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Causes of WWI. Causes of WWI - MANIA. M ilitarism A lliances N ationalism I mperialism A ssassination. M ilitarism. When a nation’s armed forces come to dominate a country’s national policy It is also a glorification of the military and war itself. A lliances.

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Causes of wwi mania
Causes of WWI - MANIA

  • Militarism

  • Alliances

  • Nationalism

  • Imperialism

  • Assassination

M ilitarism

  • When a nation’s armed forces come to dominate a country’s national policy

  • It is also a glorification of the military and war itself

A lliances

  • Signed treaties in which each nation involved pledges to defend the other if attacked by an aggressor

  • Basically, countries agreed to help each other

A lliances1

Triple Entente:

Triple Alliance:

Great Britain






N ationalism

  • Pride and patriotism in one’s nation

  • In terms of WWI, nationalism became aggressive and subsequently (because of this) a major cause of international tension

  • Independent nations desired dominance and prestige and as these powers tried to dominate each other in Europe, their rivalries may be regarded as one of the causes of the First World War

I mperialism

  • Domination by one country over the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region

  • Due to the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, some European nations had a large portion of the world under their control

Imperialism and colonial rivalries
Imperialism and Colonial Rivalries

  • After 1870, the European nations began to acquire colonies in Asia, Africa and the Pacific

  • Colonial rivalry led to:

    • strained relations among the European powers. In Africa, all the European powers except Austria and Russia had colonies there. Thus there were many clashes among France, Britain, Germany and Italy.

    • the formation and strengthening of alliances and ententes. (indirectly)

    • an intensification of the arms race.

    • much hostility among the powers.

A ssassination

  • The “spark” that started WWI

  • On June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austria Hungarian Throne was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian nationalist who believed that Bosnia should belong to Serbia

The point of no return
The Point of No Return Franz Ferdinand

  • Austria blamed Serbia for Ferdinand’s death and declared war on Serbia.

  • Germany pledged their support for Austria -Hungary.

  • Russia pledged their support for Serbia.

Causes of wwi

  • Germany declares war on Russia Franz Ferdinand

  • France pledges their support for Russia

  • Germany declares war on France

  • Germany invades Belgium on the way to France

  • Great Britain supports Belgium and declares war on Germany

Causes of wwi

Allied Powers Franz Ferdinand:

Central Powers:


Great Britain

World War I



Ottoman Empire



Sources Franz Ferdinand