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The Role of the Young People’s Learning Agency PowerPoint Presentation
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The Role of the Young People’s Learning Agency

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The Role of the Young People’s Learning Agency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Role of the Young People’s Learning Agency
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  1. Peter Lauener Chief Executive The Role of the Young People’s Learning Agency Championing Young People’s Learning

  2. YPLA Mission: Championing Young People’s Learning Championing Young People’s Learning Championing Young People’s Learning

  3. YPLA – what kind of organisation? An NDPB……. Board of up to 15 members from all sectors £10 billion budget About 500 staff around the country Building a new organisation with staff from DCSF and LSC Positioned between national and local and accountable to both Championing Young People’s Learning

  4. YPLA Roles • Providing financial support to young learners (EMAs) YPLA will support 600,000 16-18 year olds through Education Maintenance Allowances Championing Young People’s Learning Championing Young People’s Learning

  5. YPLA Roles • Funding academies for all their provision By 2011, YPLA will be directly funding 400 academies which will provide education for around 500,000 children Championing Young People’s Learning Championing Young People’s Learning

  6. YPLA Roles • Supporting local authorities’ commissioning of suitable education and training opportunities for all 16-19 year olds YPLA will provide funding for 1.6 million learners in 2010/11 Championing Young People’s Learning Championing Young People’s Learning

  7. YPLA Vision Making a difference to all young people’s lives Narrowing the gaps in outcomes Recognising, valuing and celebrating diversity Working with partners to secure seamless learning pathways Improving progression for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities up to age 25 Working in partnership to build the performance and reputation of schools, colleges and all learning providers Providing a high quality funding and strategic analysis service to our partners Championing Young People’s Learning Championing Young People’s Learning

  8. Principles Governing the 16-19 System • Keeping it simple • Decision-making, accountability and funding rules must be transparent and equitable • Freeing good providers • Autonomy of colleges, schools and other providers • Proportionate intervention • Better use of data • Clear focus on quality • Improving learner choice • Funding follows the learner • Delivering entitlements in and across LA boundaries • Target and support young people most in need Championing Young People’s Learning

  9. LAs will play the key role in the new system • LAs will have the statutory duty for 16-19 year olds • LAs have built sub-regional partnerships to plan and make collective commissioning decisions • Each LA will develop a 16-19 commissioning plan which will identify: • how they are meeting this duty for their resident learners • what provision they need to purchase for the providers in their area for all their participating learners • These plans will be built bottom up and will be the basis of YPLA funding Championing Young People’s Learning

  10. Context..... Championing Young People’s Learning

  11. We have just begun a decade of demographic reductions before numbers level out some 12.5% down... 16-18 population 2008/09 – 2019/20

  12. Young people’s population trends to 2017 But there are significant regional and local variations……. NE NW YH EM WM ER GL SE SW

  13. And in the run up to 2015 we need a particular focus on those not benefiting from opportunities in the system now….. NEET characteristics 2008

  14. What do 16-18 year olds study? We need a system which supports the wide range of learning needs of young people……….

  15. Where do 16-18 year olds study? Including different types of learning environment……..

  16. 14-19 Providers 2008/09 ….adding up to a significant number of providers

  17. Progress • Transfer of LSC staff to LAs and YPLA • Transfer of LSC staff to LAs and YPLA • React / LSC Training Programme • Redesignation of Sixth Form Colleges • New YPLA Board – appointments soon • YPLA Remit letter and Grant for 2010-11 to be published soon • Provider allocations for 2010/11complete by 31 March • April 20th payment run! Championing Young People’s Learning

  18. Two challenges…

  19. Challenge 1: Commissioning and Allocations • Issues • Allocations for 2010-11 will be complete by end March but how will it be different next year? • What should be national, regional, sub-regional and local and how can we avoid sclerotic systems? • How can we join up revenue and capital planning? • How do we maintain a clear focus on the 5 key commissioning questions: • What’s working well? • What’s working less well? • What do we need more of? • What do we need less of? • Do we need anything new? Championing Young People’s Learning

  20. As we shape arrangements for 2011/12, we need to focus on 2 strategic commissioning issues……….. The first key strategic issue What is it that local authorities will commission from providers to ensure that every young person aged up to 17 is engaged in education, training or work with training by 2013? (and up to 18 in 2015?) Championing Young People’s Learning

  21. The second key strategic issue How will local authorities work with providers and other stakeholders to decide the best configuration of provision in an area – moving to a local infrastructure development plan? Championing Young People’s Learning

  22. Challenge 2: Improving provision for learners with difficulties and disabilities – NB up to age 25 • Issues • YPLA will contract with specialist providers of learning for learners with difficulties and disabilities for 2010/11 and 2011/12 • Most provision for LLDDs is however in mainstream FE and other local providers and provision for 19-25s in 2010/11 is being allocated by the Skills Funding Agency • The statutory duties rest with LAs from April 2009 – and this is an area under severe budgetary pressure every year • Localisation should bring benefits from better joining up with local partners Championing Young People’s Learning

  23. And finally…..Transformation Succeeds By • creating a sense of urgency • developing a powerful guiding coalition is created • agreeing a a compelling vision • not under communicating the vision by a Factor of Ten • removing Obstacles to the New Vision • systematically planning and creating short-term wins • not declaring Victory too soon • not Anchoring Changes in the Corporation’s Culture • John P.Kotter Championing Young People’s Learning