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Mimos Technologies Handbook - 3rd Edition PowerPoint Presentation
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Mimos Technologies Handbook - 3rd Edition

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Mimos Technologies Handbook - 3rd Edition
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Mimos Technologies Handbook - 3rd Edition

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  1. MIMOS Technologies Handbook T h i r d E d i t i o n

  2. Today, information is coming in from all around us. The challenge now is in finding value from the bulk. How this Handbook is organised MIMOS focuses on Data-centred Technologies that are segmented into key areas shown in the Contents section of this Handbook. The overview and benefits of each technology are shown in quick one-page views. © 2013 MIMOS Berhad. All rights reserved. All intellectual properties not limited to patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, know-how including layout of images and contents contained herein belong to MIMOS Berhad. Any reproduction without prior written consent is prohibited. MIMOS Technologies Handbook Third Edition: December 2013

  3. Introduction Usable, Reliable and Sustainable Technologies 2 Accelerating Technology through Open Innovation Platform 3 Commercialising Novel Outcome-Based Technologies 4 R&D to Market 5 Overview of MIMOS Technologies 6 Data Collection Mi-WARIS 7 C o n t e n t s Data Analytics and Visualisation Mi-AVMedic 9 Mi-BIS 10 Mi-Clip 11 Mi-Delivery 12 Mi-DSS 13 Mi-Edunet 14 Mi-Harmony 15 Mi-HELIO EKMS 16 Mi-Market 17 Mi-MPAS 18 Mi-Office 19 Mi-Page 20 Mi-PBT 21 Mi-Semantic 22 Mi-SP 23 Mi-Target 24 Mi-Trace 25 Data Infrastructure Mi-AccLib 26 Mi-ARMC 27 Mi-Cloud 28 Mi-Doc 29 Mi-ESB 30 Mi-IDS 31 Mi-Mobile 32 Mi-Morphe 33 Mi-SaaS 34 Mi-WiWi 35 Data Protection Mi-KE 36 Mi-Scramble 37 Mi-Secure 38 Mi-Trust 39 Mi-UAP 40 Contact Information 42

  4. Usable, Reliable and Sustainable Technologies At MIMOS, focused and collaborative applied research is meticulously designed into the DNA of each platform, product and solution. Our technologies are built to perform and endure in any setting, spur and support existing business growth, and catalyse the scalability of new green field and existing brown field ventures. MIMOS technologies are developed through 10 research and development areas via collaboration with internationally renowned and accredited research institutes and thoroughly tested in our world-class test facilities. 2 Introduction

  5. Accelerating Technology through Open Innovation Platform Today, technology-intensive products are entering the market at breakneck speed. Convergence of these technologies often requires more sophisticated technologies to produce, distribute and service the products. This calls for a solution that can harness and mainstream technology innovations to sustain and enhance competitiveness in the global market. MIMOS Open Innovation Platform (OIP) promotes the use of standards-driven technology platforms that are ‘open’ to modifications and customisations as the common foundation for universities, public research institutes and industry to fast-track research, develop technologies and innovate products. Each player can focus on its area of expertise or specialisation and collaborate closely to transform research novelties into viable technologies for product development. In turn, this helps energise the national innovation system and create new technology-based industries. Introduction 3

  6. Commercialising Novel Outcome-Based Technologies Frontier Novatur Sdn Bhd (FNSB) is the commercial arm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of MIMOS. FNSB is an effective industry-research interface that aids in MIMOS endeavours to revolutionise and transform the business landscape in the country through a paradigm shift in the local industry. FNSB helps local technology consumers shift up the entrepreneurship ladder and emerge as the new community of technology producers. FNSB provides commercial support together with MIMOS’ technology expertise to significantly reduce the risk magnitude of local industry players and technology recipients. This provides an added advantage and impetus to our technology recipients with low technology risk for successful commercialisation and market creation. 4 Introduction

  7. R&D to Market Agriculture FNSB ensures the transformation of technologies that are ready to serve local and global technology consumers. FNSB channels its expertise into understanding the issues-at-hand, drilling down to what is important and addressing how best technology can help the nation’s progress and create sustainable businesses and operations. Education Healthcare FNSB is involved in technology transfer that serves 5+1 vertical market segments, namely Agriculture, Education, Government, Healthcare, Public Safety and Communications. Government Public Safety Communications Introduction 5

  8. DataatRest Overview of MIMOS Technologies The rapid volume and growth of data demands better flow of data collection, data management and data analysis. MIMOS technologies are positioned in five key areas to deliver the benefits of the data deluge direct to people who need it most and ensuring growth and innovation for the nation. · Data Collection As the volume of data used in businesses and organisations continue to grow, planning the data collection process itself is becoming more important. MIMOS’ data collection technologies results in lower cost, more powerful analysis and more assurance over data integrity and accuracy. DatainUse · Data Modelling After data collection, data modelling is used to provide a ‘blueprint’ of the data required for a functional system. With MIMOS’ upcoming data modelling technologies, systems can be designed to structure and organise data in such a way that will facilitate the interaction among players involved. 6 Introduction

