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Development of the Case Handyman Remodeling Consultant

Finding Recruiting Interviewing. Pre-Start Orientation Training. Assessing your needs. Managing and Monitoring. Motivating and Growing. Development of the Case Handyman Remodeling Consultant. Sales Management A to Z. Introduction Development of the Case Handyman Remodeling Consultant

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Development of the Case Handyman Remodeling Consultant

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  1. Finding Recruiting Interviewing Pre-Start Orientation Training Assessing your needs Managing and Monitoring Motivating and Growing Development of the Case Handyman Remodeling Consultant

  2. Sales Management A to Z • Introduction • Development of the Case Handyman Remodeling Consultant • Don’ts of Sales Training • Case Studies

  3. Introduction • It is the job of a sales manager to recruit, train and develop salespeople. • The sales manager accomplishes this by taking different personalities and molding them into a solid, efficient sales team.

  4. Introduction (con’t) • The sales manager manages by personal example and sustains high performance through motivation and providing on going challenges. • It is through this genuine concern that sales managers make their biggest impact on the growth of their team and the success of their business.

  5. What is my plan for growth? What is my turnover rate? Do I have proper back up if someone is hurt or leaves? Leads – Projected vs. Actual Sales – Projected vs. Actual Lead Time – Short vs. Ideal vs. Long Assessing Your Needs Some Key Questions Key Indicators

  6. Who is the Case Handyman Remodeling Consultant? • The Case Handyman Services Remodeling Consultant (RC) is a unique individual, their responsibilities require them to be multi-talented in both Production and Sales. • The RC”s main function is to stimulate sales activity and to generate business and clients. • The RC’s secondary function is to support and aid in production.

  7. What are the Characteristics of a Successful Case Remodeling Consultant? • Sales Aptitude – The successful salesperson should have a profile which is McQuaig recommended. • A proven track record of successful sales. • Manageable. • Empathetic.

  8. Characteristics of a Remodeling Consultant (con’t) • Team player • Good work ethic • The Right Look” • Computer literate • Articulate • Passion • Risk tolerance (avg.+) (commission) • Open to learning the Case processes

  9. Characteristics of a Remodeling Consultant(con’t) • Competitive/aggressive • Good People skills • Married/children(stability) • Age • Good communicator/listener • Flexible • Honest

  10. Characteristics of a Remodeling Consultant (con’t) • Confident • Not afraid to talk money • Sophisticated • Thorough • Committed • Understands goals • Ability to evaluate himself

  11. Characteristics of a Remodeling Consultant (con’t) • 10-year remodeling/construction experience • Can build a project in the head • Has worked for themselves in the construction industry • Held a position of leadership • Design/drawing skills

  12. Job Description of the Remodeling Consultant • Reports directly to the Owner/Sales Manager/Team Leader. • Communicates well with production and administrative staff to ensure project flow. • Maintains close relationship with vendors and subcontractors. • Knows how to prospect

  13. Job Description of the Remodeling Consultant (con’t) • Maintains company vehicle • Meets with prospective clients to facilitate projects and provide solutions • Attends home shows • Works sufficient hours to meet performance quotas

  14. Job Description of the Remodeling Consultant (con’t) • Understands and utilizes the Production Process. • Knows and understands CJES. • Estimates projects at a 50%GP. • Understands and perfects the Sales Process.

  15. Job Description of the Remodeling Consultant (con’t) • What are some other job descriptions you can think of?

  16. Finding the Right Team Members • Networking with suppliers • Networking with subs • Networking with team members (bonus program) • Vehicle Signs • Career Brochures • Newspaper Ads • Open Houses • Internet • Your Web Site • Letters to small remodelers • ___________________________

  17. Deciding to hire or not? The Interviewing Process Finding the “right” team members The Recruitment Process

  18. The Phone Interview The Interviewing Process • Goal: Not to hire, only to qualify • Key Questions • Are you currently employed? • Why are you seeking employment? • Do you have reliable transportation? • What tools do you have? • Tell me about your computer skills. • What attracted you to call? • What are you current wages and what are you seeking? • What is your time frame? • Use the phone application form • Resumes or work history • How to set up an interview • At your office (block out 2 hours) • Specific time during business hours • Set agenda/expectations

  19. Interview Process (con’t) The Face to Face Interview • Prepare (forms, presentation book, pens) • Review phone application • Thank them for being on time • Ask simple questions to make them feel comfortable • Meet in a quiet place (phone off) • Ask for resume • Set agenda/process • Interviewing questions (open-ended) • Talk 20%, listen 80% • Ask them to fill out application and background check form (leave the room).

  20. Face to Face (con’t) • Reflect and prepare additional questions • Look at completed application • Discuss job history • Ask applicant, “What are you looking for?” • Presentation book (20 minutes) • Watch body language • Ask yourself 3 questions • Can they do the job? • Will they do the job? • Will they fit?

  21. How to decide! • 3 questions (Can they? Will they? Fit?) • McQuaig survey • When in doubt, satisfy yourself first • Call former employer • Review qualifications • Their history of job changes ? • Call references • Second interview, if in doubt • Bring in someone else to interview them • Ask….Are the looking for a job or a career ?

  22. The Hiring & Recruiting Process • Identify/Develop Need and Prepare For Search • Know Your Sales Projections • Know Your Lead Flow • Cannot Hire For Tomorrow • Have Recruitment Tools • Begin Search • Ads In Newspaper • Networking • Look Within Company • Send Resume • Phone Screening • Saves Time • Interview Only Qualified Applicants • Schedule Interviews • Second Interview • Have Second Person Assist • Probe Deeper Into Skills, Ambitions, etc. • Present Opportunity And Sell Case • First Interview • Fill Out Application • Evaluate Appearance • Ask Open-Ended Questions • Review Background and Experience Including Computer • Qualified Applicant • McQuaig Survey • RC Knowledge Survey • Background Check • Reference Check • Hire – YES! • Offer Letter • Schedule Start Date • Paperwork • Initial Training • HPT!

  23. Pre-Start • Send welcome letter (ask for them to sign off) • Confirm start date • Communicate to your team • Prepare for arrival (attire, computer, phone, etc.) • First impression is important ! • Map out calendar of first week • Communicate agenda to new team members along with suggestions of things they can do to prepare for first day

  24. Summary • Define who he/she is? • Understand the Characteristics • Know the Job Description • The Recruiting and Hiring Process • Pre-Handyman Process Training • Post Handyman Process Training • Monitoring, Measuring and Motivating

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