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The AP Essay

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The AP Essay
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  1. The AP Essay What do readers want?

  2. Quarter 1 Morally Ambiguity & The Question Minus the Answer

  3. Advice from the CollegeBoard • Silently read, mark, and annotate the “Study Skills: Writing” article from the CollegeBoard • Please have at least one mark and annotation per section • After reading, process the article. On the back describe what it tells you about writing, how it compares to your writing, and how it might influence your writing. • Share your thoughts with your table

  4. Expectations: The Rubric • Read and annotate the rubric for the prompt you chose. As you are reading and annotating think about what you could do and will do to meet these expectations. • “Literature is the Question Minus the Answer” • Rubric is on pages 6-7 • Morally Ambiguous Characters • Rubric is on pages 7-8

  5. Models: Essays that met the expectations • Read and annotate the sample essays for your prompt. As you are reading and annotating, think about why these essays received high scores and what you could do with your own essay. These are real, not contrived, and were written by students for the AP Exam. • Morally Ambiguous Characters • The essay on One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest only (pages 2-9). This essay scored a 9 • Literature is the Question Minus the Answer • There are two essays. Essay “N” scored an 8 because the vocabulary lacked sophistication. • Essay QQQ Scored a 9 because of the stylistic maturity.

  6. Your turn: you have 45 minutes—that is the time you are allotted during the AP Exam • Use a clean sheet or two of paper • This time around you can use your notes and book to write your essay. Don’t forget to read the prompt you chose & PLAN before you write. • Keep the rubric in mind • Keep the audience in mind—if you are bored writing, the reader will bored reading. • Hand the essay in with the rubric at the end of class.