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EARTHQUAKES. BY:MADYSON KENNY. What is an Earthquake?.

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what is an earthquake
What is an Earthquake?

An Earthquake is when the Tectonic Plates under the earth is constantly grinding or rubbing against each other which makes the rocks on the Earths crust move and if the vibration from the Tectonic Plates are very active they can cause buildings to fall and crash to the ground they can even cause giants cracks through the surface of ground and these are only a few dangerous situation that can happen during Earthquake. Earthquake can also kill 100 and 1000s of lives.

where do earthquakes happen
Where do Earthquakes happen?

Earthquakes start at the tectonic plates and vibrate, and affect all different countries, states and islands some of them are Asia, India, Japan, China, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Washington, Idaho ,Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Oregon and many more some of them can be beyond dangerous and this is when people loose their lives or homes.

why does the land shake during a earthquake
Why does the land shake during a Earthquake?

The reason why the land shakes because Earthquakes are a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust.

Earthquakes most commonly occur at the boundaries of tectonic plates where stresses accumulate in the Earth's crust over time, causing energy to be stored in the form of elastic strain (like that in a compressed spring).

Ultimately this stress will exceed the shear strength of the crust in the fault or boundary zone causing a sudden brittle failure or rupture.

This in turn causes movement and a sudden release of the stored elastic strain energy in the form of seismic waves (as well as heat) causing an earthquake. These seismic waves cause the ground motions or shaking.

what are aftershock waves
What are aftershock waves?

Aftershocks waves are a mini earthquake which is followed by the main {the first earthquake} but not as severe, they still make a mess but not as bad as the first one, they are still dangerous and can injure and kill humans.

how is a tsunami related to a earthquake
How is a Tsunami related to a Earthquake?

They both have tectonic plates and they have to collide to bring back the water and bring it forward and it takes a earthquake under the sea to make the waters current go crazy and to bring the water back to create a TSUNAMI!.

how do scientist measure earthquake
How do scientist measure Earthquake?

There are two ways in which scientists quantify the size of earthquakes: magnitude and intensity. A few different scales measure how strong an earthquake is. The best known is the Richter scale, created in 1935, which uses an instrument called a seismograph to measure the size of the ground waves created by an earthquake. An earthquake's size, or magnitude, generally ranges from 1 to 8 on the Richter scale (though the waves of some giant earthquakes have registered well beyond the top of the scale.

The Mercalli scale is also used to measure the strength of an earthquake. This scale works by describing the effect an earthquake has on people and structures. It lists 12 levels of intensity an earthquake can reach.

can scientist predict a earthquake
Can scientist predict a Earthquake?

No. There is no way anyone can predict an earthquake to give enough warning time. People are studying earthquakes and maybe someday in the future, they will be able to predict earthquakes but right now there is no way.

what environment impact does e arthquakes have
What environment impact does Earthquakes have ?

The violent earthquakes not only destroy human population but also submerge land under seas. Sometimes rivers disappear or change their courses or get flooded.

It can also cause landslides, fires, tsunamis and destroy forests

Well, earthquakes happen naturally when two tectonic plates grind into each other. But, when it get's too strong, this is when we can feel it.


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