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hp procurve networking business. agenda. hp procurve networking and the new hp hp procurve today hp procurve vision and strategy. personal systems group (PSG). imaging & printing group (IPG). desktops workstations notebooks emerging technologies networking. consumer/business printing

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Slide1 l.jpg


Agenda l.jpg

  • hp procurve networkingand the new hp

  • hp procurve today

  • hp procurve visionand strategy

Who we are in the new hp l.jpg

personal systems group (PSG)

imaging & printing group (IPG)

  • desktops

  • workstations

  • notebooks

  • emerging technologies

  • networking

  • consumer/business printing

  • digital imaging

  • digital publishing

  • networking

enterprise systems group (ESG)

hp services (HPS)

  • servers

  • storage

  • software

  • solutions

  • networking

  • customer support

  • managed services

  • consulting and integration

  • domain expertise

  • networking

procurve networking business (PNB)

who we are in the new hp

The new hp procurve networking business l.jpg

the new hpprocurve networkingbusiness

post-merger, hp has established a focused networking business:

a complete end-to-end business model

a reinvestment strategy to accelerate growth

reach a top two1 market share position in the enterprise ethernet switch market by 2003

note 1: currently #3 measured in total ethernet L2-L7 port shipments

hp procurve networking --

less work, more network

Building on success in smarter networking l.jpg

layer 3/4 at a layer 2 price

hp procurve

fast path technology

hp procurve

switch 5300xl

switch 4108gl

hp procurve

switch on a chip

switch 2524

#11 in 1998

hp procurve

hp advancestack

chassis for the price of stackables

building a bridge to the future

switch 4000m

switch 2000

based on Dell Oro’s worldwide total switched 10/100 Ethernet

building on success in smarter networking …

#2 in 2003

#3 in 2001

#4 in 2000

  • dramatically reset customer expectations for price, performance and functionality

  • drive new functionality into the mainstream

  • continually raise the bar for reliability & TCO

#5 in 1999

hp invents 10Base-T in 1985

Hp procurve delivers consistent customer value l.jpg

always on

hp procurve delivers consistent customer value

  • fault-tolerant designs

  • highest levels of integration

  • hot-swappable components

  • free lifetime warranty



legendary hp quality



affordable over-provisioning

  • price per port leadership

  • lowest total cost of ownership

  • free software updates


  • multiple secure domains

  • access security

  • secure management


built-in security features



made easy

proactive networking

  • plug & play / find, fix & inform

  • quality-of-service

  • policy-based management




maximum flexibility

  • open standards leadership

  • multi-vendor interoperability

  • ready for all types of traffic


Slide7 l.jpg

hp procurve switch portfolio today





(8/4 slot 10/100/1000 L3/L4 chassis)

4108gl/4172gl bundle


(8/4 slot 10/100/1000 L2 chassis)


4000M (40 port or 10 slot, 10/100/1000 managed chassis)

2524/2512 (24/12 port 10/100 + 2 Gig Fiber managed)

2324/2312 (24/12 port 10/100 + 2 Gig Fiber unmanaged)

2124 (24 port 10/100 unmanaged)

layer 2


layer 3/4


408b (8 port 10/100 unmanaged)


Moving forward hp procurve networking vision l.jpg

moving forward:hp procurve networking vision

ethernet everywhere

control to the edge

gigabit to the desktop

wireless integration


VoIP (voice over IP)

best in industrytotal cost of ownership

Slide9 l.jpg

hp procurve




hp procurve deliversa simplified, streamlined networking environment with industry leading price/performance

E 2 ethernet everywhere l.jpg

fully implemented e2

unified fabricutility



integrated system mgmt


“first mile”ethernet




internet(IP packet over Telco)


(1 &10 GigE)

  • hp leadership in

  • procurve price/performance

  • procurve traffic mgmt for voice, video and data

  • solution practice for wireless “hot spots”

  • storage over ethernet(iSCSI standard)

  • the utility data center

  • converging computing, storage, voice, video and the Internet into a seamless interoperable switch fabric

local areaethernet

storage overethernet


utility data center (UDC) unified fabric


Slide11 l.jpg

hp procurvenetworking


control to the edge

hp procurve deliversthe power to control and manage at the point of access without compromise

Control to the edge layer 3 and 4 throughout your network l.jpg

control edge-to-edge

control to the edge layer 3 and 4 throughout your network

layer 3 & 4 at a layer 2 price – affordable everywhere and ready to use

control the paths of every packet

layer 4 traffic prioritization

subnet traffic isolation down to the port

Slide13 l.jpg

hp procurvenetworking


gigabit to the desktop

hp procurve delivers affordable end-to-end near-zero waitfor information access

End to end gigabit to the desktop l.jpg



end-to-end near-zero wait

end-to-end gigabit to the desktop

standard in all hp Compaq PCs by mid-2003

today: enterprise class switch products with industry leading price/performance

tomorrow: lead the industry in driving the end-to-end price curve for gigabit to the desktop(as hp did with 10/100)

Slide15 l.jpg

hp procurvenetworking


wireless integration

hp procurve deliversun-tethered and securecomplete solutionsfor anywhere access to information and services

Hp anywhere anytime connectivity l.jpg




integrated Bluetooth

integrated IrDA


enterprise access points

smb access points

home gateways

multiport, PC card, PCI card


multiple services

Jornada, iPAQ,Blackberry, PCs

multi-device services

Wireless integration for the enterprise lan l.jpg

radius server

hp enterpriseaccess point



hp procurveinfrastructure


802.1x end-to-end security

wireless integration for theenterprise LAN

easy-to-use, standards-based, secure extension of wire-based LANs

integral with hp’s overall anywhere, anytime connectivity strategy

leadership in 802.1x port-based access security

Slide18 l.jpg

hp procurvenetworking



hp procurve delivers protected access tovalued information and the network infrastructure through standards leadership

