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Quaestio : What aspects of the story of the “discovery” of the “New World” are most valuable to us as history? Nunc Agenda : Complete the DBQ worksheet… “What Motivated Europeans to Explore?”. Three Major Motivations. GOLD. Three Major Motivations. GOD. Three Major Motivations.

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Three major motivations

Quaestio: What aspects of the story of the “discovery” of the “New World” are most valuable to us as history?Nunc Agenda: Complete the DBQ worksheet… “What Motivated Europeans to Explore?”

The need for spices
The Need for Spices!

  • All the best trade goods came from Asia (spices, silks, etc)

  • Black Death and fall of the Mongol Empire weakened trade

  • Asia-Europe trade was dominated by Arabs and Italians

  • Other European countries wanted access to trade with Asia

  • Most important place = Moluccas (modern day Indonesia)

    • Known as the “Spice Islands” or the “East Indies”

  • A new route to the Indies had to be found!!!

Around africa to asia
Around Africa to Asia

  • Portugal sponsored first explorations

    • 1415- Prince Henry conquered Canary Islands, Madeira, and Azores near Spain

    • 1488- With the help of cartogrpahers, Bartholomeu Dias successfully navigated around the Southern tip of Africa (named Cape of Good Hope)

    • 1497- Vasco De Gama made it all the way to India made enormous profits (though many in his crew died of scurvy)

Go west to go east
Go West to Go East

  • Italian navigator Christopher Columbus convinces Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to finance his idea to get the Indies by going West around the Earth (underestimated Earth’s size)

  • Spain had just completed the Reconquista, expelling Muslims and Jews, who took much wealth and knowledge with them, and F and I wanted to strengthen their power, so they were desperate

So where are we exactly
So… Where Are We Exactly?

  • 1492- Columbus instead found the Americas in his way, but first mistook them for the Indies

  • When it was clear this was NOT Asia, F & I asked the Pope (also Spanish) to grant Spain all of the New World

  • Pope set the Line of Demarcation dividing the non-European world between Portugal (East) and Spain (West)

Just a little further
Just a Little Further…

  • French, Dutch, English try to find a way across through the North… no luck

  • 1513- Vasco Nuñez de Balboa crosses Panama and finds the Pacific Ocean!

  • 1519- Ferdinand Magellan and his crew sailed all the way around the bottom of South America (1520), and then 4 months later made it to the Philippines, where Magellan was killed

  • By 1521 the rest of the crew made it back to Spain, having circumnavigated the globe

Three major motivations

Quaestio: What aspects of the story of the “discovery” of the “New World” are most valuable to us as history?Activity: Read the documents related to the story of Columbus, answer the questions, and then consider the Quaestio…