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Medical Marijuana: Myth or Reality - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When everybody else is talking about medical marijuana and its benefits, you should do your own readings too, in case it has something helpful to offer. Read the document and know the facts, myths and reality behind medical marijuana.

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Medical marijuana myth or reality


Medical Marijuana: Myth or Reality?

So, when everybody else is talking about medical marijuana and its benefits, you should do your own readings too, in

case it has something helpful to offer. Cannabis came into medicine after mainstream medicines sold at pharmacies

went belly up in addressing certain ailments in patients. They moved to alternate medicines hopeful to find a cure.

Medical cannabis came out from the underbelly of demand for a natural cure that is less strong a curative than

chemical drugs. Now, not everybody holds weed with their highest regard, and when it comes to taking it as a

medicine, it gets controversial. Medicine weeds did poke at and turn over a few controversies, but the benefits of

this medication were too high to be undermined.

What Maladies can Medical Marijuana Treat?

Science has made a momentous progress in the medicinal pot treatment regime. It is not just a campaign, or a mood

among the people, but a real solution to a variety of diseases. It is astounding how effective a remedial it has proven

to be against countless benign and terminal diseases. Doctors started off by prescribing it as a natural sedative to

alleviate pain in patients. Headaches caused by migraine, acute pain and suffering caused by cancer, pain and

discomfort arising from arthritis, pain emanating from a site of injury, etc., were and still are spot-on treated with

the help medicinal marijuana. Soon, the team of some medical marijuana doctors in Toronto saw possibilities in

other diseases, and eventually it came to be recommended as a highly effective remedial to muscle spasms,

fibromyalgia, nerve pains, Crohn’s disease, seizures, anxiety, Parkinson Disease, glaucoma and an array of other

severe disorders.

How Does it Work Chemically?

Its functionalism has been a subject of scrutiny among doctors as well as patients. So, how does it work in human

bodies to deliver patients from these very dissimilar and unrelated diseases? No, they are not prescribed for their

hallucinogenic properties, in case you are wondering. Our body has a natural production level of cannabinoid

compounds. These compounds are found in appropriate quantities in pain, inflammation and other conditions with

similar symptoms. Marijuana supplies the body with those compounds thus bringing symmetry to the levels. It also

helps the fluids and chemicals of the body to work better than in its natural condition.

In What Form is it Prescribed?

Medical weed treatment in Toronto is administered in different forms and doses, depending upon the state of the

condition. It is smoked, ingested in forms of candies and cookies, vaporized after active heating and also taken in

tincture form. Cannabis in each of its state has a different strength. However, a doctor written prescription doesn’t

have dosage recommended to the point of abuse or to stimulate hallucination in the patients.

Some of the marijuana medicines are FDA approved and others are on the line. This mode of treatment is widely

approved in Ontario because of its potency and purity. However, people with heart conditions and pregnant women

are not the best subjects for this treatment.


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