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Student Awards

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Student Awards. Undergraduate. Student Awards. Aimee Bobko Amber Langston Alexandra Rybczynska (Advisor: John Hetling). UIC EXPO 2012 1st place Medical and Dental Devices Sara Lee Award for Environmental and Human Sustainability.

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Student Awards

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    1. Student Awards

    2. Undergraduate Student Awards Aimee Bobko Amber Langston Alexandra Rybczynska(Advisor: John Hetling) • UIC EXPO 2012 • 1st place Medical and Dental Devices • Sara Lee Award for Environmental and Human Sustainability Mechanically Powered Nebulizers for the Treatment of Respiratory Diseases in the Developing World (This group of BioE women continues to add to their long list of awards around the country.)

    3. Undergraduate Student Awards Vishal Krishna Varma Inducted as a member of the Activities Honor Society This prestigious honor society was founded 63 years ago at Navy Pier to recognize student leaders who contribute to campus life through their involvement in student organizations in an exemplary way.

    4. Undergraduate Student Awards EDT Sweeps at 26th Jerry Sanders Design Competition Competing against 20 engineering student robotics teams from 4 Midwest universities The most-winning school: UICFirst, Second Place and Demolition Champion.

    5. Graduate Student Awards Thomas Marrinan Ian Gould Chih-Yang Hsu(Advisor: Andreas Linninger) Best Poster Honorable Mention for SciVis 2012VisWeek 2012 Seattle WA, USA Whole-Brain Vascular Reconstruction, Simulation, and Visualization

    6. Graduate Student Awards Hugo Caicedo Fellowship for the 2012 NSFSummer Institute on Materiomics at MIT Distinguished PhD Student speakerAdvanced Study Institute on Global Healthcare Challenges in Turkey on July, 2012 1st place in Bioengineering Oral Presenation (graduate level)2012 Spring Symposium & student research conference in STEM

    7. Graduate Student Awards Arman Butt ProsthodonticsGroup Student ResearchFellowship Award 2012 International Association for Dental Research

    8. Graduate Student Awards Fall 2012 Chancellor's Graduate Multi-disciplinary Research Fellowship Graduate Student Presenter Award • Farnaz Abdollahi

    9. Graduate Student Awards Gerardo Mauleon Fall 2012 Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship

    10. Update on Selected News & Faculty Awards(Since October 2012)

    11. Faculty Awards 2012 University Scholar Awards Michael ChoBioE

    12. Faculty Awards 2012 College of Engineering Teaching Award Michael ChoBioE

    13. Faculty Awards 2012 College of Engineering Advising Award Jim PattonBioE

    14. Faculty Awards College of Medicine Departmental Faculty of the Year Award Jie LiangThis is a new tradition that Dean Azar has just started. Each year one faculty member from each department in the College of Medicine will be recognized with this award. 19 of the 26 departments in the COM participated this year. Present at the ceremony in Moss Auditorium were recipients, department heads, members of the COM Dean's office and some recipient's families.

    15. Faculty News Professor Hetling’s patent featured in Scientific American “Apparatus and Methods for Mapping Retinal Function” (US 8,118,752).May 2012 issue. John Hetling

    16. Staff Awards 2012 UIC Award of Merit Lukasz ZientaraLab Support Specialist, Website Manager, IT Department, Safety Officer, Mr. Fix-it, Trade Union liaison, etc.

    17. Faculty Search Ongoing faculty search to expand department per growth plan under new COE/COM arrangement. • Two Lines filled in FY13: Associate Professor Ao Ma, Assistant Professor Dieter Klatt. (both started Jan. 1, 2013, and already bringing in grants). • Search in progress to fill two lines in FY14, 1 line in FY15 • Over 300 applicants to Search Ad this past Fall 2012. • Interviewed 12 in Jan-March 2013. Some stats on these 12: • - 6 are women • - 3 are URMs • - 4 have NIH K99/R00 grants - would join us with up to $750K in NIH funding • - 1 has NIH K12 grant - would join us with $250K in NIH funding • - 2 are mid-career and would transfer substantial research operations • Draft offers are out to 3.5 (one is a joint recruit with another dept). All of these have multiple offers from prestigious schools.