  9. Data inMotion · Data Analytics and Visualisation MIMOS’ technologies in effective data analytics and visualisation can help decision makers to quickly examine large amounts of data, expose trends and issues efficiently, exchange ideas with key players, and influence the decisions that will ultimately lead to success. · Data Infrastructure As a growing number of enterprises are turning to the cloud for their computing needs, a flexible data infrastructure is needed to handle multiple forms of data effectively. MIMOS’ data infrastructure technologies are vital to data sharing and consumption and to business operations today. Data Collection MICROENERGY MICROELECTRONICS NANOELECTRONICS Data Modelling · Data Protection With data being more accessible than ever, MIMOS offers data protection technologies that can help companies and businesses safeguard important data such as client information and transaction records in all three stages of digital data: Data at Rest, Data in Use and Data in Motion. ADVANCED ANALYSIS & MODELLING Data Analytics & Visualisation KNOWLEDGE TECHNOLOGY PSYCHOMETRICS INTELLIGENT INFORMATICS Data Infrastructure ADVANCED COMPUTING WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS Data Protection INFORMATION SECURITY Introduction 7

  10. Mi-WARIS: Wireless Atmosphere for Integrated Systems The need for a sustainable and reliable method to monitor physical parameters during operations is increasingly becoming paramount to industries as they move towards greener and more efficient use of energy and resources. Mi-WARIS is a solution that comprises a combination of sensors (Mi-Sensor), wireless gateways (Mi-WiWi) and an intelligent management system (UI Dashboard with Intelligent Decision Support System) to provide simultaneous physical parameter measurement that supports decision-making process. Technology Benefits Mi-WARIS provides information on critical physical parameters in real-time to assist any industry in building a smarter and greener operation ecology. Mi-WARIS offers: • Remote Monitoring – Physical parameters can be remotely monitored through Mi-WARIS’ user-friendly web interface via desktops or mobile devices. • Quick Access to Crucial Data – All sensor data can be accessed at any time with a configurable system to view data, create thresholds, set up alerts, monitor network health, generate charts and compile reports. • Deployment Versatility – Wireless communications allows for Mi-WARIS’ deployment in remote areas, significantly minimising manual workforce activities and labour dependencies. 8 Data Collection

  11. Mi-AVMedic: Medical Audio Video Communications The use of telecommunications technology to provide care through interactive audio, video and data communications is fast becoming part of a quality healthcare agenda. Mi-AVMedic is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based multimedia application that is not only limited to placing calls and conferencing but is also able to accept input from medical devices. Mi-AVMedic offers live, full colour, two-way video and audio communication of information in diverse types of surgeries. Technology Benefits Mi-AVMedic can be seamlessly integrated with medical instruments and devices such as x-ray, endoscopy, surgery room camera and angioplasty machines. Its flexible bandwidth ensures smooth transmission of audio and video sessions from the operation room to anywhere on the Web. Mi-AVMedic offers: • Enhanced Remote Consultation – With Mi-AVMedic, medical experts can provide consultations for remote surgeries, peer specialists and patient-physician consultations. • Plug-and-Play Technology – Mi-AVMedic offers a clean interface that is easy to use by doctors without requiring a learning curve. It can also be customised to fit varying customer’s needs. • Cost-Effective Hardware Solution – Without a centralised server, Mi-AVMedic is a cost-efficient solution that allows easy access for any party to connect with another. Data Analytics and Visualisation 9

  12. Mi-BIS: Business Intelligence Suite Information-driven decisions that positively impact business operations can be achieved with business intelligence. Mi-BIS is a platform that creates a convenient environment for customised report creation and business analytics. With Mi-BIS, organisations can easily create and organise reports, and perform in-depth analysis which includes data exploration, ad hoc query analysis and visualisation of multi-dimensional data, to assist their decision-making process. Technology Benefits Mi-BIS provides a flexible and scalable environment for customised report creation and business analytics across all businesses. Mi-BIS also offers: • Improved Operational Efficiency – With access to real-time data, organisations can track reports and answer operational queries, leading to improved user satisfaction and reduced IT support costs. • Eliminated Report Backlog and Delays – Users can design their own queries and reports which save time for report development and maintenance labour. • New Business Insights – Built-in ad hoc query capabilities allow users to get instantaneous answers and strengthen their understanding of the underlying business patterns, resulting in new insights into the dynamics that lead to success or failure. 10 Data Analytics and Visualisation

  13. Mi-Clip: Intelligent Web Clipper Platform In order to harness digital information and content from the Internet and present it to the user, a content aggregation tool or a web bot is needed. Mi-Clip is a web-based application that simulates the human exploration of the Internet by creating web bots that extract information from websites using specially-coded software algorithms. Mi-Clip provides users with tools to extract content, perform automation on websites and finally store the information into a user-categorised database. Technology Benefits Mi-Clip helps transform resources available on the Web into well-defined nuggets of information. Mi-Clip allows users to define the information source, determine how the information is extracted and how the extracted data is presented. Mi-Clip offers: • Broad Web Content Extraction – Mi-Clip’s web bots can easily scrape any information that is visible on the Internet into HTML format. • Automation Process – The web bots can be programmed to perform automated processes or tasks in harvesting information. • Clip Customisation – Flexibilities are built into Mi-Clip offering choices to users to fine-tune clips for information source, gathering and presentation. Data Analytics and Visualisation 11

