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Sectra Orthopedics Market Opportunity

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Sectra Orthopedics Market Opportunity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SECTRA North America. Sectra Orthopedics Market Opportunity. Dedicated to Orthopedic PACS. Mission Statement. To increase the effectiveness and quality of patient care in Orthopaedics. A Trusted Provider of Medical IT Solutions. Pedigree : Founded in 1978 out of Linkoping Institute

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SECTRA North America

Sectra Orthopedics

Market Opportunity

Dedicated to Orthopedic PACS

mission statement
Mission Statement

To increase the effectiveness and quality of patient care in Orthopaedics.

a trusted provider of medical it solutions
A Trusted Provider of Medical IT Solutions
  • Pedigree: Founded in 1978 out of Linkoping Institute
    • Strong academic & scientific foundation
  • Experience: 20+ years of PACS development & deployment
  • Scope: 400+ employees in >12 countries
    • Stability: Public / Profitable / Zero debt
  • Achievement: 2ndin worldwide PACS market share

> 1000 Installations worldwide (60+ Private Orthopaedic Groups)

> 40 million annual imaging exams run on Sectra PACS

Thousands of daily Sectra PACS user

strategic considerations when selecting an orthopedic pacs
Strategic considerations whenselecting an Orthopedic PACS
  • Corporate and Financial Stability
  • System Stability and Scalability
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Orthopedic-specific Tools and Functionality
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Image Portability
  • Support/Services

A successful implementation has the potential to increase practice productivity, while purchasing the “wrong” PACS will be paid for many times over, and is a decision that is not easily reversed.

1 corporate and financial stability
1. Corporate and Financial Stability
  • As a strategic capital purchase, the choice of vendor is critical.
    • Will the company be there in 5/10/15 years?
    • Are they profitable or just positioning themselves to be sold/acquired?
    • Privately held vs publically traded
    • Recent financial performance
    • Tenure and market knowledge of sales and management personnel
    • Does the company have a reputation/track record for product innovation/improvements or just “bug fixes”?
    • Will the systems evolve as our practice evolves (New or additional Technologies, Modalities, Facilities, Providers, etc)?

Sectra has been a recognized market-leader in PACS for over 20 years and has received numerous technology and service awards.

sectra financial details 1 of 4
Sectra Financial Details (1 of 4)
  • Sectra has grown by its own funding at an average of 17+% over the last 7-year period
  • Sectra has always been profitable, and has a strong cash flow position
  • Sectra has a solid financial position with an equity/debt ratio of nearly 60 %
  • Sectra is publicly traded, with stable and long term ownership

Sectra is among the companies that command Dun & Bradstreet’s highest credit rating: AAA

sectra financial details 2 of 4
Sectra Financial Details (2 of 4)
  • Order bookings exceed SEK 1 billion for the first time (>$165M)
  • Revenue of SEK 743 Million (>$120mill) and a profit margin of 10.7 % for fiscal year 2007/2008.
  • International net sales accounts for 66.8 % of Sectra’s total revenue.
  • Public company: Listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm since 1999.
  • Net sales in the US grew at +14.8 %
  • Continued build-out of direct sales and service organization

Net sales by business segment 2007/2008

Net sales by geographical market 2007/2008

Rest of the World




Secure communication systems 13%

Medical systems 87%

North America 27%

Rest of Europe


sectra financial details 3 of 4
Sectra Financial Details (3 of 4)

Net sales, SEK million

sectra financial details 4 of 4
Sectra Financial Details (4 of 4)

Earnings after financial items, SEK million

2 system stability and scalability
2. System Stability and Scalability
  • Time tested system – proven over 20+ years at an “enterprise” level
    • 24/7/365
    • >99.99% proven uptimes (“Four 9’s”)
    • Multiple locations/facilities
    • Multiple modalities
    • Redundant image storage
    • Dozens of viewing stations/devices
    • >1000 worldwide installations (many at 24/7/365 institutions)
    • > 40 Million exams pass through Sectra PACS annually!
  • User-driven product development = Designed to meet your future needs/requirements
  • PACS is an evloving, growing asset......timely development of new capabilities is critical to your clinic
  • Proven technology = Risk mitigation &
  • Peace-of-mind for our customers
3 integration capabilities
3. Integration Capabilities
  • Being DICOM & HL7 “compliant” isn’t enough
    • Sectra personnel reside on these committees and are active in the creation of the standards
    • Increase efficiency through ”brokerless” DICOM modality worklist
    • Image enabling your EMR with Sectra’s Context-based integration (CBI) is a critical component of optimizing clinic workflow
    • Can/Will your vendor perform these services or do they “pass the buck?”
  • Best-of-breed integration and modality interfacing
    • PACS is Sectra’s core competency
    • We are not distracted by the development/sale/support of other products

The full strategic potential of PACS can only be realized if it can be integrated with the practice’s existing (and future) information systems and modalities.

