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MTG Urinary Catheters PowerPoint Presentation
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MTG Urinary Catheters

MTG Urinary Catheters

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MTG Urinary Catheters

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  1. MTG Urinary Catheters

  2. MTG Urinary Catheters Medical Technologies of Georgia is wholly devoted to improving the quality of life for anyone using intermittent catheterization. At MTG, it's our goal to make self-catheterization of the bladder possible for anyone regardless of gender, disease, or disability. MTG is an American manufacturer of unique male, female, and pediatric catheters. Many users with hand and finger dexterity impairment find our technology to be life-changing, bringing independence to their bladder care program. Our patented MTG EZ-Advancer® valve holds the tube in place during insertion, preventing slippage back into the bag. For those with minimal finger dexterity, we offer our patented MTG EZ-Gripper®, created for utilization by tetraplegic (aka quadriplegic) users. If your doctor has prescribed intermittent catheters, MTG likely has as an answer for you. MTG Catheters are 100% latex-free, pre-lubricated, closed catheterization systems. Our soft, silicone introducer tip permits the catheter tube to bypass bacteria within the distal urethra, a primary source of contamination and UTI causing pathogens.

  3. MTG Urinary Catheter User Tips The soft silicone, introducer tip, included with all MTG closed system intermittent catheters, is designed to shield the catheter from contact with bacteria located within the first 1.5cm (about ½”) of the distal urethra. Most urethral bacteria are located in this region, so if the catheter is passed beyond the distal urethra without coming in contact with these potential pathogens, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) recurrence can be reduced. Proper use of the introducer tip may lead to fewer UTIs.

  4. Urine Removal and Sterile Sample Retrieval Gloves should be worn throughout the procedure. Perform catheterization as described in male or female instructions for use. Upon removing the catheter from the patient, use the gauze pad found within the kit to cover the eyelets of the tube to minimize leakage. Hold the catheter eyelets closed with the gauze using one hand, and hold the urine bag with the other. Proceed to the toilet. Extend the catheter to the top of the bag, while continuing to hold the urine bag with the other hand. While continuing to use the gauze pad to close the eyelets, entwine the catheter around the fingers. The other hand continues to hold the urine bag. Using the hand holding the urine bag, point the top of the bag away from your face, downward in the direction of the toilet bowl. With a slight tug, the entwined catheter, introducer tip and EZ-Advancer valve will be removed from the bag exposing the sterile sample port. Pour the sample into the receptacle. To avoid contamination, be careful not to touch the pouring port during the procedure. Discard the catheter, gloves, and supplies using prescribed clinical practice. Don a new pair of exam gloves and close the cap of the urine sample receptacle. Process according to your facilities’ clinical practice. 

  5. MTG EZ-Gripper® Urinary Catheters The perfect catheter for anyone with very limited hand dexterity. Our patented gripping handle outside the bag allows for easy advancement. The privacy bag is included for discreet disposal. For decades, tetraplegic patients have been prescribed external condom or indwelling Foley catheters for bladder management since most were incapable of intermittent urinary self-catheterization. The dexterity required to open the package, lubricate the catheter, etc., was more than most could accomplish, particularly at higher injury levels. MTG set a goal of developing a catheter that could be used, without help from a caregiver, for those with spinal cord injuries from C-4 through C-7 and for some people afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. We believe that with the MTG EZ-Gripper®, we have achieved this goal.

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