  14. Mi-Delivery: Custom Service Delivery Platform Internet information is now freely accessible from mobile and desktop devices. For targeted markets where there is a need for the functionality and the look-and-feel of a system to deliver customised content from the Internet, certain flexibilities are required for specific users. Mi-Delivery is a platform that puts the power of customisation and interaction for service delivery on the developer’s hands. Technology Benefits Mi-Delivery comprises a set of tools that allow developers to create a customised service delivery system. Mi-Delivery offers: • Tailored User Experience – Developers can use Mi-Delivery APIs to create a custom interface that delivers contents to users from the service delivery backbone. • Developer-Oriented Functions – Developers are not locked down by a fixed system for service delivery. Contents and functions to feature in the end system can be flexibly designed to mix and match from Mi-Delivery and developers’ choice. • Reliable Service Delivery Backbone – Behind the APIs set is a robust and reliable system that manages the services, applications and content. This comprises iCreator, iBazaar and MIMOS Mi-Clip. 12 Data Analytics and Visualisation

  15. Mi-DSS: Intelligent Decision Support System With the influx of new business intelligence and data analytics available today, informed and thoughtful decision making is the cornerstone of business success. Mi-DSS allows faster decision making and better allocation of business resources all to the benefit of the organisation. Technology Benefits Mi-DSS connects all components vital for the decision-making process and executes complex algorithms equipped with rule-based reasoning and decision modeling to answer tough business questions. Some of the many applications of Mi-DSS are: • Vehicle Resource Planning – Mi-DSS can improve vehicle allocation and fleet management through recommendations based on inputs such as truck loading, peak/low periods and route information. • Dynamic Route Planning – Organisations can gain more insight into a logistics chain by identifying and linking core contributing processes to quicken delivery and improve linkage between process groups. • Job and Business Matching – Candidates can be better matched to relevant jobs, and business prospects can connect to potential partners when individuals and organisation have improved access to multiple sources of information. Data Analytics and Visualisation 13

  16. informasi teave informazio impormasyon informació informace information Informationen maklumat informasi Mi-Edunet: Intelligent Learning Management System In the ever-changing state of education today, there is a need for a system to combine administration, documentation, monitoring and content delivery of taught subjects. Mi-Edunet is a cloud-based intelligent learning management system focused on personalised interaction between the system and the learner. Students, teachers, principals, parents, school administrators and education officers are brought together to blend the best learning processes targeted to motivate students to master the subjects. andmed Technology Benefits Mi-Edunet provides a system for managing education involving blended learning and online collaboration. Mi-Edunet offers: • Improved Outcomes – Students can utilise effective learning aids to improve learning outcomes and learning motivation. Teachers can prepare a more effective teaching plan that is tailored to the student profiles. Administrators can monitor performance and perform policy planning. • Adaptive Learning – Mi-Edunet includes a learning item bank and the ability to randomise questionnaires. Utilising weighted scoring, fair assessments are produced. • Personalisation – Mi-Edunet supports multi-modality learning materials and role-based access and features. Also included are psychometric components to support multiple learning paths. informació informazio 14 Data Analytics and Visualisation

  17. informasi teave informazio impormasyon informacija informació inligting informace information tiedot maklumat informasi teave informace informazio andmed Informationen Mi-Harmony: Intelligent Nomenclature Harmonisation Tool informasie Managing diversity in knowledge, especially of different cultures and languages, can be an arduous task. Mi-Harmony is a semi-automated nomenclature harmonisation tool based on Semantic Technology that extracts, clarifies and integrates terminology information from multiple sources. impormasyon informacija informació inligting informació Technology Benefits Mi-Harmony uses an array of Semantic Matching algorithms which allows configuration of acceptance threshold of suggested matches and user intervention to approve matches. This tool also takes advantage of crowdsourcing to enable subject matter experts to inspect and verify suggested alignments between terms from multiple nomenclatures. Mi-Harmony offers: • 80-20 Operation Principle – Subject matter experts need only to inspect suggested matches with low confidence value whereas the bulk of mediation and alignment work is done by Mi-Harmony. • Alignment Life Cycle Facilitation – Mi-Harmony facilitates alignments to be evaluated, improved and finally transformed into acceptable application formats. • Visual Analytics Fusion – Mi-Harmony integrates automated discovery and interactive visualisation as visual analytics following the mantra: “Analyse First - Show the Important - Zoom, Filter and Analyse Further - Details on Demand”. tiedot maklumat andmed Informationen Data Analytics and Visualisation 15

  18. Mi-HELIO EKMS: Dynamic Visualisation Solution In user-facing technologies, the interface greatly affects end users’ perception of a solution. Effective interfaces enable the users to view and manipulate information in appealing and meaningful ways. Mi-HELIO EKMS is a solution that provides an easy-to-learn framework for developers to create attractive and functional dashboards. Mi-HELIO EKMS comes in web application and desktop application versions. Technology Benefits Mi-HELIO EKMS provides the developers with a complete ecosystem for development, deployment, administration and interaction of widgets. Mi-HELIO EKMS offers: • Wide Accessibility – Web version based solutions can be seamlessly accessed via desktop computers, tablets and smart devices. • Harnessing Desktop Processing Power – The desktop version provides impressive data visualisation experience and greater performance on data manipulation by utilising processing power of user’s machine. • Easy Adoption – Use of standard web-based and Microsoft technologies enable easy adoption and further implementation of solutions using this framework. 16 Data Analytics and Visualisation

