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Blackpool Safeguarding Children Board

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Core Group Training Trainers: Ian Wheeler Jo Edwards. Blackpool Safeguarding Children Board. Housekeeping. Fire Toilets Refreshments Timetable. Learning outcomes. By the end of the session, participants will be able to: Describe the remit and tasks of core groups

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  • Fire
  • Toilets
  • Refreshments
  • Timetable
learning outcomes
Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the remit and tasks of core groups
  • Explain the importance of attendance at meetings and shared responsibility for tasks
  • Focus on the needs of the child in core group work
  • Describe what makes a good core group
learning agreement
Learning agreement


  • Confidentiality
  • Cooperation and Commitment
  • Care for each other
  • Clock
  • Concentration
would i lie to you
Would I lie to you?
  • As the statements are shown on the screen, hold up either your
  • TRUE
  • or
  • card
Core groups are formed when a child becomes subject to a Child Protection Plan at an Initial CP ConferenceTrue or False?


A Core Group can also be set up if there are sufficient concerns about the child to warrant multi-agency intervention

True or False?



One of the main tasks of the Core Group is to write, implement and review

a Child Protection Plan based on the recommendations of the Initial Conference or Review

True or False?


  • Core Groups need to meet within 10 working days of the Initial Child Protection Conference and every 4 weeks after that
  • The Plan should be written and then effectively monitored, reviewed and updated as appropriate to reflect any changes to risk and need
core group members are practitioners who work regularly with the family
Core group members are practitioners who

work regularly with the family

True or False?


core groups are chaired by the lead social worker
Core Groups are chaired by the

Lead Social Worker

True or False?


membership of core groups
Membership of core groups
  • The child, if appropriate
  • The Lead Social Worker
  • Parents/carers
  • Professionals who will have direct contact with the family (HV, School Nurse, Teacher, GP)
  • Other relevant practitioners e.g. Probation, Psychologist, YOT worker
core groups can decide whether a child remains subject to the cp plan or not
Core groups can decide whether a child remains subject to the CP plan or not

True or False?


the core group provides robust evidence based report s to the cp review conference
The Core Group provides robust evidence based report/s to the CP Review Conference

True or False?


ask the family
Ask the Family
  • For the family member you have been allocated, answer the following:

What do you want to happen at the Core Group meeting?

Who would you like to attend? Why?

Who would you prefer not to be there? Why?

a focus on the child
A focus on the child
  • Children MUST be seen alone in accordance with the CP Plan
  • Children’s wishes and feelings should be elicited, but should not compromise their need for safety
  • Individual Plans for the individual needs of each child
  • The Plan MUST be explained and agreed with the child in an age-appropriate way, using the conference pack
  • Difficulty with access to the child should be reported to Lead Social Worker and their manager
the child s identity
The Child’s Identity
  • A consistent omission

Identity concerns the child’s growing sense of self as a separate and valued person.

Includes the child's view of self and abilities, self image and self esteem, and having a positive sense of individuality.

Race, religion, age, gender, sexuality and disability may

all contribute to this.

Feelings of belonging and acceptance by family, peer group and

wider society, including other cultural groups.

have i got news for you
Have I Got News for You
  • Blackpool Inspection
  • Core group work should be improved
  • Blackpool Serious Case Review
  • 'Assessments will be incomplete if professionals do not ...... actively share information...'
  • New Learning from Serious Case Reviews, 2012
  • '...when meetings are held in relation to vulnerable children and families, they should have a clear structure, chairing and recording arrangements, and should conclude with a focused outcome-based action plan,' (page 85)
working together 2013
Working Together 2013
  • Effective safeguarding systems are those where:
  • All professionals contribute to whatever actions are needed to safeguard and promote a child's welfare and take part in regularly reviewing the outcomes for the child against specific plans and outcomes
working together 20131
Working Together 2013
  • Ultimately, effective safeguarding of children can only be achieved by putting children at the centre of the system, and by every individual and agency playing their full part, working together to meet the needs of our most vulnerable children
smart outcomes
SMART Outcomes
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Write one SMART outcome relating to your family member

working with resistant families
Working with resistant families
  • Experience and Serious Case Reviews tell us that an increased level of resistance from families should increase our concern about the well being of the child or children
  • Workers should have the skills to recognise and manage resistance and escalate concerns as appropriate
  • SMART outcomes can assist in measuring parental commitment
  • Helping parents understand why changes need to be made is a key task in the process
  • Joint chronologies are very useful
family fortunes
Family Fortunes
  • What is a good core group?

Discuss in your group and decide on the five most important aspects of good Core Group work.

Write one on each on your cards

they think it s all over
They Think It's All Over
  • It is now!
  • Thank you