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Top 5 Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies for 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 5 Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies for 2018

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Top 5 Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies for 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With emerging trends, technologies and platforms, healthcare digital marketing trends have also changed. Here are 5 crucial digital marketing strategies you can consider for 2018.

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with emerging trends technologies and platforms

❖ With emerging trends, technologies and platforms, healthcare digital marketing

trends have also changed.

❖ Statista says that in 2020 U.S. spending on digital advertising is set to hit

$113.18 billion, i.e. double the amount compared to that of 2 years ago.

❖ There are a number of emerging technologies and platforms that healthcare

marketers can use to meet their marketing goals.

❖ It is critical to identify the right marketing strategy that suits your industry and

requirements. Tactics that an Ecommerce store chooses may not suit a

healthcare business.


here are five digital marketing trends

Here are five digital marketing trends you can

consider for 2018

It is important to respond quickly and accurately

to changing customer behavior, which can be

achieved with the help of advanced techniques.

Machine Learning along

with Human Effort

➢ Machine learning helps to obtain valuable details more easily from the huge

volumes of structured and unstructured data.

➢ Artificial intelligence or machine learning in healthcare can help collect, cleanse

and analyze patient data that can be used to provide optimum care.

➢ Medical app development will also be an important strategy in the year 2018.

➢ When it comes to healthcare, it helps in better care co-ordination among multiple

healthcare teams.


video marketing

Video Marketing

Using videos to promote your products or

services could ensure the best ROI.

➢ Video marketing ensures high possibility of engagement with potential patients

and healthcare consumers.

➢ Video advertising is sure to be beneficial for businesses in 2018.

➢ Social media giants are also popularizing video content, as this strategy is

expected to increase usage and drive social engagement.


content marketing

Content marketing

A large majority of consumers rely on content to

research their purchasing decisions. Making quality

content is the key to a good ranking position

➢ Write relevant and engaging content with the target audience and their interests

in mind.

➢ Personalize your content so that it will be specifically tailored to customer

requirements and where they are in the buying process.


social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

This is a very important digital marketing strategy that

helps you to establish a strong social media presence

and develop creative ways of encouraging interactions.

This also helps to boost your business growth.

➢ Investing in social media and other engaging channels will help you reach

various niche consumer demographics and also expand your reach considerably.

➢ Marketing via such platforms helps in the quick spread of information among users

and ensures measurable ROI and an increased customer base.


ppc ads


➢ This internet advertising model can generate traffic right away.

➢ Here, the advertisers pay a publisher when the ad is clicked.

➢ An ideal way to generate sales, this is also a way of buying visits to your sites

rather than earning them organically.


plan and implement the right strategies that will

Plan and implement the right strategies that will ensure digital marketing

success for you in 2018 and beyond. Busy medical practices and

businesses can choose to benefit from medical SEO services offered by a

professional vendor.


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