  19. Mi-Market: E-Marketplace Platform An e-marketplace is an online platform that brings together buyers and sellers to communicate, collaborate and conduct business transactions. The ultimate goal of an e-marketplace is to simplify the buying and selling process with hassle-free browsing and transactions. Mi-Market is an Internet-based marketplace platform that can be customised to suit any industry. This platform allows developers and entrepreneurs to create online marketplaces without heavy investment and sizeable infrastructure. Technology Benefits Mi-Market provides a web portal platform that promotes trade between buyers and sellers of goods and services. It facilitates manufacturers and suppliers to promote and distribute items online. Mi-Market is also equipped with virtual business matching to match suppliers, manufacturers and buyers. Mi-Market offers: • Customisable E-Marketplace – Using Mi-Market, developers and entrepreneurs can easily build niche marketplaces with apps and navigational icons to suit any industry in the value chain. • Information Warehousing – Item, shop and customer information are all stored and readily accessible to developers and entrepreneurs that run the platform. • Global Supply Chain – The open interaction nature allows broader business-to- business procurement and a stronger supply chain network. Data Analytics and Visualisation 17

  20. Mi-MPAS: Malaysian Psychometric Assessment System Psychometric assessments are a standard and scientific method used to measure individual’s mental capabilities and behavioral style. Its application spans a wide range of industries covering employment suitability, organisation’s cultural fit and more. To enhance accessibility and ease of use for these tests, Mi-MPAS offers a web-based psychometric assessment system that caters to various key industries in Malaysia. Technology Benefits This accessible platform is capable of meeting a wide range of clients’ needs for group or individual assessments. Besides being available in English and Bahasa Malaysia, Mi-MPAS also caters to experienced practitioners who wish to construct and customise their own assessment programmes. Some of the many applications of Mi-MPAS include: • Effective Teaching and Learning – Student selection for placement and admission, academic performance prediction and student progress expedition can be offered through Mi-MPAS tailored assessments. • Talent Identification, Development and Enhancement – A wholesome battery of tests can be conducted to asses job fit, predict work performance and identify areas for growth to create an efficient screening process for candidates. • Market Research – Mi-MPAS research and data mining platforms help enhance communication between service providers and consumers, strengthen brand development via market trends and demands and facilitate consumer profiling. 18 Data Analytics and Visualisation

  21. Mi-Office: Supply Chain Management Solution In today’s global marketplace, it is often not sufficient for companies to streamline internal operations to compete. In order be highly effective, their supply chains must evolve into value chains. Information-driven value chain management is the answer to value chain transformation. Mi-Office offers an online, end-to-end supply chain management solution that is specifically designed for users to have a quick view, access and manage the key processes in the supply chain. Technology Benefits Mi-Office provides a complete online suite of supply chain applications that is accessible by multiple stakeholders. This solution is targeted at SMEs from a variety of industries where users can either adopt the entire online suite or utilise individual applications. Mi-Office offers: • Improved Supply Chain – By being able to view and manage the entire supply chain, all contributing processes from raw material to finished goods are accounted for. • Critical Process Identification – Time-critical activities and forecasting are highlighted in real-time updates thereby resulting in higher efficiency. • Minimised Delays and Returns – Real-time product and material inventory and delivery monitoring eliminate excess storage and transportation needs by utilising stock-at-hand for the customer. Data Analytics and Visualisation 19

  22. Mi-Page: Intelligent Service Delivery Platform The vast amount of information resources from the Internet grows daily. Users on the street need to be able to access the information relevant to them fast and easy with frequent updates delivered to them directly. Mi-Page is a hybrid (native and web) application system that delivers a multitude of desired contents, information and services from the Internet directly to users. It comprises the Mi-Page client (a hybrid interface to access information) and iServe4u (the Mi-Page management system). iServe4u contains iCreator and iBazaar for service creation and subscription, and is integrated with MIMOS Mi-Clip – an Internet content aggregator. Technology Benefits Mi-Page simplifies access to desired services and information from the Web. Mi-Page offers: • Personalised Content – Mi-Page allows information to be personalised for each user and delivered based on their gender, ethnicity, age and religion profiles. • Multiple Applications – Mi-Page can be applied as an information kiosk that provides location-based content, an education information portal on netbooks or a personalised news page on a smart device. • Customisable Platform – The platform can be customised for different geographical locations and operation environments to provide localised or tailor-made content. 20 Data Analytics and Visualisation

  23. Mi-PBT: Paper-Based Psychometric Test Psychometric tests can be used to identify a person’s aptitudes, personality or ability. Its diverse application includes risk assessment, human profiling, potential assessment, consumerism study and monitoring of competencies. Mi-PBT is a paper-based test series designed to administer psychometric assessments. The tests offered are carefully researched and scored in a standardised way to allow for comparison and tracking of progress. Technology Benefits Mi-PBT is administered by a trained and certified administrator to the participants. Each test can measure various aspects of the individual for widespread applications and is available in English and Bahasa Malaysia versions. Mi-PBT offers: • Profiling Reports – The test scores are produced as profiling reports that provide important insights to the attributes measured and predictions of identified variables. • Comprehensive Assessment – Every question goes through a thorough process of review by experts to ensure that the test is both fair and relevant. • Designed and Validated in Malaysia – The tests are designed and validated among Malaysians to create a product specifically for use in Malaysia’s multicultural context. Data Analytics and Visualisation 21

