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Magnets & Stuff

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Magnets & Stuff.\_life\_Superheroes\_10\_People\_with\_Incredible\_Abilities/#/a134\_magnetic-2.html. Today’s Lesson. Magnetic Fields with Quick Class Demonstration Magnetic Domain Class Activity Temporary & Permanent Magnets Class Activity

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Magnets & Stuff

today s lesson
Today’s Lesson
  • Magnetic Fields with Quick Class Demonstration
  • Magnetic Domain
  • Class Activity
  • Temporary & Permanent Magnets
  • Class Activity
  • Introduction to Forces Activity
big hint
Big Hint
  • When going through a PPT with me, download it from the wiki and save it on your Hard Drive. If there is anything else that I say, write it in the notes. This way it is not lost.
magnetic fields
Magnetic Fields
  • All magnets have a North and South Pole.
  • This can be seen through a magnetic field, which we will quickly see.
  • What do you think will happen to a compass if it is brought close to a magnet?
  • What will happen to a compass if it’s in between the North and South Pole of a Magnet?
magnetic domain
Magnetic Domain
  • All metals that are magnetic have a magnetic domain.
  • If the atoms are not pointing in the same direction, then the metal will not b very magnetic.
  • If most/all of the atoms point in the same direction, then it’s magnetic.

small activity
Small Activity
  • In a group of 1 or 2, get a magnet, a nail and a paper clip.
  • Hold the nail next to the paper clip to make sure it’s not magnetic. If it is, get a new nail.
  • Your job is now to make a Magnet out of the nail. I’m not telling you how, but it is easy to do!!
  • Try and get the nail to pick up as many paper clips as possible.
magnets in detail
Magnets In Detail
  • In a magnetized material, all of most of the magnetic domains (direction of magnetism) are arranged in the same direction.
  • A temporary magnet is a magnet that can easily lose it’s magnetism.
  • A magnet that keeps it’s magnetism for a long time is called a permanent magnet.
  • Permanent magnets can be destroyed through being heated or hit hard.
small activity1
Small Activity
  • The class needs to get into 3 groups (6 or so students).
  • Each group will need the following:
    • 3 wires
    • A power supply
    • Magnetizer
    • Switch
    • Nail
    • Very weak magnet with some paperclips
activity continued
Activity Continued
  • Put the material together like described and drawn on the board.
  • First, put the nail in the magnetizer for around 10 seconds (do this by turning on the switch.
  • See how many paper clips it can pick up (is it stronger than the first magnet we made?
  • Get the weak magnet and see how many paper clips it can pick up.
  • Magnetize the magnet for 10 seconds and see how many paper clips it can pick up. Is it more or less?
forces activity
Forces Activity
  • We will need to get into groups of 2 or 3 students. You will be working as a group for a couple of lessons so it will be important to choose partners that will do work!!