chapter 45 the nurse in the faith community n.
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Chapter 45 The Nurse in the Faith Community PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 45 The Nurse in the Faith Community

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Chapter 45 The Nurse in the Faith Community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 45 The Nurse in the Faith Community. Objectives. Describe the heritage of health and healing ministries in faith communities. Relate models of faith community nursing to the current scope and standards of practice of faith community nursing.

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Chapter 45 The Nurse in the Faith Community

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Describe the heritage of health and healing ministries in faith communities.

Relate models of faith community nursing to the current scope and standards of practice of faith community nursing.

Develop awareness of the nurse’s role as a faith community or parish nurse within faith communities for spiritual care, health promotion, and disease prevention.

objectives cont d
Objectives, Cont’d

Use the nursing process in a faith community to assess, implement, and evaluate programs for healthy congregations using Healthy People 2020 guidelines.

Examine the professional issues related to faith community nursing.


Faith community nursing or parish nursing is the dynamic process of working with faith communities to promote wholeness of body, mind, and spirit

Work in close relationships with individuals, families, and faith communities to establish programs and services that significantly affect health, healing, and wholeness.

definitions in faith community nursing
Definitions in Faith Community Nursing

Faith communities

Health ministries

Congregational model

Institutional model


Holistic care

Wellness committee or health cabinet

historical perspectives

Historical Perspectives

Faith Communities

Health Care Delivery

Holistic Health Care

faith communities
Faith Communities

In the roots of many faith traditions are concerns for justice, mercy, and the need for spiritual and physical healing.

The appeal for caring, healing of diseases, and acknowledging periods of illness and wellness is universal.

Religion plays an important role in the lives of many individuals.

An important aspect of living out one’s spirituality and religion is being a part of a community of faith from birth to death, throughout wellness and illness.

health care delivery
Health Care Delivery

Shift in health care delivery to a more comprehensive wellness-focused program

Consumer demand for involvement in health care decisions

Collaborative practices and formation of partnerships

holistic health care
Holistic Health Care

Emphasize nurses and patients embrace of a commitment to optimal wellness

Focus nurses and patients on seeking the meaning of wellness for the individual or situation, and on considering options from an array of therapies.

Harmony between the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual self is sought

American Holistic Nurses Association standards (2000)

faith community nursing practice

Faith Community Nursing Practice

Characteristics of the Practice

Scope and Standards

Educational Preparation

Activities of the Faith Community Nurse

characteristics of the practice
Characteristics of the Practice

Health promotions and disease prevention services for underserved urban and rural areas

Embrace the vital role of families and community support for healthy outcomes.

Working with the congregation as a population group

Spiritual dimension of health

scope and standards
Scope and Standards

Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice (ANA, 2004)

1998 Scope and Standards of Parish Nursing Practice

Faith Community Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice (ANA and HMA, 2005)

educational preparation
Educational Preparation

Extensive continuing education contact hours

Designated coursework in a faith community nurse preparation at the baccalaureate or graduate level

IPNRC curriculum

activities of the faith community nurse
Activities of the Faith Community Nurse

Personal health counseling

Health education

Referral or liaison activities

Facilitating groups

Integrating faith and health

Health advocacy

Coordinating volunteer services

future growth
Future Growth

Faith community nurses can develop comprehensive, population-focused practices.

The continuing challenge for nurses, other health care providers, and the communities will be to garner government, foundation, and private funding and combine it with support from volunteer activities, family involvement, and community groups to create the unique mix needed for the distinctiveness of each community.

issues in faith community nursing practice
Issues in Faith Community Nursing Practice





national health objectives
National Health Objectives

Encourage communities to support individuals and families to attain high quality lives free of preventable diseases across the life span, reduce health disparities across groups, and create environments that promote health.

Enhance quality of life, promote longer disease-free years of living, create environments that promote health, and eliminate health disparities that can be readily addressed.