  24. Mi-Semantic: Semantic Technology Platform Mi-Semantic is a software platform for the development of semantic applications. All components made using this platform are modular, web service-enabled and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) compliant. This enables a high level of scalability and performance; lending its ability to solve complex problems via interaction between the semantic components and knowledge bases. Technology Benefits Mi-Semantic can support the development of intelligent applications that interface via the W3C web services standard. Mi-Semantic offers: • Streamlined Healthcare/Life Science Management – Medical records of patients, disease databases, clinical and medical forensics, and new medical discoveries can be structurally organised for future data entry, search and archiving. • Intelligent Manufacturing – In electronics manufacturing, data such as yield, failure, reliability and customer return can be in one unified system to help pinpoint root causes and address issues. • Enterprise Data, Content and Asset Management – An enterprise can intelligently monitor data and related content across multiple knowledge base sources to facilitate systematic, easier benchmarking and measurement of performance indicators. 22 Data Analytics and Visualisation

  25. Mi-SP: Intelligent Surveillance Platform Traditional video surveillance systems rely on manual detection of abnormalities and often utilised only after a crime has taken place. The video analytics technology in Mi-SP employ proprietary algorithms to detect and alert suspicious activities within the live feed of security cameras, without the need of a patrolling security officer and even before a crime can take place. With Mi-SP, dubious events can be detected early and alerted the security personnel, thereby increasing the situational awareness of the entire organisation. Mi-SP is efficient and flexible and can be integrated with existing video surveillance systems. Technology Benefits Mi-SP is a versatile video surveillance system that includes intelligent elements of advanced video analytics. Mi-SP offers: • Real-Time Monitoring and Offline Event Detection – Mi-SP can be applied for both automated real-time video monitoring and offline forensic event detection. • Increased Operational Efficiency – Automated video monitoring and analysis can increase daily work efficiency by providing situational awareness to users through various event fusion and analysis. • Uncompromised Quality with Reduced Cost – Security personnel can be used efficiently to run the grounds without the need for stationary personnel to watch surveillance monitors. Data Analytics and Visualisation 23

  26. Mi-Target: Intelligent Targeting Platform High-risk activities and processes, especially of national interests, need to be identified, controlled and monitored. Mi-Target is an intelligent risk profiling platform based on Semantic Technology and Logic Programming. The platform has built-in logical inference rules and provides a user-friendly interface to add and manage common sense and heuristic rules from domain experts. Technology Benefits Complemented with common sense and heuristic rules from subject matter experts, Mi-Target enables the development and management of rich knowledge bases for high-risk profiling in dynamic environments. Mi-Target offers: • Intelligent Targeting of High-Risk Entities – Mi-Target utilises artificial intelligence to target high-risk entities for further inspection at early stages with improved accuracy. • Enhanced Decision-Making – Decision-making is enhanced via intelligent reasoning using highly sophisticated built-in logical inference rules to draw reliable conclusions based on defined premises. • Improved Risk Profiling – The platform provides business relationship rules that are customisable and not limited to the normalisation of structured tables. In a dynamic environment, new risks can be incorporated into Mi-Target’s expandable set of risk types to set up different risk profiles. 24 Data Analytics and Visualisation

  27. Mi-Trace: Intelligent Traceability Platform Establishing a transparent and regulated product trail from product owners to warehouses and finally retailers is essential to enhance sales and operation efficiency, and claim regulatory compliancy. Mi-Trace is an intelligent traceability platform that can track and trace any product or trade item that is registered in the system using information gathered from multiple read-points or parties. Mi-Trace links three major user roles – Consumer, Authority and Product Owner – in a transparent information loop to build product/trade item reliability and trust as well as to aid in regulatory compliance. Technology Benefits Mi-Trace gathers and presents key traceability information from consumers, authorities and product owners regarding products and trade items. Mi-Trace offers: • Top and Bottom Line Enhancement – The wealth of business intelligence data accumulated by Mi-Trace can be used to enhance sales and operation efficiency by highlighting key parameters such as product trails, outlet sales efficiency and best-selling items. • Regulatory Compliance – Monitoring and control of product flow throughout the supply chain is done using the international supply chain global standard (GS1) which promotes product information compliance and interoperability. • Product Reliability and Trust – Consumers can have a peace of mind with the products they buy with the transparency of information flow and reliable communication between authorities and product owners in all matters regarding the products. Data Analytics and Visualisation 25

  28. Mi-AccLib: Accelerator Library The digital data explosion has exceeded petabytes and entered the zettabyte era – resulting in a big data challenge. Mi-AccLib is an accelerator library that offers parallelised data analysis to enable ultra-speed big data processing across a heterogeneous platform. Technology Benefits Mi-AccLib comprises text/string analytics, financial computation algorithms and generic parallelised library for compute-intensive environments. Mi-AccLib offers: • Ultra-Speed Data Processing – Mi-AccLib covers several areas for compute-intensive data such as financial and text/string operations and allows for users to directly use Mi-AccLib APIs for specific application needs, which run on multi-core CPU or GPGPU. • Transparent Heterogeneous Hardware Support – Mi-AccLib APIs are designed to be processor agnostic and can run across different hardware platforms with ultra-speed processing capabilities and still guarantees the reliability of the data. 26 Data Infrastructure

