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BROOKLYN. “Where New York City Begins!”. “FUGHEDDABOUDIT!” History…. Brooklyn was founded by the Dutch in the 17th Century. The Americans got destroyed in the Battle of Brooklyn during the American Revolution. It was annexed by New York City in 1898.

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“Where New York City Begins!”




  • Brooklyn was founded by the Dutch in the 17th Century.

  • The Americans got destroyed in the Battle of Brooklyn during the American Revolution.

  • It was annexed by New York City in 1898.

Home to everyone from everywhere demographics
“Home to Everyone From Everywhere!”Demographics…

  • Brooklyn is home to around 2.5 million people.

  • 41% White, 36% African American, 20% Hispanic and 8% Asian.

  • The Average Household Income is around $32,000.

  • 20% of individuals live below the poverty line compared to 25% in the 1980’s.

Name it we got it government
“Name it…We Got it.”Government…

  • The Boroughs of New York City are all counties in New York State.

  • New York City has one mayor under the “strong-mayor” system.

  • Until 15 years ago Borough Presidents were apart of the city’s Board of Estimate.

  • Now borough presidents help advise the mayor on important issues.

  • A borough president’s budget can be used to initiate projects.

  • The BP can review land use proposals.

  • Borough Presidents can weigh in on development projects, “name a member of the city planning commission, and fill the seats at all the borough's community boards.” (Jarett)

Oy vey the atlantic shipyards proposal
“Oy Vey!”The Atlantic Shipyards Proposal…

  • A 3.5 billion dollar proposal by the Developer Forest City Ratner Companies.

  • Obtain the NJ Nets.

  • 16 new buildings, 20,500 seat stadium, 21 acres of public space. Create affordable housing and office space.

  • New hotel surrounded by vast open space.

  • Designed by world renowned architects Frank Gehry and Laurie Olin.

  • The FCRC is working with local community leaders to help local concerns.

Not just a borough an experience supporters
“Not Just A Borough, An Experience.”Supporters…

  • Supporters of the proposal include Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Congressman Edolphus Towns, Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, Congressman Anthony Weiner, Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

  • The Empire State Development Corporation is overseeing the proposal.

How sweet it is what this means for brooklyn
“How Sweet it is!”What this means for Brooklyn…

  • Creates 6,800 units of housing.

  • 18,000 jobs created.

  • Jobs would also be created during the project.

  • The project would knit the separated communities of Brooklyn together.

  • The project would bring many people into the borough.

  • Get rid of hazardous buildings.

  • Would allow Brooklyn to distinguish itself from other boroughs.

Like no other place in the world problems with the proposal
“Like No Other Place In The World!”Problems with the Proposal…

  • Traffic.

  • Is the new housing actually going to be affordable?

  • What to do with the dislocated people.

  • No new schools but lots of new people.

  • Overcrowded.

Believe the hype comparison to ancient athens
“Believe The Hype!”Comparison to Ancient Athens…

  • The project would create many jobs just as the development of the Acropolis did in Athens.

  • Both projects inspire Nationalism and civic pride in the community.

  • The projects were both decided on by the leaders and not voted on in a direct democracy.

Brooklyn s in the house comparison to saratoga springs
“Brooklyn’s in the House!”Comparison to Saratoga Springs…


  • Decided on in a democratic fashion.

  • Based on a growing community that is becoming for successful everyday.

  • SS Mayor is not powerful enough to simply implement such a large change.

  • Information sessions.


  • Not voted on by the public.

  • Focus is on an extremely diverse and changing environment.

  • The decision was not solely made by the borough president or NYC mayor.

  • Public hearings held.






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