    18. Events

    19. Welcome to UIC Bioengineering, Assistant Professor Dieter Klatt The UIC Department of Bioengineering welcomes Dr. Dieter Klatt as a new tenure-track assistant professor as of January 2013. Dr. Klatt is also the Academic Director of the new 9.4 Tesla 30 cm bore MRI system, managed by the Research Resources Center. Dr. Klatt received his PhD in Physics in2010 from the Humboldt University & Charité University of Medicine in Berlin. There he worked with one of the leading groups in the emerging area of Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE). During his PhD and a brief post-doc period in Berlin Dr. Klatt authored 19 archival journal publications and more than 50 conference publications, mainly focused on application of MRE to detecting diseases and injuries of the brain, heart and liver. 19

    20. Welcome to UIC Bioengineering, Associate Professor Ao Ma The UIC Department of Bioengineering welcomes Dr. Ao Ma as a tenured associate professor as of January 2013. He is joining us from Einstein College of Medicine where he was an assistant professor. Dr. Ma received his PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from Brown, followed by a post-doc at the University of Chicago before joining Einstein. Dr. Ma is in the computational biophysics and systems biology area and joins our growing group in bioinformatics. He has made contributions to our understanding of mitotic spindle function, as well as kinesin, microtubule, and molecular motor behavior. He has authored more than 30 archival journal publications and has been an organizer and presenter at prestigious Gordon conferences multiple times. Dr. Ma is currently PI on 2 major NIH R01 grants. 20

    21. New Grants (selected) Since October 2012

    22. New Grants Todd Kuiken RICTom Royston Development of a Neural Interface for Powered Lower Limb ProsthesesRehabilitation Inst. of Chicago$14,811 (01/01/13 - 05/15/13)

    23. New Grants Andrew Larson NUTom Royston SIR Foundation Grant for (Yue Zhang) in Support of "MRI for Intra-Procedural Mojitoring During Irreversible Electroporation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma"Northwestern University$12,500 (01/01/13 - 05/15/13)

    24. New Grants • Andreas LinningerEAGER: Computational Investigation of the Distributed Decentralized Control of Cerebral Blood FlowNational Science Foundation$70,000 (01/01/13 - 12/31/14) • An Obstruction Sensor with a Non Surgical Clearance SystemPediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation$7,300 (01/17/13 - 12/31/13)

    25. New Grants • Andreas LinningerBedside Cerebrospinal Fluid Monitor and Control SystemSystems Science Inc.$114,715 (09/01/11 - 08/31/13)

    26. New Grants Dave Eddington Jalees Rehman UIC CardiologyIDBR-B: Precise Oxygen Landscapes for Cells and Tissues in CultureNational Science Foundation$597,850 (06/01/13 - 05/31/16)

    27. New Grants Jim PattonMachines Assisting Recovery from Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury for Reintegration into Society (MARSs)Rehabilitation Inst. of Chicago $37,536 (10/01/12 - 09/30/13)

    28. New Grants Richard MaginOrthopaedic Research FundRush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center$95,390 (08/16/11 - 08/15/12)

    29. New Grants Ao MaPhosphoregulation of the Kinesin Motor Domain: Structure, Dynamic and FunctionAlbert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University$33,866 (01/01/13 - 04/30/13)

    30. New Grants D. Lewandowski (PI, Physiology & Biophysics)R. J. Solaro (Co-PI, Physiology & Biophysics)Tom Royston (Co-PI)Gender Effects on Remodeling of Lipid and Sarcomere Dynamics in HypertrophyNational Heart Lung & Blood Inst.$2,186,108 (01/15/13 - 11/30/16)

    31. New Grants Irena Levitan (COM PI)Michael Cho Richard Minshall (COM Co-PI)Papasani Subbaiah (COM Co-PI)Impact Of Dyslipidemia On Endothelial BiomechanicsNational Heart Lung & Blood Inst.$2,744,290 (07/01/12 - 04/30/17)

    32. New Grants Xiaofeng Zhou (COM PI)Yang Dai (Co-PI)Joel Schwartz (COM Co-PI)Antonia Kolokythas (COM Co-PI)MicroRNA Determinants of Oral Cancer DetectionNatl. Cancer Institute at the NIH$139,563 (04/01/13 - 03/31/15)

    33. New Grants Cortino Sukotjo (PI, Dentistry)Christos Takoudis (Co-PI)Arman Butt (Co-PI)Novel Ti-V (Ti90A16V4) Surface Modified by Chemical Vapor Deposited TiO2 Coating and TiO2 NanotubesIntl. Assn. for Dental Research$3,000 (07/01/12 - 06/30/13)