medical coding a system that plays a critical n.
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Medical Billing and Coding PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding

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Medical Billing and Coding

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  1. MEDICAL CODING A system that plays a critical role in modern healthcare operations • Medeye LLC

  2. About Medeye LLC Medeye LLC is a one-stop-shop for all your medical billing and coding requirements. With over 15 years of experience, we have served hundreds of providers. Our clients include solo practices and group practices to large medical centers, hospitals, surgery centers, radiology groups, and pain management centers.

  3. MEDICAL CODING Why Medeye? Medeye LLC has a long and successful history of providing exceptional medical billing services. We have a strong reputation, and our clients are more than satisfied with our services. We have a large staff, which makes us capable of taking on your business's requirements.

  4. Pay as low as 3% of the collected amount • Reduce medical billing costs by up to 50% • Boost revenues by over 20% • Reduce payer denials and rejections • All claims submitted within 24 hours • 100% claims follow-up till claims are paid and closed • No initial or hidden costs Top Reasons to Outsource -

  5. 3,500,000 No. of charts handled in a year 100% Revenue cycle for our clients

  6. Benefits you get - OPERATIONS We can provide end-to-end coding services as your outsourced services partner. CONSULTING We have been providing consulting services for some of our clients to make their operations efficient and help them capture future growth TECHNOLOGY We directly engage with providers to ensure that they are able to derive unprecedented value from our software. CONSULTING We are a global company, collaborating across the spectrum of healthcare space to improve quality of life for healthcare industry.

  7. Advantages of Medical Coding - Clean claims and fewer denials, resulting in improved cash flow with 99% accuracy rate. Well trained, highly skilled and experienced certified medical coders with access to updated coding software Covered by company's privacy policy for HIPAA compliance and other government regulations Enjoy reduced labor costs with improved accuracy through our high-quality operations

  8. About Our Coders - Our coding team works in accordance with the general coding guidelines and updates necessary for reporting CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10 codes with highest level of accuracy and consists of CPC/CPC-H certified coders from AAPC, CCS certified coders from AHIMA and BCHH-C certified with several years of multi-specialty coding experience.

  9. How much will it Cost? Please call our Sales Representative at 877-386-3291 or complete our Request Information form to receive a custom quote on our services.

  10. 877-386-3291