Afaria mobile device management and security
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Afaria — Mobile Device Management and Security. Agenda. The changing face of mobility Mobility concerns Managing the lifecycle Information Anywhere Suite What is Afaria? Integrated management and security Sybase overview Questions and answers . Mobility is maturing.

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Afaria mobile device management and security

Afaria—Mobile Device Management and Security


The changing face of mobility

Mobility concerns

Managing the lifecycle

Information Anywhere Suite

What is Afaria?

Integrated management and security

Sybase overview

Questions and answers

Afaria mobile device management and security 1324683

Mobility is maturing

  • Wireless connectivity is proliferating

  • End users want convenience, enterprises want ROI

  • Management and security remain key concerns

What s driving mobility
What’s driving mobility?

The landscape where data is managed has changed

Large business is becoming more globally distributed

Enterprises are increasingly mobilizing their workforces

Mobile application deployment is becoming ubiquitous

Front lines are evolving into a mission-critical computing environment

Server applications installed in an ISV’s customer sites

ISV applications with databases hidden under the covers

Mobile applications used by field workers and sales forces

Explosive Data Growth

Wireless Access Ubiquity

Proliferation ofMobile Devices

Demand forReal-time Information

Mobile DeviceManagement

Mobile DeviceSecurity

Shifting business needs is driving the requirement for robust mobile device management and security

Mobility brings new challenges
Mobility brings new challenges

  • Networked computers

    • Unlimited bandwidth

    • No need to prioritize bandwidth

    • Local support for users

    • IT can easily get to devices

    • All Windows PCs

    • Physical building security

  • Mobile devices

    • Bandwidth is limited

    • Applications get priority bandwidth

    • No local support

    • IT may never see devices

    • Variety of devices and platforms

    • Easily lost or stolen

Common solutions fall short
Common solutions fall short

  • Management via application

    • Limited capabilities with app focus

    • Insufficient platform management

    • Poor coverage of mobile platforms

    • Lack of integration with enterprise infrastructure

  • Desktop management

    • Insufficient endpoint security

    • Built for high-speed constant connection

    • Poor coverage of mobile platforms

    • Complex implementation and ongoing use

Managing the device life cycle
Managing the device life cycle



Update policies

Access controls update

Security configuration policy

Vulnerability assessment

Re-image device

Redeploy software assets

Image-change control

Asset and inventory classification



Device wipe

Access controls update

Firewall, IPS, NAC, VPN

Data protection

Inventory and directory update

Restore baseline or dispose

Logging and policy enforcement

Software/app distribution



Firewall violations

Exploit response/statistics

Patch management

Security updates

Remote control/log-in

User activity logs

Change alerts to administrator

Application/settings updates



Information anywhere suite
Information Anywhere Suite

  • Heterogeneous mobile platform

    • Broadest support of devices,connections, back ends

  • Always-available architecture

    • Online or offline, smart client

    • Enterprise synchronization

  • “Enterprise-strength” mobility

    • Flexible back-office integration

    • Scales as your business grows

  • Management and security

    • Integrated management and security for total protection

    • Security a part of every component


What is afaria
What is Afaria?

Management + security from a single solution

Broad breadth of management

Comprehensive Security

Manages and secures virtually all enterprise device types

Optimized for remote environments

Integrated with desktop management

Market-leading technology

Idc mobile device management forecast
IDC mobile device management forecast

  • Excerpts from the IDC report

    • IDC forecasts the worldwide market for MDM enterprise software will grow to $345.0 million in 2011

    • Sybase iAnywhere is the 2006 Mobile Device Management Enterprise market share leader. Afaria has been the market leader since market sizing began

    • Sybase iAnywhere’s tight integration between mobile device management and security will become increasingly important as enterprises look to turn to one vendor for a mobility suite instead of point solutions to address each issue

Source: IDC“Worldwide Mobile Device Management Enterprise 2007-2011 forecast and 2006 Vendor Shares”, Doc #208771, October 2007

What do we mean by manage and secure
What do we mean by manage and secure?

