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OCS Systems

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OCS Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OCS Systems. OCS SA OCS On Account. Photocopy Accounting Computer Print Accounting. OCS On Account / Real Estate. Track and bill printer and/or copier use OCS offers 2 systems OCS SA: basic accounting – basic reporting for printing only

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OCS Systems

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OCS Systems


OCS On Account

  • Photocopy Accounting
  • Computer Print Accounting
ocs on account real estate
OCS On Account / Real Estate
  • Track and bill printer and/or copier use
  • OCS offers 2 systems
      • OCS SA: basic accounting – basic reporting for printing only
      • OCS On Account : Creates invoices allows for print and copy control.
        • On Account – all transactions for copies and prints are centralized
        • On Account create invoices directly from OCS
        • Upload reports to other database for billing
when someone prints

Users need to enter some ID information.

All fields are optional and can be removed or edited.

The user confirms printing and then releases the jobs to the print directly.

When someone prints


The realtor enters in a account code to photocopy. The NTS is plugged into the network via Ethernet and the accounting is done on a central PC.

basic technical information
Basic Technical Information
  • OCS On Account requires
      • Less that 8 PCs – One computer with NT, 2000 or XP (workstation version) other PCs can be windows 95 or better
      • Greater than 10 PCs – One computer with NT,2000 or XP server
  • OCS SA requires
      • PCs with windows 95 or better
      • No real-time copy control (NTS) but stand alone keypad systems are available
the user database
The user database

Each users name, password and other billing information including account history can be viewed.

The database can be created via import file or manually.

ocs report manager
OCS Report Manager

OCS offers several reports and invoices as well as a complete audit history in comma delimited format.

sample report
Sample Report
  • One of many reports OCS can generate.
  • This one show the account name, the date ,the number of pages and costs
contact information
Contact information

US Sales

  • 607 539 7434

International Sales

  • 905-828-9706