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Types Of Medical Alert Jewellery Available - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A medical ID is one of the most critical pieces of jewelry you can own, as it created to speak for you when you can’t. Browse the full document and know the types of medical alert jewellery available in the market.

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Types Of Medical Alert Jewelry Available

Medical Alert jewelry, tags or accessories are a simple way to communicate important information to first

responders in an emergency. They include vital information such as medical conditions, allergies, medical history,

past prescriptions, immediate contacts, and more. You can shop for medical alert jewelry by checking out the various

details below:

1)Products: These jewelleries can be in the form of watches, necklaces and bracelets. When it comes to

medical alert engravings, you can get creative and include engravings on accessories such as wallet cards,

key rings, clothing tags and USB’s.

2)Styles:Your medical ID bracelet or necklace does not have to be plain or boring. Medical alert jewelry is

available in unique styles such as those that include gemstones, charms, and more. The various styles of

medical jewelry allow one to make a fashion statement, all while ensuring their medical details are easily

accessible in case of any emergency.

3)Colors: They not only come in hundreds of colours, but can often times be bought in bundle packs so you can

change your bracelet depending on your mood! You can also add multiple charms to showcase your


4)Material: From beautifully crafted leather to precious metal, there is a vast selection of material to choose

your medical alert jewelry from. Earlier, the only option available was plain steel ID tags, but now,an

individual can make their choice amongst stainless steel, gold, sporty silicone, chic leather and more!These

jewelleries can be built to your particular specifications, including your preferred type of metal, chain style

and weight.

A medical ID is one of the most critical pieces of jewelry you can own, as it created to speak for you when you can’t.

You can browse hundreds of styles online or pop by a local jewelry shop to see their options. For more information

on medical alert jewelry visit:


Julie Hanson is a recently retired medical professional. She now writes articles and blogs to help a social cause and

spread medical awareness. She recommends for all your medical jewelry needs.