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Affiliate Marketing Hongkong PowerPoint Presentation
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Affiliate Marketing Hongkong

Affiliate Marketing Hongkong

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Affiliate Marketing Hongkong

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  1. Affiliates marketing in Hongkong By Mazuma

  2. About - Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing advertising Affiliate Marketing is the way toward acquiring a commission by advancing other individuals' (or company's) items. You discover an item you like, elevate it to others, and win a bit of the benefit for every deal that you make

  3. Types of Affiliate Marketing • Associate Program • Internet Affiliate Marketing • Direct Marketing • Performance Marketing • Partner Marketing • Pay-Per-Performance Marketing • Referral Program

  4. Important Factors in AM • The Affiliate (Publisher) • The Merchant (Advertiser) • The Affiliate Network • Outsourced Program Managers

  5. Website for Affiliates Sites • Shopping – site are virtual shopping centers. The shopper looks for different brands and items on location. These destinations are not driven by specific coupon or arrangement offer • Coupon/Deal – most well known offshoot display. These destinations are shopping locales that oblige trader to give customer either a coupon, percent off funds, or free dispatching offer • Correlation Shopping – destinations offer things utilizing an examination show. These destinations as a rule require an information encourage of traders' items. • Dependability/Rewards – destinations where a percent of the shipper's bonus is utilized to pay reward to shopper. Permits customer to choose their reward alternative. Prizes can incorporate money, carrier miles, charge card focuses, or gift to philanthropy or association

  6. Content Role in Affiliate Marketing • Content – destinations are normally not shopping locales. Customers go to destinations in light of the fact that the substance is specifically noteworthy. Locales to specific item contained in site • Seek – associates advance vendors by means of web search tool showcasing, utilizing either regular or paid hunt rehearses. • Online journals/Forums – locales post or highlight article that concentrate on a specific item or dealer and incorporate an item member connection to the item.

  7. Affiliate Sites

  8. Affiliate Commission • Pay-per-Performance (Revenue Share) - vendor pays associate commission in view of a rate of the aggregate request esteem • Pay-per-Lead/Cost-per-Acquisition – vendor pays partner commission for each lead or request alluded from their site • Taken a toll for each Impression – shipper pays member commission for each 1,000 impressions of their standard on offshoots' site • Taken a toll for each Click – shipper pays member commission each time a guest taps on their standard on the offshoots' site

  9. Best Affiliate Networks

  10. How Work Affiliate Marketing • Affiliate obtains Merchant creative from Affiliate Network and loads to their site • Consumer visits Affiliate site and clicks Merchant banner • Cookie is set on Consumer’s browser which identifies Merchant, Affiliate and link • Consumer is directed to Merchant site • Affiliate ID is captured by Merchant in referring URL • Consumer makes purchase from Merchant • Cookie information sent to Affiliate Network • Merchant transmits sales file to Affiliate Network which includes Affiliate ID • Affiliate Network tracks sales transactions with Affiliate ID and pays Affiliate

  11. Contact Mazuma Affiliates Expertise in Hongkong