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What's Wrong?

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What's Wrong?
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What's Wrong?

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  1. Safety Rules & Symbols What's Wrong? Lab Safety Challenge Warm Up T. Trimpe 2008 http://sciencespot.net/

  2. What’s wrong? Identify 6 different safety concerns shown in the picture below. Image: http://morrisonlabs.com/lab_safety.htm

  3. Don’t fool around during a lab. Always point test tubes and other items away from yourself and others when heating. Don’t eat or drink while in the lab. Always wear safety goggles when doing an experiment Don’t leave a flame unattended. Keep hair and other flammable objects away from flames. The answers are … Image: http://morrisonlabs.com/lab_safety.htm

  4. Safety Symbols

  5. Name that Safety Symbol!!Let’s see what you remember…

  6. Safety Goggles

  7. Lab Apron

  8. Heat-resistant Gloves

  9. Electrical Shock

  10. Corrosive Chemical

  11. Poison

  12. Animal Safety

  13. Plant Safety

  14. Flames

  15. No Flames

  16. Fumes

  17. Safety Rules Skit **In your group: 1. First, read aloud ALL of your assigned safety rules. • Next, work with your group to come up with a skit to model all of your assigned safety rules. • When you have performed your skit, be prepared to present (summarize) your safety rules to the class. **I will have the rules displayed on a PPT for you. • Take a bow for your fabulous performance! : )

  18. Dress Code 1. Wear safety goggles when working with chemicals, burners, glass, etc. 2. Wear a lab apron or coat when working with chemicals or materials that stain. 3. Tie back long hair to keep away from chemicals, flames, & equipment. 4. Remove or tie back any clothing or jewelry that can hang down. 5. Roll up long sleeves. 6. Never wear open shoes or sandals.

  19. Heating & Fire Safety 1. Never use a candle, burner or hot plate without wearing safety goggles. 2. Never heat anything unless instructed to do so. A chemical that is harmless when cool may be dangerous when heated. • Keep all combustible materials away from flames. • Never reach across a flame. • When heating a test tube, make sure it is pointed away from you or anyone else. • Use an oven mitt or heat resistant gloves to pick up a container that has been heated.

  20. Fire Extinguisher Fire Blanket ***Show students where fire extinguisher & fire blanket is located in classroom.

  21. Chemical Safety Pt. 1 • Never mix materials for the “fun of it.” It may explode or produce a dangerous substance. • Never put your face or mouth of a container that holds chemicals. • Never touch, taste, or smell a chemical unless your teacher tells you to . • Keep chemical containers closed when not using them. • If you are asked to test for odors, use a wafting motion. Do not inhale the fumes directly from the container.

  22. Chemical Safety Pt. 2 • Dispose of all chemicals as instructed by your teacher, BUT never pour chemicals into the sink or trash. 2. Be careful not to spill any chemicals in the lab. • Wash chemical spills & splashes immediately with plenty of water. • If it gets on your skin or clothes, begin rinsing with water & notify your teacher of any spills.

  23. **Eye Wash Station** **Show students where eye wash station is located in the classroom.

  24. Using Glassware Safely • Never use broken or chipped glassware. If glassware breaks, notify your teacher. Never handle broken glass with your bare hands. • Never eat or drink from lab glassware. • Thoroughly clean glassware before putting it away. • Handle scalpels or other sharp instruments with extreme care. Never cut material toward you; cut away from you. • Immediately notify your teacher if you cut your skin when working in the laboratory.

  25. First Aid Kit **Show where First Aid Kit is located in classroom.

  26. End of Experiment Rules • Turn off and unplug any electrical equipment used. • Clean up your work area and return all equipment to its proper place. • Dispose of waste materials as instructed by your teacher. • Wash your hands after every experiment.

  27. What's Wrong? Lab Safety Summarizing T. Trimpe 2008 http://sciencespot.net/

  28. What’s wrong? Identify 9 different safety concerns shown in the picture below. Image: http://morrisonlabs.com/lab_safety.htm

  29. Always wear safety goggles during a lab. Don’t smell directly from a container - WAFT. Don’t heat closed containers. Keep your lab area neat and clean. Don’t place lab materials near the edge of the table. Keep papers and other flammable objects away from flames. Unplug equipment when not in use. Don’t leave materials laying on the floor. Clean up spills immediately The answers are … Image: http://morrisonlabs.com/lab_safety.htm

  30. What Safety Rules & Symbols do I need to know? With a PENCIL, lightly mark the following in your textbook: • Symbols: ALL - pg. 767 • Rules: Textbook pgs. 768-769 #1-15, 17-20, 22, 24-28, 30, 32, 36-40, 47-50

  31. Science Scramble Science Safety – Warm Up for tomorrow!! T. Trimpe 2008 http://sciencespot.net/

  32. Can you unscramble all the phrases below?Hint: They are all related to safety. 1. R A W E O L G E G S G 2. F W T A, not F W F H I 3. S H A W O R U Y N H A S D 4. L O F L W O I E C R D I T O N S 5. O D T N’ O L F O R U O N A D