Phone script and overcoming objections
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Phone Script and Overcoming Objections - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Phone Script and Overcoming Objections. Christian David’s Overcoming Objections. What Positions are you hiring for?.

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Phone script and overcoming objections

Phone Script and Overcoming Objections

Christian David’s Overcoming Objections

What positions are you hiring for
What Positions are you hiring for?

  • We have several available depending on which you qualify for, I’m sure you understand. I don’t want to promise you anything specific over the phone without having even met you. (close/lock-in)

They keep asking could you tell me more
They Keep asking could you tell me more?

  • If I could get all the information I needed to get from you and I could get you all the information over the phone I needed to get you, I certainly would. Have you ever heard the phrase time is money? (WFA). Well in my business time is money and if we could do this over the phone instead of me taking the time out to sit with you, I would, but I can’t. (close/lock-in)

Could you fax email mail me information
Could You fax/email/mail me information?

  • I could but I found information is of no value unless I can expand on the content. Usually people have more questions after looking over brochures and emails and then I’m not there to answer them. Can you see how that would be a problem? (close/lock-in)

I m not interested
I’m Not interested

  • If you don’t mind me asking where you work now, in terms of chance to increase your income, benefits, ability to control your time, and opportunity to move up, just overall job satisfaction, on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best, how would you rate your opportunity? (8). So there’s definitely room for improvement? Again, I don’t know if this would be for you but if you could improve your situation, wouldn’t that at least be worth exploring for 15-20 minutes. (WFA). (close/lock-in)

I m not a salesperson don t like sales don t like financial services
I’m not a salesperson/don’t like sales/don’t like financial services

  • I haven’t met someone yet who wasn’t selling something from products, to friendship, to what movie they’re going to see, to where they’ll go to dinner. Selling is about persuading another person to see our point of view and how it can benefit them. All of us sell, only some are better than others and generally have a better quality of life. Our business is more accurately described as explaining proven concepts. The main thing is we help people take the right steps towards achieving financial independence. Isn’t everyone interested in that?

Last slide cont d
(Last slide cont’d) financial services

  • Do you feel you’ll have to be pushy or aggressive? Have you ever bought something from a salesperson you liked? Why did you like them? (WFA). If I could teach you how to be that kind of salesperson and really care about people, wouldn’t that at least be worth exploring for 15-20 minutes? (close)

Last slide cont d1
(Last slide cont’d) financial services

  • Do you like picking up garbage? (WFA). If I paid you $200,000 a year to pick up trash for 8 hours a day would you do it? (WFA). Isn’t the issue about providing for yourself and your family? (WFA) Provided it was moral or legal, what would you not do for $200,000 a year? (Close)

I don t like commission
I don’t like commission financial services

  • Why? (WFA). Were you aware that the highest paid people in the country work on commission? (WFA). You don’t want to be one of the highest paid people in the country? (WFA). So the only reason you don’t like commission is that you’re not sure you’re going to get any? If I could teach you everything I know and ensure you get commissions, any reason you wouldn’t give it a shot? Are you saying you’re not good enough to do it? (Close/lock-in)