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Knowsys Group 5 PowerPoint Presentation
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Knowsys Group 5

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Knowsys Group 5
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Knowsys Group 5

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  1. Knowsys Group 5

  2. Group: Effort

  3. adjective arduous är jü əs Definition: Difficult After the blizzard, the task of shoveling the snow was arduous and demanded hours of hard work. Arduous

  4. cope kōp verb Definition: to struggle or deal with Cody spent many sleepless nights before he learned to cope with the demands of balancing his work and school schedules.

  5. verb endure in dur Definition: to suffer or tolerate The older woman could not endure the noisy children; she had to leave the room quickly before they gave her a migraine.

  6. grueling grü ə ling adjective Definition: exhausting After days of grueling work in the hot sun, the migrant farm workers were exhausted.

  7. hurtle hurt l verb Definition: to rush forward or to dash The astronomers watched in awe as the asteroid hurtled toward Jupiter and then vanished in a plume of orange smoke.

  8. industriousin dus trē əs adjective Definition: hard working The industrious entrepreneurs toiled long hours and were rewarded with great success.

  9. menialmē nē əl adjective Definition: lowly or appropriate to a servant The teenager found a job doing menial work cleaning out the dumpsters and washing off the loading dock.

  10. stintstint noun Definition: an allotted amount of work or time American soldiers serve a minimum stint of time in the military.

  11. strenuous stren yü əs adjective Definition: demanding hard work To earn their lifeguard certification, applicants must pass a series of strenuous swimming tests.

  12. toiltoil verb Definition: to work long and hard The construction workers toiled night and day to finish the new road before the first winter snow.

  13. trektrek noun Definition: a difficulty journey Just imagine the trek the first settlers made across the United States long before there were roads and highways.