welcome to colina s curriculum night n.
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Welcome to Colina’s Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Colina’s Curriculum Night

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Welcome to Colina’s Curriculum Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Colina’s Curriculum Night. Feel free to take a look at our bioglyphs in the hall and try to identify your student’s work based on the clues!

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welcome to colina s curriculum night

Welcome to Colina’s Curriculum Night

Feel free to take a look at our bioglyphs in the hall and try to identify your student’s work based on the clues!

After you find your student’s desk, please take a moment to fill out the parent survey. Next, open your student’s envelope and compare your answers.

  • About me
  • Class schedule, classroom expectations, and homework policy.
  • Changes in curriculum due to adoption of Common Core Standards
  • Resources used to teach the common core standards
  • Parent information links regarding common core standards.
a typical day in the 4th grade
  • Planner’s and announcements
  • Math and Math IFG’s
  • Specials – P.E., Library, Computer Lab, Art and Music.
  • Science, Social Studies, and Health
  • Recess and Lunch
  • Language Arts: Reading, Writing,

Listening, Speaking, Literature

grading scale
Grading Scale
  • 90%-100% A
  • 89% – 80% B
  • 79%-70% C
  • 69%-60% D
  • Below 60% Failing
  • Students scoring below 60% will be given the opportunity to work with a teacher during Friday study hall and will repeat the assignment.
student responsibilities
Student Responsibilities
  • Love and Logic
  • In this classroom, we do not cause a problem for ourselves or others.
  • Students are responsible for their own learning.
weekly completion sheet
Weekly Completion Sheet

Students will bring home a progress report each Monday. The progress report will summarize the academic and behavior progress made by your student that week.

Please look for the progress reports each Monday in your student’s take home folder, sign, and return the following day.

  • Homework will be sent home on Monday and due by the following Friday morning.
  • Homework teaches responsibility and time management.
  • Homework will include math, reading, writing, grammar and typing assignments.
  • Healthy snacks include crackers, cheese, goldfish, cheerios, fruit snacks, etc.
  • Your student is encouraged to bring a water bottle with his/her name on it. No colored or flavored water, juices, or sodas for snack.
  • Celebrations of individual birthdays are not permitted in classrooms or on campus.
positive reinforcement
Positive reinforcement
  • Praise
  • Participate in Friday Fuzzy
  • Positive note or phone call home
behavior consequences
Behavior Consequences
  • Warning
  • Mental Meeting
  • Loss of Recess
  • Loss of Friday Fuzzy
  • Phone call home from student
common core state standards
Common Core State Standards
  • The common core state standards were released in 2010. Now, 48 states are working to implement them by 2013-2014. (www.education.com)
  • The common core standards were designed with the workplace in mind. So, students will be working on taking the role of scientists, historians, researchers, and more.
changes to language arts
Changes to Language Arts
  • As the common core is implemented, students will be expected to read more difficult text sooner, and discuss what they read at a more complex level. For example, instead of pulling out individual text elements, such as characters, plot, and setting, students will be reading or listening to various stories, and will compare stories using their understanding of text elements. (www.education.com)
  • There will be a shift to 50% literature and 50% informational text.
language arts
Language Arts
  • In Language Arts, we will continue to use the Harcourt series text books, thinking maps, and to teach the Common Core State Standards.
  • In reading the focus will be on understanding and analyzing more difficult text.
  • “Students should be able to read like detectives and write like investigative reporters” – David Coleman
the shift in mathematics
The Shift in Mathematics
  • Heavily focused on problem solving and quantitative reasoning (applying mathematical concepts and skills to solve real world problems).
  • K-5 focus is on number and operations
  • We have 60 minutes for math and 30 minutes for Instruction Focus Groups in the morning.
  • Our resources include the Scott Foreman series text books and the Investigation series.
changes to assessments
Changes to Assessments
  • Compared to current achievement tests, common core assessments will likely be more difficult. Ideally, instead of multiple choice tests, students will be analyzing and synthesizing information, writing essay responses, and answering in-depth questions to show how much they understand.
  • Partnership for Assessment of Readiness For College and Careers (PARCC) assessments will eventually replace AIMS
  • (www.education.com)
science social studies and health
Science, Social Studies, and Health
  • Reading and Writing will be heavily integrated with Science, Social Studies, and Health in order to meet the Common Core State Standards.
  • Emphasis will be placed on

analyzing and synthesizing the

text in our Science, Social Studies,

and Health resources.

  • Students will use this informational

text to me more informed about

the world around them.

social studies
Social Studies
  • We use the Harcourt series text books as a resource.
  • Fourth grade focus is on Arizona history.
    • Native Americans
    • Government
    • Map Skills
    • Landforms
    • Geography
  • We use the Harcourt Health series text books.
    • Life Management Skills
    • Personal Health and Hygiene
    • Safety and Injury Prevention
    • Nutrition
    • Human Growth and Development
  • In Science, we use Foss Science Kits to guide our instruction. The 4th grade focus includes:
    • The Scientific Process
    • Magnetism and Electricity
    • Water and Erosion
    • Animal Adaptations
    • Renewable and Non-renewable Resources

I believe that frequent contact between teacher and parent is key to the success of all students.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns.

My voicemail is 480-783-2645

My e-mail (preferred) is gkaise@kyrene.org

This information is listed on your curriculum night phamplet

thank you
Thank you

Thank you for attending

Colina’s 2013-2014 curriculum night.