  29. Mi-ARMC: Authorisation and Resource Management Component Enterprise identity management has become a core component in any organisation. Mi-ARMC provides a centralised management platform for entitlements and authorisation policies to business applications and its users. Mi-ARMC is designed for large scale queries environment and targets to reduce performance penalties associated with multiple requests on a centralised architecture. Technology Benefits Mi-ARMC allows solution providers to design fine-grained authorisation control applications. Organisations adopting these applications will have full control of the policies on all applications. This includes tailor-made entitlements to match the dynamic change of organisational policies and abilities to provide flexible policy models for all staff. Mi-ARMC offers: • Configurable Policies on Scalable Architecture – Mi-ARMC architecture is scalable with load balancing to meet customer’s budget and needs. • Intelligent Monitoring and Policy Usage – Mi-ARMC provides options to highlight potential misassignment of privileged policy. Runtime authorisation decisions are logged and fed into platform’s analytics engine for auditing and advanced analysis. This enables fast response to policy security breaches. • Flexible Meta Grouping of Policies – Mi-ARMC supports typical policy inheritance, delegations, one-many/many-one relationship and unlimited hierarchical level of resource management. Data Infrastructure 27

  30. Mi-Cloud: Cloud Infrastructure Platform Many SMEs are turning to the cloud as a way to conserve resources spent investing in IT infrastructure and related services. Mi-Cloud is a cloud infrastructure platform that is non-dependent on any specific cloud hardware or software. It allows complimentary infrastructure to be offered to end users over the Internet in a simple and flexible way minus capital expenditure and leverages on existing operational expenditure. Technology Benefits Mi-Cloud allows corporations to build and offer infrastructure such as computing space and power over the Internet to end users. Its open and neutral architecture, MIMOS patented security features and modular design combined to form a cost-effective and easily integrated solution. Mi-Cloud offers: • On-Demand IT Infrastructure – Mi-Cloud allows corporations to offer IT infrastructure to end users on a subscription-based or as needed over the Internet. • Virtualisation of Physical Hardware – The dependency on physical servers and costly hardware and related software are reduced via virtual hardware whose resources are self-managed and optimised. • Monitored and Protected Virtual Resources – Mi-Cloud allows monitoring and protection of the integrity of the virtual resources of data centres in a secure and scalable manner. 28 Data Infrastructure

  31. Mi-Doc: Integrated Document Management System Information is very crucial to the operation and continuity of businesses be they small outfits or large corporations. Storing, maintaining and tracking of artifacts is both complex and crucial as they are part of any organisation’s intellectual property. Mi-Doc is an integrated document management system that provides support for the storage, management and retrieval of artifacts. Artifacts ranging from documents to snippets of information such as XML elements are stored in a predefined structure that houses a rich data dictionary where the properties, associations and constraints of each artifact are described. Technology Benefits Mi-Doc is designed to facilitate and automate the collection and management of these important artifacts in a more dynamic and robust manner. Mi-Doc offers: • Immediate Business Value through Rapid Development – Mi-Doc is built on the best of breed technology stack that allows ease of customisation and rapid application development, which enables any organisation to easily roll-out enterprise deployment. • Existing Hardware Investment Leverage – Due to its distributed architecture design, Mi-Doc can be simply scaled and deployed into existing hardware infrastructure such as standalone servers, server farms or cloud services, which indirectly reduces the implementation cost. • Collaborative Data Sharing and Reuse – Through a structured layer of metadata, relationships and context, Mi-Doc provides a common platform that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise and community boundaries. Data Infrastructure 29

  32. Mi-ESB: Enterprise Service Bus Integrating multiple applications and services can be challenging, too expensive and time-consuming. Mi-ESB is a comprehensive, standards-based integration platform that can be configured with any combination of components for a customised IT footprint. Mi-ESB is essential to achieve the full potential of service-oriented architecture (SOA) where flexibility is built on base standards. Mi-ESB adheres to industry standards, multicast standards and multicast transport protocols. Technology Benefits Based on Fuse ESB and web services standards, Mi-ESB requires minimal proprietary knowledge, leverages on a larger pool of developers and reduces training needs. Mi-ESB offers: • Easy-to-Manage Broker – Mi-ESB provides a standardised platform as broker for integration. By unifying the platform, a convergence set of integration methods makes it possible to achieve consistency, ease of deployment, and optimum cost for governance of brokers across the infrastructure. • Loose Coupling – The bus architecture of Mi-ESB encourages a loosely coupled architecture. It is physically decoupled by making use of message-passing mechanisms versus direct network connections. • Scalability and Reliability – The loose coupling provides scalability advantages such as high availability, fault tolerance and load balancing. The messaging layer in Mi-ESB sends direct messages between service endpoints to the appropriate instance of the endpoints. 30 Data Infrastructure

