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Heart Surgery in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Heart Surgery in India

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Heart Surgery in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical tourism or Medical Travel is growing rapidly as people from all over the world are travelling to other countries to obtain medical treatments & surgeries at very low cost in their own country. Medsoul is a one stop solution for your medical and travel related component.

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Heart Surgery in India

Stress, Busy life, unhealthy & irregular eating habits &

obesity plays havoc on our cardiovascular system. Lot

of Americans, Europeans & East Africans are flying to

India for Cardiovascular treatment – solely for 3


Affordable treatment cost

Zero Waiting time for Surgery

Impeccable Services & hospitality


Heart Surgery in India

Compare our packages in India as against in your country :


Overview of Heart Procedures


Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) is a surgical

procedure to improve the flow of blood by connecting

a healthy artery or vein taken from another part of

the body to the blocked coronary artery.

Sometimes plaque may build up in the coronary artery

which may affect the blood-flow to the heart.CABG

involves connecting the grafted artery to bypass the

blocked part of the coronary artery.


Overview of Heart Procedures


It is a non-surgical procedure to unblock narrowed or

blocked heart arteries.

This helps revive flow of oxygen-rich blood to the


The procedure involves compressing the plaque built

up in the affected artery by using a balloon with a

threaded tip.


Overview of Heart Procedures

Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Treatment:

This is a congenital defect that affects the flow of

blood to the heart.

Valve Replacement:

It involves replacement of a weakening aortic valve

with an artificial heart valve.


What you will gain while opting for

surgery in India

India is the most travelled country by Medical Tourists.

Here are few benefits you would surely reap when

undergoing surgery in India.

Affordable Surgery Cost: 

You would shell out

approximately US$ 50000 for Valve Replacement &

CABG Treatment in USA whereas you would save

almost 80% on your surgery in India. The prices are

much lower as compared to other western countries

of the world like USA & UK.


What you will gain while opting for

surgery in India

Quality with care & Compassion:

When you are in

India – you would definitely feel like home. Several

patients have experienced the lavish facilities & care

with compassion services at the hospitals of India. You

may read out patient testimonials on our webpage.

Easy & Transparent Communication: 

Language of communication is not a barrier in India as

all the hospitals have English Speaking staff & doctors

to help you & keep you updated at every stage of your



What you will gain while opting for

surgery in India

Zero Waiting: 

No Waiting time is the highlight of Indian Medical

Tourism Services. Count on Medsoulindia & Relax. We

would take care of all formalities & actions starting

from admission to hospital till you recuperate back



Useful Info for Your Medical Tour

  • The Indian Local Currency is Indian Rupee.
  • The best time to plan your Medical Trip to India is from October till Match so as to avoid the inexorablesummers & monsoons.
  • Get yourwords to avoid any communication problems.
  • Inform your Medical Tourism Facilitator beforehand so that they can assist you with the visa formalities.

Heart Surgery in India

India has become a enticement for international

patients owing to the easy-on-the-pocket treatment

options available in its internationally accredited

hospitals. Get back the grove in life with

Medsoulindia’s best affordable packages.

Contact us through our online Enquiry form for the latest quotes and other information. Our case manager will get back to you to discuss your treatment options.


Your Trusted Partner for Medical Tourism!!