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Creating New Knowledge Office for Research FY2010 Strategic Plan and Budget Overview THE OFFICE FOR RESEARCH PROMOTES, F PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating New Knowledge Office for Research FY2010 Strategic Plan and Budget Overview THE OFFICE FOR RESEARCH PROMOTES, F

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Creating New Knowledge Office for Research FY2010 Strategic Plan and Budget Overview THE OFFICE FOR RESEARCH PROMOTES, F - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating New Knowledge Office for Research FY2010 Strategic Plan and Budget Overview THE OFFICE FOR RESEARCH PROMOTES, FACILITATES, AND ENHANCES RESEARCH. S:\ORPFC\Web Document Updates\Presentation FY2010 for web 03-20-09. Focus on key priority goals. Attract and retain extraordinary faculty

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Creating New KnowledgeOffice for ResearchFY2010 Strategic Plan and Budget OverviewTHE OFFICE FOR RESEARCH PROMOTES, FACILITATES, AND ENHANCES RESEARCH

S:\ORPFC\Web Document Updates\Presentation FY2010 for web 03-20-09

focus on key priority goals
Focus on key priority goals
  • Attract and retain extraordinary faculty
  • Build on core strengths and target emergent interfaces
  • Improve the competitiveness of sponsored program proposals
  • Improve the function of core facilities and develop an overarching institutional plan
  • Implement new information systems
  • Enhance communication with internal and external audiences
  • Improve research administration and compliance; deliver education and training to further reduce risk
focus on opportunity
Focus on opportunity

A half century of federal investment in basic research and development. (Credit: Kei Koizumi, American Association for the Advancement of Science)

focus on opportunity1
Focus on opportunity

“We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories. And we will transform our schools and universities to meet the demands of a new age.”

President BarackObama, January 20, 2009

President Obama signed the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA), also known as the Stimulus Package, in February 2009. Contained within this act is the allocation of billions of dollars for research at the nation's universities, funded through the federal funding agencies.

  • NIH to receive $10.4B
  • DOE Office of Science to receive $2.0B
  • NIST to receive $610M
  • NSF to receive $3.0B
focus on energy
Focus onenergy
  • Northwestern’s Response
  • Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern
  • Institute for Sustainable Practices
  • Center for Catalysis
  • Institute for Nanotechnology
  • Transportation Center
  • Center for Energy Efficient Transportation
  • Institute for Policy Research
  • Buffett Center for International & Comparative Studies

Global investment in research on energy technology. Many experts see the need for at least triple this level of investment. At the Group of 8 meeting, world leaders spoke of $10 billion a year in R&D investments, which would simply return the effort to what it was a few decades back. (The New York Times)

IEA countries (28) include the US, the EU nations, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand

focus on partnerships alignment with argonne northwestern regarded as a key partner
Focus on partnerships – alignment with Argonne Northwestern regarded as a “key partner”

Energy and sustainability

  • Exascale computing for energy and the environment
  • Chemical processes for energy conversion
  • Energy storage
  • Climate change, water and the Great Lakes
  • Transportation

Imaging and hard X-ray science

Biomolecular systems

Nanoscience and materials

  • Material discovery and design

Photo courtesy ANL

focus on drug discovery
Focus on Drug Discovery
  • Opportunities and case studies
    • NYU has received over $1B in royalties for Remicade, including recent sale to Royalty Pharma
    • Harvard Medical School and AstraZeneca research collaboration, with scientists from both teaming on metabolic disease research
    • Pfizer is dropping research in cardiovascular disease, obesity and digestive disorders and laying off approx. 8% of its R&D scientists; but continues its 20-year partnership with Washington Univ on immunology and inflammation
    • Emory University has received $525M in royalties for an AIDS drug sale to Gilead Sciences and Royalty Pharma
    • Univ of Kansas opening the Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation with $8.1M
    • Oxford Univ license agreement with Novartis for meningococcus bacterium vaccine
  • Northwestern’s response
    • Chemistry of Life Processes
    • Center for Drug Discovery/ Center for Molecular Medicine
    • Institute for BioNanotechnology in Advanced Medicine
    • International Institute for Nanotechnology
    • Lyrica and Pfizer
    • Clinical trials initiatives
    • Recent agreement with Baxter Healthcare Corp for up to $1M per year in funding
focus on supporting faculty
Focus on supporting faculty

Exhibits courtesy NIH

  • Office of Research Development
  • Office for Research “network spanners”
  • One Northwestern
fiscal year 2008 expenditures
Fiscal Year 2008: Expenditures