Security l.jpg


protecting customers information with access control solutions

hp led the invention and standardization of 802.1x port based access control

protecting the customers network with secure management solutions

hp OpenView is the number one management platform in the world

protecting the customers network from attack

a range of features makes sure the network keeps on running

Slide20 l.jpg

hp procurvenetworking


VoIP(voice over IP)

hp procurve deliversrobust data and voice connectivity over themost affordableand easiest-to-manage infrastructure in the industry

Slide21 l.jpg

Mitel HP iPAQ phone


industry standard traffic management supports all the leading VoIP solutions

hp procurve switches deliver simple, robust, traffic prioritization

other solutions are 2 to 4 times more expensive

a track record of successful VoIP implementations

a relationship with Mitel for complete end-to-end solutions

Slide22 l.jpg

hp procurvenetworking


lowest total cost of ownership(TCO)

hp procurve delivershighly affordable,trouble-free networks

Lowest total cost of ownership tco l.jpg

lowesttotal cost of ownership(TCO)

superior engineering and technology yields true customer value:

less work, more network

low cost of acquisition

worldwide hp support

160 countries

50,000 experts

hp includes at no charge what competitors charge $1000’s for

lifetime warranty

software upgrades

phone support

network design for resellers

Slide24 l.jpg

5 year cost of ownership

hp, Cisco & 3Com solutions

a competitivesolution scenario

layer 3 5372layer 2 4148 edge

layer 2/3 OSPF design

2 Gig links between 5372’s

2 Gig uplinks for 4148 to 5372’s

1: uses 4005/4400

2: uses 4006/2950adds layer 3

3: estimated

hp network diagram

TCO comparisonhp versus Cisco & 3Com

5372xl72 ports with4 Gig ports


5372xl72 ports with 8 Gig ports

5372xl72 ports with 8 Gig ports


48 ports

with 2 Gig



48 ports

with 2 Gig


Hp procurve roadmap l.jpg
hp procurveroadmap

shipping now

  • first wave control to the edge (9300/5300) and gig to the desktop (4100)

  • leadership security, VoIP, wireless

  • industry leading OpenView mgmt

  • industry leading TCO

    near term (2H 2002)

  • second wave control to the edge and gig to the desktop

  • middle market gig aggregators

  • 10 GigE in core

  • industry leading TCO

    longer term (2003)

  • control to the edge for gigabit to the desktop

  • enhanced security, VoIP and wireless in-line power

  • next gen enterprise net mgmt

  • industry leading TCO

Hp 5300xl architecture vs cisco 4006 l.jpg

48 port 10/100



hp 5300xl architecturevs Extreme Blackdiamond

48 port 10/100



hp 5300xl architecturevs Cisco 4006

48 port 10/100

an example ofhp innovationversus the


hp procurve5300xl

Enterprise customers staying ahead of the curve with hp procurve l.jpg

enterprise customers staying ahead of the curve with hp procurve

large enterprise customers are doing less work and getting more network with hp procurve:

Marriott Hotels


General Mills

General Tire

Home Depot

Kongsberg Simrab

Large and medium customers staying ahead of the curve with hp procurve l.jpg

large and medium procurvecustomers staying ahead of the curve with hp procurve

large and medium customers are doing less work and getting more network with hp procurve:

Venetian Hotel Casino Resort and Conference Center

One Superior Place Chicago

DY 4 Systems

EdgeWing ASP

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Education and government customers staying ahead of the curve l.jpg

education and government procurvecustomers staying ahead of the curve

education and government customers doing less work and getting more network with hp procurve:

Jacksonville University

Indiana University

Hartwick College

Huntington College

Edmonton Public Schools

Halton Catholic District School Board

U. S. Virgin Islands

How we ll be 2 by 2003 l.jpg

how we’ll be #2 by 2003 procurve

proven businessmodel

enterprise LANsolutions

channel partnership

value for a valuedriven economy

TCO leadership

customer success

one word:

Worldwide total switched l2 l7 ports l.jpg

02-15-02 procurve

worldwide total switched L2-L7 ports

hp position

CY 2000 to CY 2001

leader in switch port growth

The new hp procurve networking business32 l.jpg

the new procurve hpprocurve networkingbusiness

a networking leader since 1985

best-in-class enterprise LAN solutions

1/2 to 1/4 the TCO of the competition

#2 by 2003

hp procurve networking --

less work, more network

The new hp procurve networking business34 l.jpg

the new procurve hpprocurve networkingbusiness

vision tour

hot link slides

hp procurve networking --

less work, more network

Personal systems networking l.jpg

personal systems procurvenetworking

anywhere, anytime connectivity


enterprise connectivity

integrating gigabit on motherboards

integrated Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless access

Imaging printing networking l.jpg

imaging & printing procurvenetworking

world leader in network printing

hp JetDirect

network projection

anywhere, anytime connectivity

Enterprise systems networking l.jpg

enterprise systems procurvenetworking

utility data center

integrated hp procurve

wire-once programmable data center breakthrough

blade computing

integrated hp procurve switches



storage networking

storage over ethernet

hp procurve is iSCSI ready

high availability

Hp services networking l.jpg

hp services procurvenetworking

network infrastructure services

multi-vendor consulting, service and support

anywhere, anytime connectivity

hot spot wireless practice

many additional networking solutions