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SAS Institute. Best in France Case Study September 2003 - May 2004 . Presented by Group ES1.h Anna Andreeva, IkSung Heo, Robert Griffith, Viswanathan Parameswar, and Wei Luo. SAS - At a glance. SAS Institute was founded in 1976 at N.C , US.

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sas institute

SAS Institute

Best in France Case Study

September 2003 - May 2004

Presented by Group ES1.h

Anna Andreeva, IkSung Heo, Robert Griffith, Viswanathan Parameswar, and Wei Luo

sas at a glance
SAS - At a glance
  • SAS Institute was founded in 1976 at N.C , US.
  • World’s largest privately held software company
  • 2002 Revenue: $1.18 billion
  • Employees: 9,195 & Offices: 265 worldwide
  • World leader in Business Intelligence Software
  • Consistently features in the top ten among the Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list.
sas products services
SAS - Products/Services

1. Unique industry needs (Automotive, Banking, etc)

2. Different Solution lines (CRM , Human Capital Management, etc)

Self-developed Business Intelligence Software specifically tailored for:

sas business model
SAS - Business Model
  • Software is not sold but leased to its client.
  • Provide clients with free upgrades, increased customer service and accountability.
  • 25% of revenue spent on R&D
sas france
SAS France
  • SAS establishes itself in France in 1983 with 140 employees.
  • 2002 Revenue 55.5 Million Euros
  • 2003 Employee Strength is 290
  • 2000 client sites in France
  • The yearly growth is 25%-32%
sas france contd
SAS France (Contd.)
  • In France SAS mainly provide Marketing and software implementation (service).
  • The French sales contribute towards 5% of global sales.
sas france contd7
SAS France (Contd.)
  • The company's clients are mainly big firms with 1000+ employees – includes 90% of the Fortune 500 companies
  • 40,000 sites worldwide
symbiotic relationship
Symbiotic Relationship

“It is universal policy in the world to lease the products, rather than sell it at one-time. This is due to commitment of long term Clients Relationship.” - SAS

“As a fact, 60-70% clients will extend service from SAS, 90% will continue the contract. The client gets more customer-made service, find more applications and process better with SAS partnership.” - SAS

international outlook
International Outlook
  • ‘Be close to the customers’

90% of SAS Institute customers renew their annual leases, and 70% of these, increases their business.

  • 260 Offices Worldwide

International headquarters in Europe

company values
Company values

Work Environment

  • Employee-centered.
  • Employee interdependence.
  • Spirit of risk-taking.
  • Challenging work.
  • Resource-rich
  • Physical surroundings and facilities
maintaining the values
Maintaining the values
  • “Hire hard” recruitment philosophy.
  • 35-hour workweek.
  • Employee and manager surveys.
  • Compensation system.
  • Role of the leader - ’On the Job’
adaptation to france
Adaptation to France
  • Compensation -Targeted towards long term employment

“ We provide slightly above average salary, a very good working environment (a furnished castle in rural Paris) and something such as gardening, social benefits and holidays. U.S tends to have a higher salary, SAS France tend to provide invisible benefits as to maximize the whole compensation package.” - SAS

“SAS compensation policy is based on the local market, with consideration of over-all benefits to long term employees. We of course will always notice industry HR policies and compensation to make SAS better off” - SAS

adaptation to france contd
Adaptation to France (Contd.)
  • 35 hour week

“Basically we can cope with it. It is not good as it may make company’s biz less competitive” - SAS

  • Low turnover rate

“6% in Fr. Roughly a little lower than industry average. We have long term benefits plan for long term employees, so to keep loyalty of employees.” - SAS

  • The ‘René Descartes’ curve adaptation.
adaptation to france contd15
Adaptation to France (Contd.)
  • Academic Relationships

A unique in-house department called Academic Department that is responsible for maintaining the talent pool to guarantee the long term HR success.

“We have long-term contracts with best local Engineering Ecoles which provide 5 –7 new staff yearly “ - SAS

  • Importance of HR Department – Marketing SAS

To educate future managers in Business Schools. By supporting outside intellectuals, it establishes an image of trust in people’s mind and as a good friend in business information and organization behavior consultancy.

adaptation to france contd16
Adaptation to France (Contd.)
  • French Culture

The French prefer long-term stability, warm personal network, pleasing environment and good balance between life and work, (c’est la vie rose!) , which exactly fits SAS’s character.

  • Performance evaluation

“We are continuously improving our performance evaluation system now - From defining the job function, co-development/ employee education, timely evaluation to improvement “ - SAS

  • Constraints which may threaten other industries did not bother SAS France too much, as it consider less on local Capital demands, working union issue for enterprises with large number of employees, language and culture difference (it has a universal platform and culture for software industry).
  • French government could provide more flexible work rules to increase business efficiency.
  • Long term and intimate HR policy works very well in France, but may not fit highly mobile and dynamic jobs.
conclusions contd
Conclusions (Contd)
  • HR can be a powerful marketing tool - Educating and influencing potential customers.
  • French way of life and work may contribute to certain kind of business or countries (SAS France is expanding in French-speaking African Countries).
  • SAS’s success (30% yearly growth) in France was partly due to its unique business model (products by lease ),right market niche (big enterprises need fit and precise understanding of business to perform swiftly), sound quality of products and its passion towards win-win arrangement with customers.
we thank
We Thank

Anne Cosyn, HR Director, SAS France

Ariane Sioufi , Academic Manager, SAS France.

Daniel Deldrge, General director of Sales, SAS France.

Elisabeth Eieglen, Communication Manager, SAS France.

  • Wharton Work studies
  • Stanford University studies