Total Expenditures in $$M

Indirect Expenditures in $$M

develop a plan and improve the function of core facilities
Develop a plan and improve the function of core facilities
  • Under the leadership of AVPR Linda Hicke, established a central office with oversight for acquisition of equipment, needs and strategies
    • Hired first Core Director, Phil Hockberger, faculty member in physiology
    • Developing a searchable database of all instruments and services
  • Reconstituted Core Facilities Study Section to increase investment through a competitive process
    • Providing recurring subsidization of technical support staff
    • Providing recurring subsidization for other operational costs: service contracts and repairs (particularly emergency repairs) on large pieces of capital equipment
    • Providing funds for capital equipment requests by continuing to support a semi-annual internal competition
focus on regulatory issues inspections investigations
Focus on Regulatory issues - Inspections & Investigations
  • Excellent results of regulatory inspections are now the norm
    • Office for Research Safety - Illinois Emergency Management Agency review in January 2009: Both of the IEMA inspectors commented repeatedly that it was quite remarkable that an institution with a radiation safety and compliance program of such scope and size would have an inspection in which they “found no violations and had no recommendations for improvement”
    • Center for Comparative Medicine – USDA inspection in August 2008 that “found no violations”
  • Regulations continue to bring new challenges
    • Grassley letter of December 2008 opening an inquiry regarding human subject protections and research vs. clinical care
    • NIH is expected to implement stricter COI regulations in the near future
    • Executive Order of January 2009 sets up an interdepartmental working group (Defense, Homeland Security, HHS and Agriculture) to develop recommendations for new “legislation, regulations, guidance, or practices” for biosecurity (BSL3) labs
    • Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, required for contracts over $5M, entails special training for all contract personnel
focus on regulatory issues conflict of interest
Focus on Regulatory issues - Conflict of Interest
  • Issues
    • Last major faculty policy review was a decade ago
    • Each school has a separate disclosure process and timing; increased complexity due to affiliations
    • Inability to centrally cross-reference disclosures from faculty, staff, trustees
  • Proposals
    • Review and revise faculty policy
    • Develop and implement centralized, web-based faculty disclosure process and possible centralized repository of disclosure documents
    • Develop processes and convene appropriate committee to review and assist in management plans for positive disclosures by faculty and investigators
    • Develop processes to identify and manage institutional COI
focus on regulatory issues education and training
Focus on Regulatory issues - Education and Training
  • Classroom-based training
    • Research Administration Seminar
      • Curriculum developed by the Office for Research Integrity
      • Presented by content experts from OR, ASRSP and other central offices
      • Held quarterly, alternating campuses
      • Through Fiscal Year 2008, approximately 725 attendees trained
    • Laboratory and Research Safety
      • Biomedical, Hazardous Waste, Laser and Radioactive Materials training
      • 3,500+ certificates issued for training completion
    • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) for postdoctoral fellows
    • Ad hoc training: RCR, scientific misconduct, conflict of interest, data integrity and management, etc.
  • Web-based resources
    • The Guide for Research Information: Central, comprehensive resource for research community
    • Research Roles and Responsibilities: Explains various roles and responsibilities in research process
  • Sponsorship
    • Northwestern University Advisory Council for Clinical Research (ACCR)
    • Teaching Research Ethics (TRE) Workshop at Indiana University
    • Forum on Conflict of Interest in Academe (FOCI-A) registration
  • Partnership with SCS for Grantsmanship for the Research Professional
focus on shaping the national agenda
Focus on shaping the national agenda

Office for Research professionals assume national leadership roles

  • Federal Agencies
    • Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)
    • NIH Commons Working Group
    • Council on Government Relations (COGR)
    • Association of American Universities (AAU)
  • Human Subject Protection
    • IRB Member Online Education Committee – Chair
    • PRIM&R Planning Committee
  • Sponsored Program Management and Development
    • National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA)
      • Invited to present at various meetings
      • Peer Review Program
      • Program Committee
    • University Industry Demonstration Partnership
    • National Research Development Working Group - founder
  • Animal Health and Care
    • AAALAC International – Council on Accreditation
    • IACLAM (Europe)
    • AALAS
      • Scientific Advisory Committee
      • Chicago Branch – President
    • Shedd Aquarium – Medical Advisory Committee
  • Research Communication and Public Relations
    • University Research Magazine Association

Susan Ross, director of Evanston OSR, and Doug Medin, psychology, participate in the Partnership for Emerging Research Institutions (ERI) initiative through service to the American Indian Center and the Menominee tribe of Wisconsin. This work was recently highlighted in an ERI workshop held by the National Academy of Science with workshop proceedings published through the National Academies’ Press.

focus on communication with internal and external audiences
Focus on communication with internal and external audiences
  • CenterPiece Magazine
  • Annual Report
  • Newsletter
  • Emerging media outlets

Focus on communication

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