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Gamma-Ray. Perliani Mabruroh | Raihan Naufal | Ratu Niken Tiara | Resti Febriani Putri. Proudly Present. Definition. Inventor Figures. Characteristics. Application in daily life. How to produce it. Conclusion. Definition of Gamma ray.

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gamma ray


PerlianiMabruroh|RaihanNaufal|RatuNiken Tiara |RestiFebrianiPutri

Proudly Present



Inventor Figures


Application in daily life

How to produce it


definition of gamma ray
Definition of Gamma ray

Gamma rays (γ) are an energetic form of electromagnetic radiation.It has an extremly high frequency and therefore per photon has a high energy.Gamma rays are produced by emitted from the nucleus of some unstable radioactive atoms.

  • Frequency Range: more than 1020Hz
  • Gamma rays have the highest frequency of all EM radiation.
  • Gamma rays have the shortest wavelength of all ElectroMagnetic radiation.
  • Wavelength Range: <10-12 m
inventor f igures
Inventor Figures

In the end of 1890, Bacquerel discovered radioactivity inadvertently. He covered the uranium salt by using thick black paper and put it on the photographic plate. And then he put it into the drawer without exposed it to sunlight first. A few days later he found that the photographic plate became dark. He speculated that the radiation is stronger than the X ray.

Antoine Henri Becquerel


Inventor Figures

Gamma ray is discovered by French chemist and physicist, Paul Ulrich Villard  in 1900 while studying the radiation emanating from Radium, Polonium and Uranium. He finds that gamma-ray can not be deflected by magnetic fields.

Paul Ulrich Villard


Inventor Figures

In 1914, Ernest Rutherford and Edward Andrade showed that gamma rays were a form of electromagnetic radiation by measuring their wavelengths using crystal diffraction. The measured wavelengths were similar to those of X-rays and are very short. It was Ernest Rutherford who named gamma rays.

Ernest Rutherford

Edward Neville da Costa Andrade

characteristic of gamma ray
Characteristic of gamma ray
  • Radiation of short wavelength and high frequency
  • Not deflected in a magnetic field
  • The greatest energy
  • The strongest penetration

How to Produce Gamma Ray

They are commonly produced by the decay of radioactive materials because of the activity of nucleus such as cobalt-60. And also created by other processes such as supernova explosions, fusion, fission and lightning.

application of gamma ray in daily life
Application of Gamma-Ray in Daily life
  • In industrial section, to find out the structure of metal.
  • In agricultural section, to make a superior seed
  • In nuclear technical, to make an isotop radio 
  • In medical section, for therapy and diagnose
  • In pharmaceutical section, for sterilization
  • Food irradiation
  • In trade section, it is used to control the security of commodity export
gamma ray container scanner1
Gamma Ray Container Scanner
  • This device contains radiation source in which there are cobalt-60, and able to emit radiation at 0.75 curies which can penetrate up to 15–18 cm of steel
  • The radiation is caught by the a vertical tower of gamma detector and then translated by VACIS (Vehicle and Cargo Inspections) software application into an image
  • The image has an extention .tif and can be annotated by a voice file that has and extention .wav
  • And then the image will be analyzed by image analyst
  • Gamma-ray is the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency
  • It produced by the emitted from nucleus of some unstable radioactive atoms.
  • Gamma-ray was discovered by the French chemist and physicist, Paul Ulrich Villard in 1900, when he was reviewing Uranium.
  • The function of gamma-ray is in wide range subject such as medicine, agriculture,weaponry, and trade.