  • Manage

    • Remotely distribute software and software updates

    • Remotely distribute information and content

    • Remotely track assets, hardware and software inventory

    • Remotely perform OS and Software patch management

    • Remotely track software license compliance

    • Remotely maintain device configurations to corporate standards

    • Remotely backup and restore critical data

  • Secure

    • Encrypt over-the-air/Internet communications

    • Enforce password policies to secure access to the device

    • Enforce on device data encryption to secure the data on the device

    • Remotely enable device kill and data deletion for lost or stolen devices

    • Remotely deliver Win32 security patch updates

    • Assures lost or stolen devices are rendered unusable

Mobility concerns
Mobility concerns

Fixes and refreshes

Provisioning and recovery of devices

Detailed picture of configuration and changes

Fixes during pilot phase

IT support costs and administrative overhead

User productivity and downtime

Mobility concerns1
Mobility concerns

Asset visibility

Hardware makes, models and versions

Devices on lease

Software license conformance

Mobility concerns2
Mobility concerns

Extended support for business

Guaranteed distribution of critical content and documents

Automation of business tasks

Mobility concerns3
Mobility concerns

End-user satisfaction


Access to up-to-date information


Overall adoption of the solution

Visibility to who’s using it and when, and who’s not

Mobility concerns4
Mobility concerns


Size and portability of laptops and handhelds make devices easy to steal

Operation outside of the company increases risk due to the unprotected environment

Viruses and other malicious code

Software and data not authorized by the company

“Off-line” attacks

Poor patching and management strategies

Afaria management capabilities
Afaria management capabilities


Optimized for mobile environments and frontline devices

OTA device provisioning

Inventory and configuration

Software deployment and updating

Data backup and recovery

Process automation and scripting

Administrator permissions and tracking

Interoperable with Microsoft Systems Management Server

Cox communications
Cox Communications


To update software on 3000 mobile devices used by service technicians in the field


Sybase iAnywhere frontline management software automatically sends updates when users log in

Automatic document distribution feature enables Cox to educate technicians remotely about technical changes and promotions


Saves time by performing application upgrades at the ‘speed of sound’

Improved productivity as technicians can get their appointments without delay

Dramatically reduced the cost of manually updating the mobile devices

Tennant company
Tennant Company


    • Improve processes for 600 field technicians responsible for equipment maintenance/repairs

    • Sustain its leadership position in the industry

    • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction


    • ServiceLINKSM field service application deployed on ruggedized Panasonic tablet PCs

    • Sybase iAnywhere frontline management technology


    • Improved field service technician productivity

    • Increased ‘first time fixed’ rate

    • Up-to-date technical manuals and bulletins available to technicians

    • Increased customer equipment uptime

    • Reduced billing cycle from 10-12 days to 1-2 days

Afaria security capabilities
Afaria security capabilities

Data protection in central systems with integrated server authentication

Over-the-air (OTA) data encryption

On-device security with power-on password, data encryption, inter-operable with push email

Full disk encryption for machines running Windows 32 OS

Protection against lost and stolen devices with data fading and lockdown, remote kill and data wipe

Antivirus and Firewall protection for handheld devices, including call filtering

Colonial supplemental insurance
Colonial Supplemental Insurance


    • Secure data and applications on 3500 Panasonic laptops used by insurance reps across the U.S.

    • Provide reps with the most up-to-date information


    • Sybase iAnywhere technology provides comprehensive management and security functionality including full disk encryption


    • Comprehensive security solution that goes beyond full disk encryption provides the best protection against security breaches

    • Integration of management and security functionality reduces overhead and complexity associated with using multiple tools

    • Improved customer service resulting from the most up-to-date information on mobile workers devices

    • Achieved regulatory compliance

Value of integrated management and security solution
Value of integrated management and security solution

  • Financial considerations

    • Cost reduction — $ and IT resources

    • Reduced number of support contracts to maintain

    • Lowered mobile device TCO through elimination of vendor redundancies

    • Single multi-channel access gateway for mobility

  • Operational considerations

    • Single console to manage and secure laptops and mobile devices

    • Management and security tasks occur in a single connection

    • Integrated platform means solution will seamlessly work together: no need to “manage the gaps”

    • Improved technical product support

    • Reduced end-user device complexity

Sybase overview

Over 22 years providing enterprise software

Over 10 years providing mobile enterprise software

Market leader in information mobility software

4000+ employees in 60 countries

700+ employees focused on Information Anywhere

Excellent financial stability

U.S.$1.026B revenue in 2007

Revenue growth 17% Y/Y

U.S.$738M cash

Sybase overview

Sybase is the largestglobal company exclusively focused on information management and information mobility software to help deliver information at the point of action.

Afaria mobile device management and security 1324683

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