supply chains of mexican drug cartels n.
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Supply Chains of Mexican Drug Cartels

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Supply Chains of Mexican Drug Cartels - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supply Chains of Mexican Drug Cartels . April 7, 2014 Georgia Tech. Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI): 1929-2000; 2012-Present. Dominated Most Aspects of Society * Captive Labor Movement * Educational System

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mexico s institutional revolutionary party pri 1929 2000 2012 present
Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI): 1929-2000; 2012-Present

Dominated Most Aspects

of Society * Captive Labor Movement

* Educational System

* The petroleum sector (PEMEX)

* Mass media

* Transportation

* Economic policy


mexico s approaches to drug cartels
Mexico’s Approaches to Drug Cartels

Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI): 1970s to early 1990s

Fernando Gutierrez Barrios

National Action Party (PAN): 2000 to 2006

Vicente Fox Quesada

Rules of the Game

two major types of cartels
Two Major Types of Cartels


(Moving commodities from point A to point B)


Control & Taxation of an area

Enemies of states because they are so much alike;



Prone to Violence

Funded by Taxation (extortion, kidnapping, graft, etc.

Dual Sovereignty

  • Trafficking narcotics
  • Money laundering
  • Front businesses
  • Importance of logistics
  • More personnel
  • Cell-like organization
mexico s pacific coast
Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan

Importance of port for Drug Cartels

* Relatively new (1970s)

  • Built near steel mills
  • Within 160 miles of 2/3rds of the nation’s population
  • Attracted uprooted young people
  • Economic downturn of the mid-1990s
sources of drugs
Sources of Drugs

Cocaine from Colombia

drug export honchos
Drug Export Honchos

Enrique “Kiki” Plancarte Export Boss

“Oscar” (Command and Control Agent)

super tunnel
Super Tunnel

600-yard “Super Tunnel” Snaked from Tijuana to San Diego

Electricity, Ventilation, and Electric rail system

dallas main hub in u s
Dallas Main Hub in U.S.

Extremely large, sprawling city

  • Interstate Highways

35 and 20; and

  • Major Airports (in area)
  • Large Hispanic-American Population
distribution supervisors in chicago area remain in the city of one year 100 000 bonus
Distribution Supervisors in Chicago AREARemain in the City of One Year ($100,000) + Bonus

Jose “Panda” Gonzalez Zavala

Luis Torres Galvan

  • Arrested in June 2009

(Operation Coronado); sentenced to 40 years in prison)

  • Arrested in June 2009

(Operation Coronado);

cocaine delivery to wholesalers
Cocaine Delivery to Wholesalers

Average Suburban Home

Appearance of Normal Mexican-

American Family

safe house for money
Safe House for Money

Unobtrusive Home from Outside

Look What’s Inside!

preparing the dollars for return to michoacan
Preparing the Dollars for Return to Michoacan

Encase Dollars in Durable Plastic Bags

Encase in Concrete Used to Make Pothole Covers

return to michoacan
Return to Michoacan

Use Smaller Vehicles Leaving

Chicago; make Transfer to

Larger Vehicle on to the Border;

& take Least Dangerous Route

Take Least Dangerous Route; From U.S. Border to Michoacan, Use corridors where mayors and other politicians are linked to the cartel

back to the port of lazaro cardenas managed by a hong kong based firm
Back to the Port of Lazaro Cardenas(Managed by a Hong Kong-based Firm)

Ore-Carrying Vessel

Shanghai Skyscrapers