  33. Mi-IDS: Information Dissemination System In digital information, accessible electronic communication must be delivered to multiple receivers via an efficient and reliable system. Mi-IDS is a component that provides information dissemination services across multiple channels. Mi-IDS allows enterprise applications to send out messages through e-mail, SMS or fax with predefined templates and data. Technology Benefits Mi-IDS is equipped with e-mail, SMS and fax modules and supports web services for its operation. Mi-IDS offers: • Multiple Channel Distribution – Mi-IDS allows applications to distribute messages to users via multiple channels such as e-mail, SMS and fax. • Static and Dynamic Merging – There is an option to merge a message’s static template and an application’s dynamic contents to produce a final output message. • Asynchronous Messaging – In Mi-IDS, an application can send out batch messages through the messages channels asynchronously. This provides flexibility as it allows the request client to process other tasks without waiting for a reply from Mi-IDS. Data Infrastructure 31

  34. Mi-Mobile: Enterprise Mobility Platform With the increasing versatility and importance of smart devices in day-to-day tasks, Mi-Mobile provides a cross-platform environment to support today’s enterprise mobility needs. Organisations can now address the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) challenge confidently with this seamless mobile platform. Mi-Mobile provides a mobile application management (MAM), mobile device management (MDM) and mobile content management (MCM) platform which focuses on enterprise mobility needs to support multiple platforms for complex mobile computing and heterogeneous communication environments. Technology Benefits BYOD challenges such as corporate-owned and personal content separation and violation detection can be addressed with Mi-Mobile. In addition, local encryption and selective remote wipe are also provided. Mi-Mobile offers: • Cross-Platform Control – Mi-Mobile enables BYOD thereby empowering staff to use their own smart device for workplace purposes while supporting multiple mobile OSes. • Cloud and Hosted Services Enabled – Via the platform’s cloud- based nature, greater flexibility and cheaper cost is accorded in terms of device setup and management as well as ease of installation. • Real-Time Enterprise Mobile Device Management, Policy, Compliance and Risk Management – Corporations can enable BYOD with provisioned device management features to enforce IT policies, perform risk assessments and allow real-time detection of violations. 32 Data Infrastructure

  35. Mi-Morphe: Data Cleansing and Migration Tool Business intelligence is crucial in enterprises and governments as they seek to improve on service delivery efficiencies which largely involve data processing and analysis. Clean and standardised data is key before any processing can be carried out. Mi-Morphe performs cleansing and transformation on data to ensure accurate outcomes. Technology Benefits Mi-Morphe transforms the data into usable format then cleans the data of errors before outputting the result into the targeted format. This leaves clean data for further processing and management. Mi-Morphe offers: • Clean and Reliable Data for Any Use – Mi-Morphe effectively cleans and standardises data, where human errors during data entry commonly occur. This assures enterprises that their records are always consistent and reliable. • More Efficient Data Processing – With Mi-Morphe cleaning and transforming data, the clean data which is a direct result of this, can be used as is (without incurring resources to manually check and correct errors) for statistical analysis. • Cloud, Multi-Core and GPU Ready – Mi-Morphe is ready to be run on a cloud environment, is able to exploit multi-core architecture, and utilises GPU hardware for computational acceleration. Data Infrastructure 33

  36. Mi-SaaS: Software as a Service Platform The rapid expansion of the Internet and the increase in broadband speed has allowed services such as computing power and storage to be offered to enterprises from worldwide data centres. Mi-SaaS is a Software as a Service platform that provides contemporary application vendors a platform to deploy and manage their software over the Internet via a subscription-based system. Its web-based solution only requires an Internet browser at the user’s end; allowing savings from costly installation and maintenance. This frees providers to concentrate on quality applications to reach a wider target user base. Technology Benefits Mi-SaaS allows software applications to be delivered over the Internet directly to end users. Mi-SaaS offers: • Lean Advantage – With low maintenance cost, Mi-SaaS offers big savings when deploying or subscribing to applications on Mi-SaaS. • Infrastructure Scalability – Mi-SaaS has an automatic scaling capability to manage the loading on servers and more database servers can be added as required. • Software Migration – With Mi-SaaS, software migration is easy as service providers can upload incremental updates instead of heavy bulk updates through a non-dedicated server system. 34 Data Infrastructure

  37. Mi-WiWi: Outdoor Access Device Wireless broadband and internet-related services are increasingly embedded in urban and upcoming areas to create smart populations and enhance current infrastructure. Mi-WiWi is a wireless outdoor access device for WiFi networks that serves as a customer premises equipment (CPE) to provide wireless broadband access to residential areas, enterprises, communities, municipals, and metropolitans through its wide range of variants. Technology Benefits This homegrown outdoor access device enables seamless mobility via quadruple play and value-added services to enable wireless broadband anywhere, anytime and beyond connectivity. Mi-WiWi offers: • Enabling Smart Cities – Mi-WiWi enables smart cities at metropolitan, municipal and community levels with its complete range of modular designed products to create a simple WiFi Hotspot to a more complex Metronet. • True Plug-and-Play – Users can directly connect to the Internet straight from devices that have built-in WiFi interface without needing any additional broadband devices. • Broadband Services – Via Mi-WiWi, fast streaming services can be provided to end users for IPTV, localised content or advertising, surveillance services and local community communication. Data Infrastructure 35

