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Uma Dixit. CÉZANNE. Date of Birth- 19 January 1839 Date of Death- 1906 Nationality – French Born in the town of Aix en Provence ( South of France). General Facts. Aix en Provence .

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general facts

Date of Birth- 19 January 1839

Date of Death- 1906

Nationality – French

Born in the town of Aix en Provence ( South of France)

General Facts

Aix en Provence


His father was Louis-Auguste Cézanne, he provided most of the money that Cezanne needed for his artwork even though he was against it. Later on he accepted the fact that his son wanted to be an artist.

His mother, Anne Elisabeth Honorine Aubert was one who would be quick to take offense. Many say this was how Cezanne got his conception and vision of life.

He also had two younger sisters, Mary and Rose.


At age ten Paul entered the Saint Joseph school, where he studied drawing under Joseph Gilbert, a Spanish monk.

Then he went to College Bourbon (now College Mignet)

Finally he went to University of Aix



His mother was one who was quick to take offense she inspired and influenced Cezanne to get a conception and vision of life.

With the encouragement of his childhood friend Émile Zola, he went to Paris to study Art


1870's Paul Cezanne was influenced by the impressionists

He worked with Picasso

He was influenced by his desire to create a more diverse and interesting genre of art


Cezanne’s picture on the right and Picasso’s on the left. Both have a similar style


Cezanne demonstrate-s a mastery of design, color, tone, and composition

The Pigeon Tower at Bellevue; Cézanne, Paul; The Cleveland Museum of Art; c. 1890


Fruit and Jug on a Table; Cézanne, Paul; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; about 1890-94

In this picture repetitive and sensitive brushstrokes that are highly characteristic and clearly recognizable. He used plain colors.

some more paintings
Some More Paintings…

-Still Life With Apples- Cezanne

-The Forest- by Paul Cezanne

Winding Road in Aix Provence- Cezanne

The Bathers Cezanne

Cezanne painted more of what he saw, not what others had taught him, he had his own style.

Houses In Provence- Cezanne


Cezanne was said to form the bridge between late 19th century artwork to the early 20th century

Cezanne’s first and last exhibition was shown in Salon de Refuses in 1863

They rejected his artwork from the year 1864 to 1869

Cezanne never won any awards, but he was a great artist with a unique style of his own

fun fact

Cezanne was actually a diabetic and he had depression problems



Depressed Man Crying