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Reviewed By Tierney Salmon

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Reviewed By Tierney Salmon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reviewed By Tierney Salmon
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  1. Books Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close By Jonathan SafranFoer Reviewed By Tierney Salmon Tragedy is an emotion that an average person has a hard time dealing with, but when it comes to Oskar Schell, a nine year old boy dealing with his father’s death he manages in the best way that autistic child can. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a novel about a boy who is on a mission to find answers about his father. The novel is told from a child’s stream of consciousness, the author, Jonathan SafranFoer, uses this particular writing style that keeps the reader interested. The plot is focused on Oskar’s journey to find a lock that key found in vase owned by his late father. Although is it based around this quest Oskar goes on seems rather unimportant to why this story is so good. Oskar’s interactions with the other characters in the novel are what make this story so attention-grabbing. The conversations that Oskar has with the many different people make the novel intriguing. Also Oskar is a very funny character and his statements are always amusing. The novels end although did leave a reader quiet disappointed but not surprised. When it comes down to it? Is it worth the read? Yes, because it was one book that when reading you could definitely connect with the main character. The book can be read in different ways which make it fun, it doesn’t have very hard language so it can be a quick read or you can really get some life lessons out of it if you think of the way in which Oskar goes through losing someone. This is a novel that I would recommend people to read, these people should although have a sense of humor to really appreciate it. Also by this author