  38. Mi-KE: Cryptographic Library Secured communication of information is essential especially in the presence of third parties. Mi-KE is a general purpose cryptographic library that offers MIMOS-developed ciphers together with a series of standard industry ciphers. These ciphers are designed by qualified cryptanalysts and tested locally in compliance with NIST standards for use in highly secure communications where data protection is vital. Mi-KE is designed based on the Malaysian Armed Forces Cryptography Policy (Dasar Kriptografi Angkatan Tentera Malaysia) towards achieving self-reliance and self- sufficiency from foreign-based ciphers. Technology Benefits Mi-KE provides well-known ciphers used in the encryption and decryption of information. Mi-KE offers: • Homegrown and Industry Ciphers – Mi-KE offers homegrown as well as industry ciphers that can be programmed and utilised by any security application making the application protected impervious against various angles of security attack. • High Profile Data Exchange Design – Mi-KE is designed for Public Safety and Security agencies where high profile data exchange that involve documents, files and transactions occur at every second. • Platform Integration – Principally, Mi-KE is designed to operate on multiple platforms and packaged for Windows/ Linux desktops/laptops with the added C language API as the interface. 36 Data Protection

  39. Mi-Scramble: Infrastructure Security Platform The success of a social science research enterprise relies on the ability to assure research participants of low to non-existent disclosure risk. As more datasets have become available online, concerns about disclosure risk have grown. Mi-Scramble is an infrastructure security platform that creates a secure system with a complete framework to protect the confidentiality of personal information when processed by a third party. It also provides a secure infrastructure via network connection and information security technology such as single sign-on (SSO) and encryption module. Technology Benefits With Mi-Scramble, organisations can reliably protect confidential personal information without compromising the data in the presence of third parties. Mi-Scramble offers: • Minimum Disclosure Risk – Mi-Scramble allows research to focus on important data while retaining the highest protection for participants’ personal information. • Increased Productivity – Enhanced encryption from GPGPU helps drive productivity through faster processes thus saving organisations time and manpower. • Scalable and Centralised Management – A scalable and centralised management system allows easy deployment, administration, and access to Mi-Scramble anywhere and anytime. Data Protection 37

  40. Mi-Secure: Managed Security Platform Understanding the most common vulnerabilities associated with data security is vital. Common vulnerabilities involve loss of productivity, non-compliance to regulation, loss of access, stolen information and unauthorised use of confidential information. Mi-Secure is a security platform that comprises a suite of services that secures information at all stages of digital data: data storage (data at rest), data access (data in use) and data transfer (data in motion). The platform employs 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) block cipher encryption and digital signature using certificates. Technology Benefits Mi-Secure is intended for application programming efforts in development stage. It is such that consideration of various built-in security elements and architecture is designed right from the start of the development cycle. Mi-Secure offers: • Monitored and Protected Information – Corporations and enterprises utilising Mi-Secure can have a peace of mind with information security and integrity monitored. • Comprehensive Suites – Mi-Secure comes in several software suites to secure all stages of digital data such that mixing and matching is possible to fit system requirements. • Flexible Developer APIs – The APIs that comes with each suite provides developers an avenue to consider built-in security from the start of application design. 38 Data Protection

  41. Mi-Trust: Trusted Platform High value information is now the most sought after commodity that must be thoroughly protected. Mi-Trust is a security technology that offers reactive protection for high value information. The reactive security provides protection when and where prevention measures are found insufficient. Mi-Trust is divided into two main core technologies: Mi-Trust Folder Protection and Mi-Trust Fingerprints. Mi-Trust Folder Protection monitors all activities in the system and guards against activities that affect files under its protection based on the policies that have been set. In a scenario where an intruder breaks into a website and modifies the webpage, Mi-Trust Fingerprints detects the changes made and provides auto recovery if necessary. Technology Benefits Mi-Trust offers reactive security technology to protect the safety of high value information. Mi-Trust offers: • Protection from Unauthorised Sharing – Mi-Trust reactive protection prevents illegal sharing by valid users once a folder is deemed protected in the system. • Real-Time Detection – Mi-Trust provides real-time detection to ensure the integrity of information. • Information Monitoring and Protection – Mi-Trust monitors and protects information to ensure the security and integrity of protected folders and websites. Data Protection 39

  42. Mi-UAP: Unified Authentication Platform Organisations with multiple enterprise systems require optimised and centralised multi-factor authentication with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities across a wide variety of business units and functions. Mi-UAP addresses problems related to the increase of operational risks attributed to users and system administrators who control and provide cross-application functionalities in heterogeneous applications. Mi-UAP is designed to manage front-end application authentication using SAML protocol which provides a centralised authentication framework and aims to reduce significant application changes at the back-end. Technology Benefits Mi-UAP simplifies the complexity of managing multiple user IDs with seamless identity management using a trust model approach. Mi-UAP also utilises SSO for a seamless environment operation and adaptive authentication and threat response without modifying existing applications. Mi-UAP offers: • Containment of Operational Risks – Identification of usage and activities can be centrally tracked and traced without multiple passwords and complex password management policies. • Amplified Productivity – Cross-functional features enable stakeholders to benefit enterprise-wide from system owners, to system administrators, to system developers and system users. • Reduced Cost via Centralised Authentication – Minimised multiple changes result in lesser impact and reduced cost with the centrally-managed platform. 40 Data Protection

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