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St Andrew

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St Andrew

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  1. St Andrew Christianity in Scotland

  2. St AndrewLearning Intentions • To learn about who St Andrew was • To learn about the Saltire • To learn about St Andrew’s Day in Scotland and other countries

  3. Who was St Andrew? • Born between 5-10 AD near the Sea of Galilee, in Israel. • Worked as a fisherman • Andrew became the first disciple – he was the man who found the boy with the loaves and fish to feed the 5000.

  4. Who was St Andrew? • After the death and resurrection of Jesus, Andrew travelled around teaching about Christianity • He travelled to different places including Asia, Poland and Greece

  5. The Death of St Andrew • Andrew was captured by the Romans in southern Greece, around 69 AD • Andrew asked to be crucified on a diagonal cross • He carried on talking about Jesus for 3 days until he died

  6. The Saltire • This is why the Scottish flag is a Saltire – a white cross against a blue background. • The cross is the symbol of the death of Andrew • The blue is for the sky

  7. The Journey to Scotland • St Andrew was buried in Greece • 300 years later in 345 AD his bones were moved to Constantinople (now called Istanbul, in Turkey)

  8. St Rule • Legend says that a monk called St Rule had a dream where an angel told him to take the bones of St Andrew to the end of the world • St Rule travelled with the bones and ended up shipwrecked in the place we know today as St Andrews

  9. St Andrews • A special chapel was built for the bones (relics) • In 1160 they were moved to the Cathedral of St Andrews • St Andrews became a place of pilgrimage

  10. St Andrews today • Today, the bones of St Andrew can be found in a cathedral in Edinburgh • The cathedral at St Andrews is a ruin now, but there is a plaque showing where the bones were kept • The tower of St Rule can still be visited today, next to the cathedral

  11. St Andrew – Patron Saint • King Angus dreamed a sign would appear and he would win the battle against the English • In the morning a white cross appeared in the sky • The Scots won the battle • From then on St Andrew and the Saltire were symbols of Scotland

  12. St Andrew’s Day • St Andrew’s Day is November 30th, the day of his death. • There are ceilidhs, and traditional Scottish food – Scots all over the world celebrate • Saltire flags are also flown on many buildings on this day.

  13. St Andrew’s Day around the world • St Andrew is also the patron saint of other countries, including Russia and Greece • Different countries have different traditions • In Romania, people believe St Andrew’s Day is a time to get rid of evil. Cloves of garlic are placed beside doors, windows and chimneys.

  14. Activity • Each person at your table will have a different fact file • You have to choose the most important information from your fact file, and write it in your jotter • You have 10 minutes!!

  15. Activity • You are going to make a Saltire • Each part of the Saltire will contain your important information from your fact files • After your information is on the Saltire, you may decorate it with drawings or photos 1 2 3 4