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substance abuse prevention in adolescents n.
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Drug and alcohol counselor PowerPoint Presentation
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Drug and alcohol counselor

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Drug and alcohol counselor
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Drug and alcohol counselor

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  1. Substance Abuse Prevention in Adolescents The teen age represents one of the most troublesome stages in life. Since the individual is undergoing a lot of changes both physically and emotionally; it is possible for the person to acquire habits that are viewed as a disgrace to the society. For most people, they have their first time of everything at this age; from drinking beer, fighting with peers or getting arrested to sexual relations. The problem comes in when this curiosity goes a level higher and the individual tries the narcotics. Following are some of the guidelines to be followed in order to prevent substance abuse in adolescents: • https://medialiteracy.drugfreepa.org/

  2. Teenage drug abuse facts Self Control: Self control enables children to control his/her aggressive behavior, temperament, tackle peer pressure etc. Developing self control skills in children can help them overcome desire to try alcohol, smoking, abusing substances and negative attitudes. • https://medialiteracy.drugfreepa.org/

  3. Drug abuse prevention in teens Parental Monitoring: Parental monitoring ensures that the children’s activities and habits are monitored to check for any drug abuse indications. It helps to develop a strong bond between parents and children. Children with parents, who keep a watch on their activities, will remain away from abusing drugs due to fear that they might get caught or get punishment. Parental guidance makes sure that children understand their limits and value of discipline. • https://medialiteracy.drugfreepa.org/

  4. Academic Competence: Developing academic competence among children by providing academic support in reading and developing study habits will help children develop positive attributes, self-confidence etc. It will keep them away from falling into company of bad friends and develop negative traits & temperament. • https://medialiteracy.drugfreepa.org/

  5. Substance Abuse Education If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, click here http://medialiteracy.drugfreepa.org/, we will help you to overcome life-taking illicit substances. Addiction is a life-threatening disease, but you can get your life back on track with our drug treatment programs. • https://medialiteracy.drugfreepa.org/

  6. Contact us Slate Hill Business Center Suite 110 3901 Hartzdale Dr. Camp HIll, PA 17011 717.232.0300 717.232.5400 fax • https://medialiteracy.drugfreepa.org/