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No bellwork today!

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No bellwork today! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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No bellwork today!. You have the first five minutes of class to meet with your group & finish your preparation for the “Blame Game”

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no bellwork today
No bellwork today!
  • You have the first five minutes of class to meet with your group & finish your preparation for the “Blame Game”
    • Remember to make specific references to your country’s involvement in short/long term causes, responsibility for the beginning of the war, their acts of aggression, lack of prevention of war, and historians arguments
western front
Western Front
  • English Channel – Swiss Alps (198 miles)
  • After declarations of war in July-August 1914, governments made their opening moves:
    • A-H opened fire on Serbia
    • Russia mobilized
    • Britain prepared its forces
    • Schlieffen Plan - Germany
  • Failures were followed by a “race to the sea,” which resulted in construction of trenches  STALEMATE!
eastern front
Eastern Front
  • Russia, Austria-Hungary, Turkey
  • After Russia mobilized quickly, Germany had to divert troops East
  • Limited success
  • Pattern  Russians could defeat Austrians, but not the Germans, and Germans had to keep coming to aide of Austrians
  • Russia’s position worsened once Turkey joined (cut main supply route through the Dardanelles)
diversionary fronts
Diversionary Fronts
  • Balkan Front
    • Bulgaria joins; Allies launch offensive
  • Italian Front
    • Placed heavy burden on Austrians (deploy ½ of forces)
  • Turkey & Middle East Fronts
    • Allies attempt to force Turkish surrender  aide Russia!
  • War in Colonial Territories

Western Front

Eastern Front

Pages 45-48

  • Pages 39-42
bellwork 4 9
  • Why did the Schlieffen Plan fail? List four reasons!
  • Summarize Germany’s war aims.
  • How was war fought on the Western front? Why did this lead to a stalemate?
  • Evaluate Russia’s fighting strategy on the Eastern front. Was it effective? Why or why not?
  • Evaluate the Allied fighting strategy on the Eastern front. Was it effective? Why or why not? (Make specific reference to Turkey!)
  • THINKER: Analyze the political cartoon on page 41. What is the message of this cartoon? What does it reveal about the way in which WWI was fought on the Western front?
homework how was wwi fought
HOMEWORK: How was WWI fought?
  • Pages 49-57
  • Focus notes/annotations on fighting strategies:
    • War on Land
      • Conditions
      • Development of new weapons
    • War at Sea
      • Germany’s use of U-Boats
      • Naval blockades
    • War in the Air
      • Bombing campaigns
  • It might be helpful to consider the review activity on page 58
video shellshock
Video: Shellshock
  • Today you will watch the episode “shellshock” from the series, The Century: America’s Time.
  • This episode focuses on the path to WWI, fighting on the Western front, new weapons & US involvement.
  • As we watch, take notes on:
    • US neutrality & involvement
    • Important battles
    • New fighting tactics, weapons, strategies
    • Social/cultural impact of WWI
    • Russian involvement