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Food and Healthy Living

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Food and Healthy Living - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Food and Healthy Living. Ch 5 Lesson 4. Nutrition Labels. law requires that these information panels be placed on packages A must on any food packaged to sell FDA website. Ingredients List. list food’s ingredients by weight descending order

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nutrition labels
Nutrition Labels

law requires that these information panels be placed on packages

A must on any food packaged to sell

FDA website

ingredients list
Ingredients List

list food’s ingredients by weight

descending order

ingredients in the greatest amount listed first

However when three sweeteners are used –honey, sugar, and corn syrup; they are listed separately so they appear lower on the list

talking points
Talking Points
  • Additives
    • substances intentionally added to food to produce a desired effect; enhance flavor, add color, or lengthen storage life.
  • Product Labeling
    • food labels may state the potential health benefits of food
    • Light, Less, Free, More, Lean
  • Open Dating
    • Sell by, expiration, Pack date, freshness date
food sensitivity
Food Sensitivity
  • Food Allergies
    • condition in which the body’s immune system reacts to substances in some foods
  • Food Intolerance
    • a negative reaction to a food or part of food caused by a metabolic problem, such as the inability to digest parts of certain foods, or food components
food borne illness
Food borne Illness
  • food borne illness may result from eating food contaminated with pathogens, the poisons they produce, or poisonous chemicals
    • Usually the contamination can not be seen smelled or tasted
  • Causes and symptoms
    • Viruses and bacteria cause most common food borne illnesses
minimizing food borne illness
Minimizing Food borne Illness
  • Most cases occur in the home, where pathogens can contaminate food products, kitchen surfaces,cookingand serving dishes, and eating utensils
  • Practicing good food safety habits, including storage, cooking, and sanitation can reduce your risk
4 keys
4 Keys
  • Clean- wash your hands thoroughly in hot
    • Wash utensils, plates, countertops, and cutting boards after preparing foods
    • Use disposable paper towels instead of dishcloths to clean kitchen surfaces
    • Wash fruits and veggies before eating them
  • Separate- to avoid cross-contamination, separate raw meat, seafood, and poultry form other items in your shopping cart
    • Store foods separately from other foods
  • Cook- cook foods to a safe temperature
    • 160 for ground beef, 170 for roasts and poultry, and 145 for fish
    • Use a meat thermometer
  • Chill- cold temperatures slow the multiplication of bacteria
    • Refrigerate of freeze perishable foods as soon as you get home