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  2. Bullets of knowledge • Title: The Secret School • Author: Avi • Genre: Historic Fiction • Protagonist: Ida Bidson/Miss Bidson • Antagonist: Mr. Jordan and the Elk Valley School Board[Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Morris, and Mr. Plumstead] • Type of Conflict: man vs. society • Setting: Elk Valley • Theme: courage

  3. SUMMARY In this wonder of a book, Ida Bidson finds herself facing a terrible problem. She wants to be a teacher so bad but, that can’t happen now or can it. Ida school is shut down because her old teacher, Miss Fletcher, has to go take care of her mother whose health is not doing so well. If not bad enough the school board does not want to replace the teacher with the year coming to an end on such a short notice. So she, and all the other students, decide that Ida Bidson will become there new teacher. Soon enough the parents start to find out. One doesn’t like that idea at all so he complains that to the school board that they need to shut down the school. The kids will not let this happen for they have to take a test in the next two upcoming weeks so they can all go to the next grade level. Ida gets news that there will be a school board meeting on whether or not to keep the school open. Ida goes and spreads the news with the help of her best friend, Tom. Everyone arrives to the meeting with nerves of excitement. It all boils down to that the board of ed. wants to have 5 min. of alone time to talk. When they come back they say that the school shall be open for 2 more weeks so they can take the test! The last day of school the students take the test they ALL leave with excitement in them. A couple of days later Ida gets her test scores. She careful opens it and its says that she has PASSED!

  4. Recommendation The Secret School I loved this book with all my might it was IMPOSSIBLE to put down. You see I don’t usual like books like this but, this one spoke to me like “read me, read me!" Just ask me and you can read it because it was radical to the max!

  5. THE END! (hope you liked it as much as I did)