4 orthopedic specific tools and functionality
4. Orthopedic-specific Toolsand Functionality
  • Is the vendor truly committed to Orthopedics?
    • How many private Orthopedic practice installations do they have?
    • Any the same size/scope as us?
    • Do they understand the unique workflow at an Orthopedic group our size?
    • Have they successfully implemented/trained/supported a group our size/scope?
    • Do they have their own, fully-integrated, Orthopedic planning/templating solution or is it a 3rd party plug-in?
  • All Sectra solutions are customizable, thus providing the capability to optimize workflow at the user/group/practice level

Sectra has over 300 installations running our OrthoStation™ surgical planning/templating solution

sectra orthostation
Sectra OrthoStation™
  • Digital templating using implants from all major manufacturers (DePuy, Zimmer, Smith & Nephew, Biomet, Stryker, Wright Medical and many more)
  • Automatic Image calibration for optimum templating accuracy
  • Limited-click templating “wizards” for joint replacement surgery planning
  • Leg-length & Femoral offset calculations
  • Fracture/anatomy re-positioning tool
  • Advanced MR/CT capabilities for Sports Medicine (MPR, Cine, Key images, 3-D, etc)
  • Osteotomy planning
  • Automatic retrieval and display of prior exams for comparison
  • Customized display protocols based on physician’s own preferences
  • Scoliosis/Spine image toolsets
  • Measurements, Angles, Annotations, Zoom, Magnification glass, Cine loop/bounce, etc.
  • OrthoStation provides surgeons with the most information possible in the fewest amount of clicks
5 ease of use
5. Ease-of-Use
  • Is the system easy to maintain/support from an IT perspective?
  • Is the system customizable at the individual user level to optimize workflow? (One size does NOT fit all)
  • Dicom Modality Worklist (DMWL)
  • Minimal clicks vs click “intensive”
  • Any image, Anytime, Anywhere?
  • Web-based?

2007 technology award for Healthcare

2006 Frost & Sullivan’s “Imaging company of the year”

6 image portability
6. Image Portability
  • Can the system:
    • Communicate with other PACS (Hospital, reading radiologist, etc) for import/export of images for use in/from the O.R.?
    • Import DICOM and Non-DICOM images from other PACS, CD/DVD, Jump drive, etc.?
    • Export images (including templating results) to CD/DVD, “Jump” drives, Printers, etc.?
    • Teleradiology?
    • Provide any image, anywhere, anytime access via the web?

Sectra can and does!

7 support services
7. Support/Services
  • Top-rated customer satisfaction
    • #2 KLAS ranking – Ambulatory PACS (Highest score of any Orthopedic-focused vendor)
  • Experienced Implementation/Service/Helpdesk
    • 60+ Orthopedic sites (>1000 sites worldwide)
    • On-site implementation & training using “best practices” methodology
    • Company-trained Field Service Engineers
    • ISO:9001 accredited
  • PACS-Guard™
    • 24/7/365 Remote Systems Monitoring
    • Remote “Assistance”
  • Sectra-Guard™ Disaster recovery services
  • Sectra University & eLearning
  • Sectra Customer “UserWeb”

“For its unparalleled excellence from all perspectives – business development, competitive strategy, and customer service leadership – Sectra is the undisputed choice for the Medical Imaging Company of the year Award” - FROST & SULLIVAN

the sectra value proposition
The Sectra value proposition
  • Highest customer satisfaction rating of any Orthopedic PACS vendor
  • Large install base of accounts at highly prominent Orthopedic groups throughout the country
  • Customizable, User-defined Workflow
  • No 3rd party applications
  • Most advanced image analysis and pre-surgical planning toolsets
  • Company & Product Stability
  • Renowned service/support organization
  • Your PACS Partner in Orthopedics
  • A stable vendor for two decades
  • Experience in the PACS business matched by few
  • Global reach, local presence
  • A future oriented company that never stops listening and innovating