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Decision Making Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Decision Making Skills

Decision Making Skills

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Decision Making Skills

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  1. Decision Making Skills

  2. Do Now • Write down 3 important decisions that you made in the last year. • Analyze that decision • what were the results? • What were your other possible options? • Was it a good decision? • Would you change your decision, and why?

  3. Types of Decisions • No Decision: Letting others decide for you. • Snap Decision: Quick choice with no thought or consideration about the result. • Responsible Decision: Consider others and your future when making a decision.

  4. Think of 5 for each Type

  5. Types of Decision Making Styles • Inactive: someone who fails to make choices. This person procrastinates until one option simply plays itself out and no decision is every made. This type of person has less self-confidence and feel a lack of control when it comes to their future. • Reactive: someone who allows peers, parents, siblings, etc. to make decisions for them. This type of person is easily influenced, falls into peer pressure, have a need to be liked, and have lower self-esteem. • Proactive: someone who follows steps to making responsible decisions and is aware of consequences. This type of person feels empowered and in control of their destiny.

  6. What's Your Motto when making decisions? • Impulsive: You give little thought or examination to the issues/possibilities. • Motto: Don’t look, just leap • Fatalistic: You let the environment decide and leave it up to fate. • Motto: Its out of my hands • Compliant: You allow someone else to decide. You offer no options and just go with someone else's plans. • Motto: It doesn’t matter to me…..whatever you say. • Delaying: You tend to postpone thoughts and actions. • Motto: What's the rush • Agonizing: You get lost in the data and overwhelmed • Motto: I don’t know what to do • Planning: You use a procedure so that the chances of reaching a satisfying result are increased. • Motto: Lets look at the big picture • Intuitive: You tend to go with your gut, intuition, or feelings. • Motto: It just feels like the right thing to do. • Paralysis: You decide to accept responsibility but are unable to do anything about it. • Motto: I am throwing in the towel

  7. Steps to making responsible decisions • State the Situation • List all the options • Weigh all the outcomes. • HELP: Healthful, Ethical, Legal, and Parental Approval • Consider values. • Make a decision. • Evaluate decision and results.

  8. Snap Decision Activity • Line up in a straight line. • If you agree with the statement take 1 step forward. • If you disagree with the statement take 1 step back.

  9. Forced Choice Activity • After listening to a statement, simply choose one of the following • Strongly Agree • Agree • Disagree • Strongly Disagree

  10. Responsible Decision Making Activity • Go through the decision making process, in detail, in order to make the most responsible decision as a group. • Considerations • This is a group decision, so you may have varying opinions on what your final decision is. • Think about how you would go about this if it was an individual decision instead of group decision.