobs in Corporate Finance, up from 16% in 2002 and 6% in 2001.

* Total compensation includes base salary, signing bonus, tuition reimbursement, & guaranteed performance bonus

  • Internship opportunities
    • 65+ internships in 2003
skills recruiters are seeking
Skills Recruiters Are Seeking
  • Analytical/Quantitative
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Ability to Communicate
  • Confidence
  • Maturity
corporate finance interview
Corporate Finance Interview
  • Personal Fit/Behavioral
  • Corporate Finance Interest
  • Industry Interest
  • Company Interest
  • Financial Problem Solving
  • Cases
job hunting resources
Job Hunting Resources
  • iMpact
    • Company and job descriptions, resume drop and interviewing schedule, company contacts, alumni database
  • Kresge Library
    • Company files, Vault, Wetfeet, Hoover, Business and Company Resource Center, etc.
  • Company Presentations
    • Use Q&A to understand company strategy, industry, and job opportunities
  • OCD Career Counseling
    • Career information, guidance, resume reviews, mock interviews
  • Informational Interviews
    • Day in the Life
    • Carefully select Alumni that work in companies or industries that interest you
    • Use MBA2’s as a resource
corporate finance intern recruiting roadmap
Corporate Finance Intern Recruiting Roadmap
  • Company Presentations and Events
    • Beginning September 20
  • OCD Resume Reviews
    • September & October – Do it NOW!
  • Meet the Interns
    • October & November
  • OCD Mock Interviews
    • September through early December – Start EARLY!
  • Corporate Finance Forum
    • November 5
  • Speakers and Presentations
    • TBD throughout the Fall Semester
  • Finance Club Mock Interviews
    • Early January
  • Interviews
    • Beginning mid-January
this week in corporate finance see ocd recruiting events in impact for more details
Monday, 9/27

General Mills*

General Electric

Tuesday, 9/28



Wednesday, 9/29


Federal Bank of new York

This week in Corporate Finance (see OCD Recruiting Events in iMpact for more details)
  • Thursday, 9/30
    • P&G
    • Amazon
    • Accenture
    • Discover Financial Services
  • Friday, 10/01
    • International Finance Corporation
  • Monday, 10/04
    • American Express

* May or may not be recruiting for corp. finance positions

This list may not be complete. Check OCD Recruiting Events for a complete list of all recruiting events, dates and times.

upcoming attractions
Upcoming Attractions
  • Next Sunday at 5pm in TBD–
    • Resume Reviews
  • Upcoming Weeks…
    • Intel will be hosting a seminar on Real Options for MBA2’s interested in Corporate Finance
    • West Coast Forum participation
    • Meet the Interns in Corporate Finance